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Stalker - Kerr Smith & Phoebe Tonkin to Guest

It's a Dawson's Creek the very last place you'd expect to see a Dawson's Creek reunion!

E! Online can exclusively reveal that Kerr Smith, who played Jack McPhee on Kevin Williamson's WB drama, is heading to the showrunner's newest drama, the CBS thriller Stalker.

Smith will play John Bardo, a well-respected news anchor who rebuilt his life and career after a stalking incident years ago. Now Don is being terrorized again. Is it his past stalker who was recently released from prison or is Don the victim of a new obsession?

Smith will appear in episode 13, "The News," which will air in January.

E! has also learned that The Originals star Phoebe Tonkin is shedding her CW image to appear on Stalker, as well. Tonkin, who currently plays a vampire/werewolf hybrid on the spinoff series of another of Williamson's hit shows, The Vampire Diaries, will play Nicole Clark, a lifeguard whose world is thrown into turmoil when she becomes the obsession of a mysterious stalker.

Tonkin will show up in the episode after Smith's, titled "My Hero," which will also air in January.