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The Originals - The Map of Moments - Review

13 Dec 2014

This week’s episode was the midseason finale. We had to wait an extra week but it was worth it. The Original siblings finally took Esther down. Rebekah got placed into the body of an unknown witch, and trapped in some house. Finn refused to cooperate and then escaped. Klaus and Hayley were reunited with Hope. Cami was saved from being possessed. Hayley told Elijah about her impending nuptials and they slept together. 

Most adorable moment: This episode made me realize that Klaus in a good mood is the best thing ever. His interactions with Hope warmed my heart. With Rebekah currently incapacitated, I wonder what will happen to Hope. I doubt Klaus and Hayley would give her to a stranger so I guess she’ll be staying with them now. After all, the threat of Esther seems to be gone. I’m sure they can protect her from a bunch of werewolves, whatever witches are left, an ancient curse and Mikael. 
Most heartbreaking moment: There were a few this week, but the burning of the photo, however small it may be, touched me the most. For a minute, they were actually happy. They had temporarily forgotten their problems. Until Klaus remembered that having a photo like this just lying around would be dangerous. If anyone found it they’d know Hope was alive. 

Best character: I’m going to miss Claire as Rebekah. I knew it was coming, but it still hurt. I know Claire is too busy with her new show to come back full time (if she even wants to). So I have to look at the positive. First of all, she’s not in Cami. Can you imagine how awkward that would’ve made everything. It would have completely ruined any possibility of Klaus and Cami ever getting together. It would’ve put Marcel’s ex-girlfriend into his other ex. Let’s just be glad it didn’t happen. Another thing, Rebekah’s body is still intact. When Esther wanted to destroy it, I was afraid they were going to close the door on Claire ever coming back. Glad to know there’s still a chance for her to return. 

Best moment of karma: At first, I didn’t realize what had happened to Esther. It wasn’t until I saw the blood bag, that I figured it out. And boy, did I start laughing. It was the perfect move. Not only did they turn Esther into the thing she hates most (and created), they also stripped her of her magic and made sure she won’t be able to body jump anymore. We didn’t see if she completed the transition or not, but I highly doubt she’ll be able to resist the blood right in front of her. 
Worst storyline: I’m going to make a prediction right now: the wedding between Hayley and Jackson will not happen. I’m pretty sure that one of the rules was that she had to stay faithful to Jackson once they are married. I don’t see that happening. She’s clearly drawn to Elijah, this episode more than proved that. At this point, I’m not sure if a wedding is still necessary. Wasn’t it’s whole point to get the werewolves away from Esther. Well, Esther’s not going to be a problem anymore now. If they do end up getting married, I’m sure Jackson will die within the first year. 

Most disappointing scene: For weeks I’ve been asking for a scene between Esther and Mikael. Well I got it, I guess. This scene could have been so much more. I wanted to know more about their marriage, something we didn’t already know. Instead all they discussed were her old lover and Klaus. 

Best character growth: Klaus actually offered himself up for Rebekah. Clearly any animosity that was still left between them when she left with Hope is now gone. Klaus has come a long way. From trying to kill his sister to risking his life to save her. Esther’s deal with Mikael makes me even happier at end she got. It seems her love for her children did after all have a limit. 

Most confusing character: I don’t know how to feel about Kol. One minute I love him, the next I wish he was back in that box. I hate what he did to Rebekah. But I also get it. I felt so bad for him in the flashbacks. He was only trying to do to Klaus what he has done to all of them. I can’t believe Rebekah told on him. I’m guessing she was terrified that if Klaus ever found out she know, he’d kill her. This flashback is the missing link between Kol in the flashbacks and present day Kol. He was wearing the same outfit when Klaus daggered him as when he woke up in Mystic Falls. On a side-note, his kiss with Davina was adorable. 
Favorite scene: I’d been waiting for the reunion between Klaus, Hayley and Hope since Rebekah took her out of New Orleans. It did not disappoint. There was no talking in this scene, because there didn’t have to be. Can you imagine having been separated from your child for months, missing all of those firsts. And then you finally get to hold her again. I don’t think I’d ever let go. 

Best quotes
Klaus: “I wish you would tell Elijah you’re marrying your werewolf suitor, at which point I will pour him a scotch and congratulate him on the bullet he dodged.” 
Rebekah: “Well no wonder Finn hates us. He lost the sister he adored and instead got a judgy pack of siblings, who found him unbearably dull.” 
Kol: “Speak of the devil and the devil will come. Hello, sister.” 

