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Scene Of The Week - December 21, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently on TV.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY, "Orphans", December 17, 2014, Actors: Mare Winningham, Lily Rabe and more, The Scene: Pepper's flash-forward to 1962 at the Asylum
Maximilian Conte:
Pepper's flash-forward to 1962 at the Asylum, where we see her sister (the incredible Mare Winningham) lie to Sister Mary Eunice about why she is being committed. The whole thing was equally sad and horrifying and beautifully acted. Pepper is blamed for the murder of her deformed nephew, taken to the asylum, and eventually shown mercy from Mary Eunice who believes Pepper feels remorse for her sins. We knew exactly what was coming (it was basically told to us in Asylum) but it was still hard to watch... and capped off with a pretty out-of-nowhere twist, as Pepper sees Elsa on the cover of Life magazine, now a famous TV star. 

ATLANTIS, "The Grey Sisters", December 20, 2014, Actors: Jack Donnelly, Sarah Parish, The Scene: Pasiphae confronts Jason
Sarah Parish is one of the best things about this show and she really raised the game here with Donnelly. I was half expecting her to reveal that she was his mother, this being the mid-season finale. The undertone of what wasn't said between the two of them in the cell was crackling with emotion. This is the kind of show I want to be watching, and I hope that there is more to come in the second half of the season next year.

HART OF DIXIE, "Kablang", December 15, 2014, Actors: Wilson Bethel, Christopher Curry, The Scene: Earl encourages Wade to take a chance
Tracie Pontolillo:
Now that Earl is sober, he is more present in Wade's life. I've been waiting for a sincere moment when Earl steps up as a father to Wade, and it finale happened in the season 4 premiere. After Earl's attempt to intervene with Zoe and Wade failed, Earl had some words of wisdom for his son. He encouraged Wade to take a chance and not hide from his feelings out of fear of getting hurt. He told Wade that's what he did after Wade's mother died by turning to alcohol. He encouraged Wade not to be like him. His words had an effect and is what got Wade to go to Zoe and tell her he loved her and wanted to try. 

HOMELAND, "Krieg Nicht Lieb", December 14, 2014, Actors: Claire Danes, Numan Acar, The Scene: Carrie attempts to murder Haissam Haqqani
Darth Locke:
Carrie attempts to murder Haissam Haqqani, right after thwarting Peter Quinn's own assassination attempt on the Taliban leader. Also picked by Bradley Adams

NCIS, "House Rules", December 16, 2014, Actor: Sean Murray, The Scene: McGee says goodbye to his father
Daniel van der Veer:
I am still not sure how I feel about NCIS' Christmas episode, but one thing that was absolutely beautiful was McGee saying goodbye to his father. I kind of saw it coming that his father had passed since the promos had McGee in a suit and all, but it was still heartbreaking to see. Sean Murray was at the top of his game, and I am very sorry that McGee has now also lost his father. Also picked by Tonya Papanikolas

NCIS: LOS ANGELES, "Humbug", December 15, 2014, Actors: Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, The Scene: Kensi and Deeks get together
Justyna Kubica:
Despite it being a week before Christmas many shows ended on quite an intense, shocking and tragic note. Luckily this episode was a beautiful exception, leaving all the characters in all the right places. It was lovely to see Callen getting a second chance, Nell and Eric growing closer, Sam and his family spending the holidays together and Deeks and Kensi, finally, deciding to get together after the long "will they, won't they" routine. It certainly felt like the writers' gift for the fans. So, thank you. The moment caught me completely by surprise which probably made it even better and now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the two. I need them to actually work, unlike so many other times when other great characters on TV didn't. Kudos to both actors and show's crew for the scene! See you in the next year, I already can't wait!
Sylvie C: Kensi and Deeks taking their relationship to the next level. The scene at the ice ring was so well acted by both actors and made me smile. I was relieved they finally cross that line and the episode itself was the best holiday episode of the series. LOVED IT. Also picked by Tonya Papanikolas

