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Quote of the Week, 7th December 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

ARROW, "The Brave and the Bold", 3rd December, 2014

Tonya Papanikolas: Barry "My mother was murdered in front of me, too. But I don't use my personal tragedies as an excuse to just torture whoever pisses me off."
Oliver "I'm sorry, Barry. I'm not as emotionally healthy as you are." also picked by sandi

Oliver "To do what I do, Barry, it takes conviction. But more often than not, it's the will to do what's ugly. Every time I do that, I'm trading away little pieces of myself. So you asked what's wrong with me. That's what's wrong. Because the part that I'm trading away is Oliver Queen. And lately I've been feeling like there's nothing left except The Arrow."
Barry "I think you're full of crap. ... Look, you've convinced yourself that everything you've been through took away your humanity. But I think it's because of your humanity you made it through. You wouldn't have survived, much less come out the other end a hero - somebody who wants to do good - if you didn't have a light inside of you."

Bradley Adams: Barry "You were wrong. When you told me I could inspire people, you said you couldn't but you were wrong. You can inspire. Not as the Arrow. That guy's a douche, but as Oliver Queen."

BLACK-ISH, "Colored Commentary", 3rd December, 2014

Tonya Papanikolas: Dre's boss "My wife knows nothing about nothing. That's what you get when you make small talk on a Southwest flight."

Rainbow "Are you trying to make me stab you? I can't believe you did that to me again!"
Dre "Hold up. Are you saying I threw you under the bus by NOT throwing you under the bus?"
Rainbow "Yes!"
Drew "I don't understand the rules."

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Fall", 30th November, 2014

DarthLocke: Regina "Time for hope speech? Virtues of blind faith?"
Mary Margaret "Well it seems Elsa's blind faith is exactly what's screwing us right now."
Regina "Coming from you that's just terrifying."

RED BAND SOCIETY, "What I Did For Love", 3rd December, 2014

Tonya Papanikolas: Kara "Yo, hairnet! You got any fruit that isn't disgusting? These bananas are as brown as my roots!"

Kara "I will take your transformer leg and bash it into your patchy skull. Now kick the damn ball!"
Leo "Have you ever considered being a motivational speaker? It could be your calling."

REIGN, "Acts of War", 4th December, 2014

sandi: Catherine "I know you don't want to be touched, that's all right. But you're safe. I don't know how you managed to escape, but you did. You are alive. You will survive this. I know this...because I survived. You know that, too. They tried to destroy you by taking your pride and your strength, but those things cannot be taken. Not from you. Not ever."

Mary "My loyal subjects. I reassure you that your king and your queen remain untouched. These murderous traitors who invaded the castle tonight have achieved nothing. Have altered nothing, and will die for nothing."

SONS OF ANARCHY, "Red Rose", 2nd December, 2014

Robert Fruin: Gemma "I have done so many bad things in my life, caused so much pain. I didn't want that, but after a while its just what I did, and who I was. I loved my family, my boys, but I knew that wasn't enough"

Wayne Unser "Haven't we had enough of this, look at where we are Jax, what we all have become. This has to end here"

Jax "It's been a privilege to wear this presidents flesh, I am sorry I couldn't live up to it"

SUPERNATURAL, "Hibbing 911", 2nd December, 2014

Dahne: Donna "Hakuna Matata, lady."

Sam "Well enjoy the retreat."
Jody "Screw you, Winchester."

Sam "But this time try to be a little less defensive of your pretend job."
Dean "You know, this badge means something."
Sam "I made it at Kinko's."
Dean "Yes, you did. Be proud of that."

THE 100, "Fog of War", 3rd December, 2014

Robert Fruin: Kane "If we want peace, they told us how to get it".
Jaha "Through Murder"
Kane "Through sacrifice"

Jaha Marcus you don't need redemption, the choice we made on the arc were about survival. We did what we had to so that the human race can survive" 

THE FLASH, "Flash vs. Arrow", 2nd December, 2014

Bradley Adams: Diggle "I had a cousin who got struck by lightning once. He just developed a stutter."

diana mack: Oliver "Guys like us don't get the girl."

sandi: Oliver "I have a prison like this. It's in a nearly inhospitable island off the China Sea, but this works, too."

Harrison "Mr. Queen, I met your father once at a charity event. One of the things we spoke of was you. I think he'd be very proud of the man you've become."
Oliver "Thank you. Please, call me Oliver." (to Felicity, as he leaves the room) "There is about that guy"

Dahne: Oliver "We can talk about you giving your enemies silly code names later."
Barry "You mean like over coffee with Deathstroke and the Huntress."

Oliver "You're late. Barry, how can you have super speed and still not be on time?"
Barry "Sorry. I guess the super tardiness kind of neutralizes it." also picked by Bradley Adams

Cisco "Blah, blah, blah. 'No prison can hold me.' Heard it all before, pal. Adios, Prism."
Caitlin "I liked Rainbow Raider."
Cisco "Okay, you don't get to pick the names."

THE MENTALIST, "Nothing But Blue Skies", 30th November, 2014

diana mack: Jane "I think we know what feels right. And I think that should be our guide."

THE NEWSROOM, "Contempt", 30th November, 2014

DarthLocke: Sloan "Don and I like to make decisions about lying on a case by case basis."

Charlie "Needless to say I'm impressed by your indifference to talent, experience and credentials and I assume the absence of the words truth, trust, and professionalism in your mission statement was an oversight."

THE WALKING DEAD, "Coda", 30th November, 2014

Bradley Adams: Rick "Shut up"

WHITE COLLAR, "All's Fair", 4th December, 2014

Dahne: Neal "Mozzie claims he was beaten."
Peter "Mozzie also claims the government uses fluoride to control my mind."

Moz "Five years ago there would be no Neal, no Suit for that matter. By myself, I would have walked right into your trap."
Eva "You're not working alone. Uh, I didn’t see that coming."
Moz "Five years ago I wouldn’t either."

Neal "I know this doesn't end with and they lived happily ever after."
Moz "No, our fairytale ending was more in the traditional German oeuvre."
Neal "Oh tragedy, betrayal, diminutive man lead astray by a cunning vixen."

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