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The Musketeers - Season Two Preview + Teasers

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UPDATE - 11th February - Adrian and Jessica discuss S2 storylines

UPDATE - 28th January - Tamla Talks about Constagnan Video added

UPDATE 23rd January - You Tube version of Musketeer Arc video added

UPDATE 22nd January - Two new BBC America videos added & photos from yesterday's Q&A in London can be found in the comments here and here

Region locked - sorry

UPDATE 17th January - The Musketeers Insider: A New Villain in Town added
UPDATE 16th January - BBC America Season 2 Preview added
UPDATE 2nd January Geek Syndicate have their latest interview with Adrian Hodges up. Their past interviews have been brilliant so I highly recommend you head over to the site and have a listen to this one by clicking here, and if you haven't caught the previous one they are still available too!
UPDATE 31st December - BBC Breakfast interview added - be aware that some clips are spoilery
UPDATE 27th December - BBC First Trailer added
UPDATE 19th December - BBC America Trailer added
UPDATE 16th December - Who's ready for the trailer? It will be shown for the first time on BBC 1 on Friday 19th Screenshots (click on the thumbnails below to go to the Gallery)

It’s now officially less than a month to go until Season 2 hits your screens, the long wait is nearly over, so what can you expect? As you know I cannot reveal too much about the episode itself, the storyline is under wraps for now, but I can immediately answer one question that I know is on everyone’s lips. Murray Gold’s theme tune is here to stay – ohh-yeh!!
I’m sure that will please a lot of fans as it’s a popular piece of music and has pretty much become the shows emblem over the first season. That being said, I am very impressed with Paul Englishby’s score throughout the rest of the show. The different character themes are striking, and are particularly effective during the Musketeer scenes as it gives them a real sweeping, cinematic feel. As for the episode, I think it was a given that I would enjoy it from pieces of information we had gathered already in the filming thread. The tone is certainly more adult - the fights are more intense, the deaths more realistic, there is a tad more skin on display than before, and there is a satisfying, multi-layered plot to keep you on your toes. Yet there isn’t a noticeable change in the characters, or humour, that makes this jar against what has come before it.
The comradery between the main four is as strong as ever, with Captain Treville never wavering in the protection of his men. I can see Louis gaining more supporters than ever before the end of this season. He may be an unpopular and weak King, but his antics will no doubt make him a firm fan favourite. I fear Anne will be sorely tried by her husband, but I look forward to relationship with Constance and Marguerite. The three of them are intelligent and know what they want out of life so it should mix up the status quo at court. Milady is a bit of a dark horse – isn’t she ever – but she is unquestionably one to keep an eye on this year!
There have been some comments here from fans who have been looking forward to seeing the Musketeers face a foe who is more of a threat to them, someone that they interact with more than they did with the Cardinal. Therefore I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear Howard Charles say that Rochefort is “a worthy adversary, and that gives us a chance to be more heroic.” Marc Warren says that he was drawn to the role as it is very different to the comedy he has been doing recently. It sounds like he’s had fun playing the villain too, as he lists the various evil deeds his character gets up to this season. Look out for my in-depth episode previews which will start just after Christmas Day. Until then, here is a hangman teaser to keep you going. kynikey has correctly guessed the first line so I have filled that in, and has also made a good start on the second. Scoobie has correctly guessed the rest of the hangman! B won the first poll and has been added. M won the second poll and has been added. U won the third poll and has been added. L won the fourth poll and has been added. C won the fifth poll and has been added. F won the sixth poll and has been added. G won the seventh poll and has been added. D won the eighth poll and has been added. H and V won the ninth poll and have been added. There are a variety of different stunts coming up this season, and of course the majority are done by the cast themselves. The opening episode sees Luca being especially dare-devilish on more than one occasion. When I sat down and chatted to the guys last Wednesday it became obvious that they have the utmost respect and trust in the team they work with. They know that they are in safe hands at all time, which enables them to throw themselves into the action and not be in any danger. There is a wide range of stunts in the first episode, the fights and shoot outs of course, horse riding - which Marc Warren admits was a challenge due to his fear of the animal - the zipwire across a gorge that has been revealed in the Radio Times and one which Luke was told about when Colin emailed him asking "How do you feel underwater?" Join our new G+ Community for regular updates, discussions and more
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