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Heroes and Villains", December 14, 2014, Actors: Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin, The Scene: Belle commands Rumple to leave Storybrooke
Nirat Anop:
This scene coupled with the emotional score was absolutely heartbreaking. The sheer amount of emotion portrayed in the performances by Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle was incredibly powerful. Belle acknowledging that she only "sees the beast" and not the man was very moving. Seeing Rumple beg Belle and him cowering on the ground on the other side of the town line was really powerful especially when he acknowledges he's afraid. Belle also showed a lot of character development during this scene which was great. This scene and Regina saying goodbye to Robin were both incredibly heartbreaking.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "The Cold War", December 16, 2014, Actors: Amy Acker, Oakes Fegley, The Scene: Samaritan and Machine meet
Justyna Kubica:
Who would have thought it will all come down to this? The beginning of the show's new 3-part event took place this week and it didn't take long for things to get powerful, dangerous and intense. The most memorable scene of the hour has to be the long-awaited "meeting" between the two AIs: the Machine and Samaritan, both represented by their human interfaces: Root and a little hacker named Gabriel. Very impressive performances by both actors. Oakes Fegley, who's portraying the boy, did quite a great work of making the kid seem both confident and very creepy. Other than that, I really enjoyed the symbolism of the moment and the choice of the AIs' representatives. As for the talk itself, it's clear that peace or surrender were never Samaritan's options and that the war is only beginning. And now that Shaw has left the team's secret hiding place, things are only going to get worse from there. The next episode's promo looks spectacular and I can't wait to finally see it. Trying to prepare myself for everything but the show keeps getting ahead of my ideas and amazes me. Kudos to the cast and crew for making something so impossible seem so real.
Darth Locke: Root and a boy represent the AI's in what turns out to be a rather disturbing conversation. The first of another 3 part arc, was truly engaging, and although I suspect a major Revolution riff from Bad Robot here, this version of what was an Aaron Pittman and Nanotech scene, was much more chilling, as this boy not only presented strong dialogue and intellect, but announced an all out annihilation against Team Machine!! So excited and scared to see what happens when the show returns early January. Also picked by Diana Mack and Bradley Adams

THE 100, "Spacewalker", December 17, 2014, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell and more, The Scene: Finn's death
Justyna Kubica:
So much has been said about Finn's character story in season 2. Now we got to the final stop and it's hard to say goodbye. For a while now, it hasn't been hard to predict that Finn's end was coming and the way it was going to happen became much clearer once we found out about the Grounders' long and excruciating plans for Collins. In the end, it was the only possible choice to make for Clarke (or anyone else) that didn't involve Finn being tortured and slowly executed in front of his friends and loved ones. And I don't think anyone disagrees with the fact that the character deserved at least a peaceful, quick death like the one Clarke made sure he got. It's the most tragic story, really. From the man who dedicated so much of his time on the show fighting for a peaceful way to end the war between the 100 and Grounders to the person responsible for the death of many innocent people. And the only one who was forced to pay for his crimes in the most cruel way. I don't believe that's justice. Justice would be a fair trial and a prison sentence, not a death one. At his core, as was visible in his final episode, Finn Collins was somehow still a good man, a good man responsible for a horrifying crime, but with a good heart and conscience that would never let him forget what he did and probably caused a much more powerful punishment for his actions than death. And as if that wasn't tragic enough, the sad fact remains that we're still talking about the group of innocent young adults or still teenagers who were attacked by Grounders and started to fight in the first place just to stay alive and help as many others as they could. And now the original 100's main peacemaker is dead, killed by Clarke, someone he loved. And Clarke is never going to be able to forget it, to simply move on, this will become a part of her and has every potential to break her down, one of the strongest characters on the show and beyond. The long-lasting and painful consequences (including the destruction of Clarke and Raven's friendship) of this moment make it one of the most significant ones in the show's history. Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonell both gave one of their best performances in the scene where they make our hearts break for their characters. Kudos to the cast and crew for making one of the best shows currently on TV! The break is already too long.
Jimmy Ryan: The 100 was simply outstanding on Wednesday night. This series is doing wonderful things in all the important areas that makes a television show great. Despite the entire episode being top notch, the choice for its best scene is a walk in the park. In the final moments of the hour, Finn was fastened to a pole outside the fence of Camp Jaha. Clarke made a last ditch attempt to get the Grounders to spare his life. When that fell through, Clarke asked to say goodbye to Finn, which the Grounder Commander allowed. Using a blade earlier given to her by Raven, Clarke spared Finn the impending torture shortly after the pair declared their love for each other and said goodbye for the last time, and plunged the blade into his chest. The whole scene was beautifully written, powerful, eye-watering, and incredibly well acted by Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonnell. It's easily one of the best television deaths I've seen. 
Sylvie C: The final scene where Clarke killed Finn for sparing him to be tortured was so powerful and heartbreaking. Seriously this show is way underestimated. Even if I knew what she was up to I was still shocked and this is why the 100 is one of my favourite 2014 show.
Pablozky21: Clarke mercy kills Finn: it's been a while since the show has killed a main character and now that it has decided to do that it delivers. During the whole episode it is clear the only solution to the sky people/grounder predicament is to hand over Finn. In the end he turns himself up and Clarke tries to save him by speaking to Lexa, but it's not use, so instead of letting him suffer from the horrible death the grounders have ready for him, Clarke kills Finn himself, quickly and painless. It is a heartbreaking and very bold moment, and even though I wasn't very much a fan of Finn I was pretty sad about it because of how it was delivered. I felt so incredibly shocked and so sad for Clarke, because this will haunt her forever. It was necessary, but she is now stained with his blood and it is just too much. This season Clarke has become my favorite character (just a little bit ahead of Bellamy and Kane) and that is because how complex her character has become. I absolutely love complex character and The 100 has a handful of those, but Clarke has bloomed into a full fledge person from someone who seemed one dimensional during the first season and Eliza Taylor kills it every time this season, and she kills it in this scene. The character work is just impressive, and The 100 proves to be one of the best shows in television - if not the best - just because of how complex its characters are.
Daniel van der Veer: Wow, Clarke killed Finn. Many fans thought Finn would die in Spacewalker but nobody could have seen this coming. I was afraid Finn would die a gruesome death by the Grounders but I am glad Clarke ended it without any suffering. This was a beautiful scene and very emotional work by all involved. Finn (and Thomas McDonell) will be missed! Also picked by Bradley Adams

