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Banshee - A Fixer of Sorts - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

UPDATE January 22
A new poster has been released for the episode - Nola v Burton?

As I’m sure most of you already know, we’re huge fans of the show here on the site. Even so, I don’t think any other episode has caused as much excitement, or discussion, as this one has behind the scenes before. As you have no doubt seen from the promos someone knows Hood’s true identity, whilst another knows he’s not who he says he is. Greg’s “best fight of the series” features, and as not to be outdone, some renegade Redbones also strikeout aiming to cause some mayhem in the aftermath of last week’s humiliating defeat on Proctor’s home turf. Believe us when we say that this is an episode you don't want to miss!

Burton doesn’t get time to finish washing away the blood from the thwarted home invasion carried out by Chayton’s rookie assassins when the real deal decides to pay him a visit - and she’s pissed! A vengeful Nola is far more capable of handling herself than the flunky whose severed ear is currently floating in the pool’s filtration system. She’s methodically planned ahead, given herself the advantage and knows exactly how this beat down is going to end.

The fight’s choreography is flawless as the two disciplined and proficient opponents show off their particular visceral skill set. It goes without saying that Odette Annable and Matthew Rauch both evidently worked intensively on making this performance one to remember. Some credit must however go to the entire team, including director Magnus Martens, the writer/director the Norwegian thriller Jackpot. His fluid camera work and clever edits keep you in the middle of the action at all times.

Meanwhile, Hood has reluctantly let his mysterious visitor in and after a few snarky comments fly between the two of them, they head off intending to go to the city. Before too long, however, they are both taken by surprise and end up on what proves to be a road trip from hell. Once you hear who has organised this outing it’s fairly apparent what an impossible situation Hood is in. We already know that Raymond Brantley isn’t a man who’s likely to forgive or forget. Therefore it’s obvious that this day was coming at some point and whole business would have to be dealt with, once and for all.

A Fixer of Sorts airs Friday January 23 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cinemax, below are some teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a guess at who said what leave a comment below and I will fill in any correct ones on Thursday. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“It’s not proper, it’s not healthy” Leah to Kai

“I’m not here to kill you, but when I’m done here, you’re all gonna have to find new jobs”

“If you can find your dick in there, why don’t you go fuck yourself!” Hood to Brantley

“You know, when we were kids, when you and Tommy came to live with us, you were so shy” Aimee to Chayton

“Have you seen the Sheriff? He missed his shift today”

“I need six ID’s, try not to move your lips while counting” Job to ?

“I mean, it takes some king sized balls to take on a guy like Rabbit in a way like that” Philips to Hood

“A guy like me would come across the country for sixty cents” Brantley to ?

“If I were you, I would exercise some caution”

“I told you I should have hit Proctor’s house” Tommy Littlestone to ?

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