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Second Annual "Pitch Your Low-Rated Show" - Nominations Open

Hiatus is here again and with it comes the hiatus blues. You turn on your TV only to find nothing new is playing. What's a hapless TV fan to do? Why find other great shows of course. (Like they used to say in NBC's heyday: if you haven't seen it, it's new to you.) There's no one better than the SpoilerTV community to help you find some TV gems you might have missed, so I hereby open nominations for the Second Annual Pitch Your Show article. For those new to this concept, basically you pick a show that you think other people should start watching and then pitch that show to them. Tell them what makes your show special, why you love it, and most importantly why you think others should try it out. It's a great way to get new people to discover your show. The more specific you are, the more likely it is that someone will try it out.

Last year we had over 300 people respond and we focused specifically on shows whose Nielsen ratings put them in jeopardy for cancellation. Priority will still be given to these shows, but feel free to spotlight any show you don't think gets enough recognition. It will not change any show's ratings but you can feel good knowing you have helped others find great hiatus fare. Nominations will stay open until December 29th and then I will put the best pitches into an article for the New Year. I will include a link to all responses as well. Hopefully we can all find new shows to fight off those hiatus blues.


1. The show must be currently on the air or returning in the 2014-2015 TV season. No cancelled shows please no matter how much you want The Secret Circle and Firefly to return.

2. Only scripted shows. No reality TV.

3. The show does not have to be in danger of cancellation but priority will be given to those which are.

4. The purpose is to persuade others to watch your show. Saying "IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!" over and over again won't help. In fact, triple exclamations and having all letters capitalized will probably work against you. Same goes for hashtags. Instead focus on why someone who doesn't watch the show should take their precious time to try it. Enthusiasm is only good when backed by details and thoughtful discourse.

5. This is not a popularity contest so there is no need to nominate a show multiple times with the same comment. I will take the most thoughtful comments for each show nominated so as long as the show fits the first 4 rules, it will be in the article.

Last Year's Results

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