THE FALL, "In Summation", December 17, 2014, Actors: Jamie Dornan, Colin Morgan and more, The Scene: The final scene
I was torn on whether to go for the interrogation scene, Paul saying goodbye to Libby or the final scene, all deserve SotW in this outstanding extended finale episode. I went with the finale scene in the end due to the questions it leaves open. It was obvious that Jimmy was going to shoot Spector, but Tom Anderson getting caught up in the firing line was a twist few saw coming. The police will be facing many questions about the whole operation of removing him from the station for the search for Rose, including why he wasn't wearing bullet proof armour when Jimmy has already tried to shoot him before and is out on bail. Stella's mask of composure completely falling away as she saw the one man who has been able to help her understand her dark and difficult past dying was understandable. I don't think her newest lover, Tom, is quite going to be able to understand why she didn't give him a second glance as he lay wounded though. For Spector however it was the perfect moment he had been striving for all his life. The one time when the reality was more 'piquant' than the fantasy. All it took was his own death, not that of his victims to achieve it.

THE LEGEND OF KORRA, "The Last Stand", December 19, 2014, The Scene: Korra and Asami go to the spirit world together
To reduce such a wonderful final episode solely to a romantic resolution would be a stupid thing to do, but since The Legend of Korra is mainly aimed for a younger audience and the romantic resolution is a lesbian pairing it feels quite groudbreaker. After all the amazing battles, all the tension, death and pain, the girls are ready to go on a vacation just the two of them, visiting the spirit world. The writers have been building up Korra and Asami's relationship since last season and it has become more and more obvious that there was more than mere friendship there. The last shot ends up with them hand holding and staring at each other, it is so intimate that it can't be just friendship; there's no kiss mainly because it would allianate some of the audience, but it is not needed, it is obvious what they wanted to do and it comes up beautifully. Korra is probably the one show that gets gender equallity right (along with The 100), since women are as powerful and as important and as complex as men and that's why I chose the last scene, because it doesn't only says that it is ok to end up with someone of your same gender, but also says that women as a whole are equal to men, and that's a really powerful message that may make The Legend of Korra one of the most influential and groundbreaking cartoons of our time.

THE MENTALIST, "Orange Blossom Ice Cream", December 14, 2014, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, The Scene: Jane and Lisbon talk about their 'ex' at the restaurant
Diana Mack:
She asks him about Erica Flynn, then she mentions Lorelei and when Jane says that he will only talks about her if Lisbon tells him about Mashburn. Lisbon just comes back to the menu. LOL funny and awkward scene! Also picked by Tonya Papanikolas

THE NEWSROOM, "What Kind of Day Has It Been", December 14, 2014, Actors: Jeff Daniels, John Gallagher, Jr. and more, The Scene: The song at Charlie's Funeral
Darth Locke:
At Charlie's Funeral, Will sings and plays guitar with Jim and Charlie's grandson, Bo. Such a beautiful, charming, intelligent, and daring series from Aaron Sorkin. I will miss it so much. This final episode ended in a way where it's easy to watch it's much too short three seasons over and over again.

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