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The Fosters - Christmas Past - Advance Preview

I wasn't planning on writing an advance preview of the episode, but as the episode is only available early to US viewers, and the episode isn't listed on torrent sites so I thought I would share a few teasers with you.

This episode was one of my favorites so far from the show. It truly is a great Christmas episode. The episode is based upon Callie and Jude’s first Christmas with The Fosters. The episode contains a lot of drama, and the Christmas they had hoped for starts of a little rough, but by the end of the episode it turns into a magical one. There are some heart-warming moments in the episode between different pairings of characters, and some moments that will really get you in the festive mood. Daphne and Grandma Sharon also make an appearance, with Daphne having her own side story in the episode.

Some Teasers
- Stef uncovers something about her Father that leads into an argument with one of her family members.
- Daphne goes to extreme measures to make sure she is reunited with her little girl.
- Jesus enters a competition to win $250, where the contestants have to have the best decorated house.
- Fans of "Brallie" will be excited by what happens at the beginning of the episode.
- Jude does something unexpected to make sure Callie gets the present she deserves.
- Lena finds it hard to forget her past with her half-brother; her mother makes things worse when she decides to spend Christmas with him instead of her.
- Jesus shows compassion towards someone who will be alone for the holiday.
- Stef's mother is back in town for the holidays, and has a surprise in store for her.
- Mariana gets creative.
- An ambulance arrives at the Quinn's at the end of the episode (in the present).
- Grandma Sharon goes overboard with gift giving, and when Stef finds out where the money is from she isn't happy.

Some Quotes
"You guys are our baby's and this is your first Christmas with us"
"The point is mum; it’s a very personal and an inappropriate gift"
"Well I think I burnt the lasagne"
"I want to be home too"
"Let's promise each other, no matter how many set backs get in our way we never let each other give up on our dreams"

As always, thank you for reading! Don't forget to tune in December 8th at 9pm on ABC FAMILY for The Fosters Christmas special! A Full Review is here

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