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Pretty Little Liars - How the A Stole Christmas - Review

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Welcome back Liars! Last week we had the chance to check in on Rosewood and see what our girls have been up to since the death of Mona, and it looks like things are just as bad usual, but with snow on top!

As the girls took a holiday stroll through Rosewood, Spencer opened up about how she had visions of orange jumpsuits dancing in her head. She's out on bail for the time being, but with an impending trial, the girls' main concern is finding evidence that will get Spencer off the hook for Bethany Young's murder. While the girls talk, Emily voices her concern that Mona isn't dead because they haven't found her body yet (any guesses as to how THAT reveal will go down? There's definitely a funeral in the January premiere...) and shortly after a lawyer approaches Hanna. It seems that Mona knew there was a possibility of her ended up dead and left Hanna some clues from beyond the grave: map of Ali's hiding places in her house and a note encouraging the girls to keep fighting the good fight. Like clockwork, a random Santa approaches the girls and gives them a gift...a snow globe with a note, "A takes a holiday, you should too." No holly jolly Christmas for these girls.

When we check in on the DiLaurentis house, Ali has a vision of her dead mother visiting her and telling her that she has a lot to show her and to pay attention, which totally isn't creepy or ominous at all.

Ali wakes up in her living room to the sounds of a young girl playing the piano and the Ghost of Mona Past, armed with snark and ready to fire. As the two watch the scene play out, we come to find out that the little girl is a young Ali and as she's practicing, finds two Christmas presents, yellow dresses, hidden inside of the piano. Mrs. D walks in and sees what Ali has found and proceeds to go all Jedi mind trick on her telling her she only found ONE dress. She doesn't want Ali to tell her father about the second dress and Ali agrees to lie. Just like that, a monster was created. Present Ali asks Ghost Mona who the other dress was for, to which she replies, "It's not going to be that easy, bitch." Touche Mona, touche. It wouldn't be PLL if it were easy.

Spencer and Toby are back at her house and while Toby Rear Window's it up from his wheelchair, Spencer is slipping into a sexy Santa outfit because nothing helps cure a broken leg faster than making plans to spy on Ali and blue balls.

Caleb and Hanna have gotten a holiday job together and are dressed as elves when Hanna sees a group of little girls being led by one little mean girl in particular, (sound familiar?) picking on an adorable little deaf girl. Hanna stands up to the mini-Ali and tells the other girls that they don't need a leader and, thankfully, the girls listen and befriend the girl they were just picking on. I honestly thought they were going to walk out with little Ali, so good on them.

At some point during the day, everyone stopped what they were doing to get together and sing at a nursing home and I mean EVERYONE...Jenna, Paige, Ezra and Sydney included. Ezra takes the opportunity to give Aria a dress and earrings for Ali's Ice Ball, which the girls are going to use as an opportunity to spy on Ali.

At the Ice Ball, everyone is waiting on Ali's arrival and Spencer tells Santa Lucas that Ali is building an army and he shouldn't trust anyone. Ali makes her grand entrance flanked by four masked girls and as the liars move to enact their plans, a figure in a hooded white cape watches them and naturally no one notices the FIGURE IN THE HOODED WHITE CAPE WATCHING THEM.

Aria keeps her eye on Ali and sees her sneak off to kiss Santa (who we know is Holbrooke...the ONE cop I thought wouldn't be a predator...I give this town too much credit). Holbrooke approaches Aria after his mini make-out session with Ali and hints to her that he knows Ezra gave her the dress she's wearing.

Spencer and Hanna have snuck out of the ball to go search Ali's house for clues. Toby is keeping an eye on them from Spencer's and I can't help but feel like this isn't going to be good. Ali's not even comfortable being in Ali's house.

Back at the ball, Ali has dipped off yet again, but this time to meet the hooded figure...CECE! The two talk and Ali thanks Cece for coming to see her but also warns her to watch out for the PLLs.

Meanwhile, Emily is trailing two of the masked girls that were with Ali when she entered the ball. They end up in a secluded enough part of the party for the pair to reveal that they're Sydney and Jenna. The girls tell Emily that they're doing what they have to in order to survive, but all agree that Ali is the number one suspect in Mona's murder.

Back at the DLaurentis house, Hanna finds another fake passport that belongs to Ali and Spencer finds conversations in personal ads, much like Ali used to communicate with A back in the day. The girls continue searching and Hanna finds a recorder THAT SHE DOESN'T FINISH LISTENING TO OR TAKE WITH HER...she seriously just throws it to the side! As Toby keeps watch he sees A in the house with the girls but can't reach them because Hanna's slowness is on fleek tonight and she doesn't have her cell on her.

Emily and Aria are together at the Ice Ball and Em says she thinks Holbrooke helped Cece escape New York for Ali. The girls decide to get to the bottom of things and follow Ali and Cece across the ball to confront them. Only, it's not Ali and Cece. It's the twins Ali made over and converted into minions.

Hanna's still searching for clues at the DiLaurentis house when she finds a letter from Bethany to Ali. Ali invited Bethany to dinner for Labor Day and that's when all A breaks loose. Spencer narrowly avoids an A encounter downstairs, but Hanna is in the attic and has no clue what's going on. She calls out to Spencer and next thing we know Spencer finds her knocked down and the attic window open and A watching in the shadows. Time to leave guys.

After their Ali adventures, the four PLLs and their significant others enjoy a nice Christmas dinner together, with Ali on the outside looking in. Toby says the letter Hanna found could be enough to clear Spencer's name, so the guys and Paige put on their Santa boxers in celebration. Now all the girls have seen their friends significant others in their underwear. Great.

Ali went back home to lick her wounds, which Mona uses as the perfect opportunity to jack with her one last time. Alison is suddenly in a church and sees herself in a casket. Mona says she's missing her legs. Mrs. D walks in and tells Ali "They'll be coming for you soon."

Finally, the couples walk out to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the yard. As the lights come up they reveal a message: "Merry Christmas Bitches, A."

Thanks so much for reading guys! This is my final review for SpoilerTV. I've had a great time writing for you all and loved hearing your feedback on Pretty Little Liars for the past 2 seasons. If you want to check in from time to time, you can always find me over at!

In the meantime, let's have our final pretty little chat below!

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