So this was my last review for 2014. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. See you in 2015.
About the Author - Belle333Black
Jamie Coudeville (Belle333Black) writes reviews for The Originals. She's 20, lives in Belgium and her favorite shows are The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ...
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  1. For some reason this one was a lot harder to write than usual. So much happened this week. How adorable is Hope?

  2. Hope is very adorable, and yeah kol is very confusing hence why he is the show's Loki you can never tell which side's he going to go, and i wish they only had happy moments like they did at the Arkansas house they deserve it

  3. We need a section called 'character most ruined' solely for ELIJAH. I can't believe what the writers are doing with him. EVERY flashback they're portraying him as if he was Klaus' lap dog and we know from TVD that it was never the case. Elijah was going to KILL Klaus because of what he did to his siblings and at the first opportunity, released all of them from their coffins... Yet THREE TIMES in flashbacks they've shown that he literally held Kol down as he was daggered. In episode three, they showed that he didn't give a damn about Finn being locked up in a casket. This was never what Elijah was supposed to be, and that's what differentiates Elijah from the rest of them. Now they're just ruining him so, so much.

  4. I hate Elijah now.

    I liked him on TVD, but TO has totally obliterated his character and turned him into a totally different person. The old Elijah would not have been chasing Hayley around either.

  5. I like Elijah he is the reason why I watch the show is because od(Daniel Gillies). I do wish sometimes that elijah would be more edgy but does not change. I do wish he would not give up on his happiness for Klaus, he always considers what he wants and that makes me mad. Elijah deserves to be happy. Some of the flashbacks and what they are doing to him, I feel sorry for Elijah. And I just want Elijah and Haley to be endgame and not to sacrifice his happiness. And I hate that he is still having flashbacks. But I dont agree that he is being ruined.

  6. I am sorry had to comment. I am a Elijah and Haley fan and Daniel Gillies is why I watch it. I guess you are another anti Elijah and Haley fan. Oh well your opinion. And Elijah is not chasing her and I dont feel his character is not getting ruined, just dont agree what his mother is doing to him and him sacrficing his happiness for others. And this is a different show its not the The Vampire Diaries. The Originals is its own show. And I guess Klaus chased after Haley on the Vampire Diaries. I know eveyone are entitled to their opnion and I guess I feel strongly about this. And I dont see elijah is a different person except he is sacrifing his happiness, Was happy that Elijah came together at least he cares for her. Stop hating on Haley and Phobe

  7. This is what we call character development. And Hayley-Elijah has already been in the works since the first season from when they first met.

    Back in TVD, we never really have much of an idea as to who Elijah was.

  8. I thought this episode was really good my favorite part was when Elijah and haley gave in and finally connected. I have been a fan since day one and I was note xpecting this to happen I thought maybe it would happen later but I can understand why it happened the way it did with Jackson. That scene was really hot but I am not sure what is going to happen next and what will happen to my couple I bet there is going to be more angst because that is what the writers like to do.

  9. I loved this episode, I am a huge Elijah and Haley fan and I wan them to be endgame. But even though I loved the moment that they shared I am still a little nervous. And I don't understand this whole wedding thing, and I would not blame her I could not forgot about Elijah either. Some people are saying poor Jackson give me a break. Elijah is always giving up on his happiness and I just want Elijah to be happy. I have to stop listening to the haters that think that Klaus and Haley are endgame and that love scene was disgusting I don't get that. Haley and Elijah love scene was different and they were sober and they care for one another. Please don't let this be the end. And when they were by the fire when Elijah put his hand on her that was so sweet.

  10. Thank you! I don't know who could hate Elijah and I love Elijah and Haley they are my OTP they have so much chemistry and their romance have developed and they have finally came together and I don't know what is going to happen next if he is going to become more distance I know one thing and that is I am sick of people comparing The Originals to the Vampire Diaries they are two different shows. And its season 3 almost and Haley and Elijah are not really a couple they want to be but something always gets in the way. And I am tired of Elijah always sacrificing for others.

  11. With Esther gone won't the wolves just keep the rings but not bow down to anybody? Hayley won't marry Jackson, I don't think. She will be with Elijah. Cami is in love with Klaus and he really cares for her.


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