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Last Week in TV - Dec 1-6 - Reviews and Episode Awards

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First off let me apologize for being a day late. Real life circumstances of starting a new class after work, getting a stomach bug in time for the weekend, and my Sleepy Hollow podcast being moved to Monday instead of Tuesday got in the way. In the end it was a good thing though because I was able to watch 2 episodes of the nominated show instead of one. Speaking of, next week's nominated episode will be from You're the Worst. Long time readers may know that this is one of the few new shows I dropped before giving it 3 episodes. It should be interesting to see if additional time would have allowed the show to grow on me. If you would like to nominate a show for review, please fill out the short 2-part form below. Remember that any show that has already been reviewed this season cannot be selected again until fall of 2015. Thanks as always for reading and please add your own thoughts about the TV week below. Until next time, may your shows be merry and your midseason finales be bright. Happy viewing!

Nominated Show:

Once Upon a Time - 2.16/4.10 - The Miller's Daughter / Fall

I actually watched Fall first as the nominated show, but I really did not like it. There was way too much emoangsting from characters I did not connect with, resulting in a glacial pace. Plus the last third felt like shipping overload with everyone sharing longing glances as they said goodbye to their soon-to-be lost loves, stricken by the anguish of separating from them forever. That's way too much Harlequin sappiness for this reviewer. However several circumstances came together to allow me time to watch another episode and I am glad that it did. I found The Miller's Daughter to be much more my speed. First off there was some action. I do wish that the battle between Cora/Regina and the others had not ended so quickly. It had the makings of an epic action sequence. It also helps that Regina was my favorite character before I dropped it, so watching her vulnerable to her mother and almost craving her approval gave the character depths I hadn't seen before. Lana Parrilla is very talented. Mostly though, I adored the backstory of both Rumpelstiltskin and Cora. It is always great to understand where the villains are coming from and it makes the entire story richer. In fact, I was sad to see Cora die at the end. I imagine the fandom was probably tired of her shenanigans though so for the average viewer it was probably time for her to go. Ultimately I do not think Once Upon a Time is for me although I can appreciate its appeal with its legions of fans. It has almost a Hallmark Christmas movie appeal, in that love will always conquer all in the end and everything is possible. Still, I have a feeling the parts I disliked in both episodes are the norm and the parts I loved in Miller's Daughter are more rare. Plus I would spend far too much time hoping for the leads, including all the Charmings, to die and leave my TV screen. However there is no denying that this show maybe the most….well, charming, show on TV.

Grade: 2.16 = B / 4.10 = D+
Ranking - 2
Audience - anyone who is in love with love or fancies the idea of true love conquering all

Best Reason to Watch - the back story of Rumpelstiltskin and Cora / the glimpse of Will Scarlet, who I loved on Wonderland
Best Scene - all of the flashbacks / they all agree to destroy the necklace to save the town but Elsa tricks them
Best Character Interaction - Cora and Gold / Elsa and Anna, even when they were not on screen together
Biggest Brat - Princess Ava / Hans
Biggest Hmmm - I thought Gold was immortal. How can he die then? Also if he can see the future, shouldn't he have known whether he was really going to die or not? / Did Gold just say Elsa and Emma are the Snow Queen's sisters? I thought that was supposed to be Elsa and Anna.
Most Scary - Regina, when she realizes Snow killed her mother
Best Character - Cora / I don't know. I will say that Anna made me laugh though
Best Fracturing of a Fairy Tale - the Rumpelstiltskin-Miller's Daughter connection
Most SuperSpecial - tie - Emma, who is now casting magic & Snow, who has the most pure heart ever / Snow's speech to Emma where she actually says how special Emma is
The "Welcome Back" Award - Rose McGowan, formerly of Charmed, and Barbara Hershey of Beaches / Scott Michael Foster, forever Cappie from Greek to me
Most Bold / Most Likely to Take Whatever They Want - Cora, most definitely. I don't believe a word she's saying and she's as ruthless as they come. / Gold, who makes for one shrewd negotiator
The "I So Want That" Award - Cora's purple smoke that removes annoying characters from my TV screen is better than the gold she spins. Can I borrow some? I have some other shows that need it.
The "Say What?" Award - Cora removes her own heart? Hmm? I guess this makes the Will Scarlett heart thing from Wonderland make a little more sense.
Most Intriguing / Most Manipulative - darkening up Snow White a little works but making her a master manipulator overnight is a little farfetched. I actually preferred her having to make life and death choices as the mayor because it made more sense to me.
Biggest Risk - summoning anger to create magic / letting a powerful enemy like Gold leave
Most Emoangsty - Gold's call to Belle / the last 10 minutes
The "Maybe it's Maybelline" Award - I haven't seen this much eyeliner on men since high school drama club. I think the creators of OUaT have stock in the company.
Least Surprising - Cora didn't go with Rumpelstiltskin / the wishing star is Anna's necklace
Most Surprising - that whole heart thing is just bizarre / Hook didn't tell Emma what he did to the fairies when he had the chance. It didn't appear that part of the heart thing was a vow of secrecy as well.
Most Punny - Blackbeard's finterference

Best Quotes (2.16) -
1. Rumpelstiltskin: "When you see the future, there's irony everywhere."
2. Cora: "This would have been enough. You, you would have been enough."
Cora: "I don't love your son." King: "I didn't expect you to. Not much there to love frankly, but this is not 3. about love. It's about alliances. Love is weakness. It isn't for hard women like you. That should make your choice easier."

Best Quotes (4.10) -
1. Snow: "You're talking like a hero." Regina: "Yes, like all you Charmings always do, but right now that's not your job. You're more than heroes. You're leaders, which means making the tough choice where someone has to lose and you have to say who."
2. Regina: "Time for hope speech? Virtues of blind faith?" Snow: "Well it seems Elsa's blind faith is exactly what's screwing us right now." Regina: "Coming from you that's just terrifying."
3. Regina: "Look at this mess. A good mayor checks that these things are kept up to code." Snow: "Yeah well, if the mayor only has to worry about one villain and it's herself, that frees up a lot of time for infrastructure. I've had other issues."

Weekly Shows:

Sleepy Hollow - 2.11 - The Akeda

I am incredibly frustrated with Sleepy Hollow, which again went the road of jealousy and infighting instead of a cohesive team kicking evil's butt. It's the freaking midseason finale and yet they spend 28 minutes of emoangsting and utter boredom before they even start fighting. That's 28 minutes of rehashing old arguments over and over again ad nauseam when evil is currently rising. What the hell, show! How did Sleepy Hollow go from being one of the most kick butt, action-oriented, quick paced shows of last year to this chatfest of bickering jealousies and tired arguments? How? I have to admit that I am really, really glad for this break. In fact, I wish it were the end of the season because it is becoming far too disappointing to watch.

Grade: D (solid F for the first 28 minutes minus Hawley and Irving time)

Best Reason to Watch - Henry kills Moloch
Best Reason to Fast Forward - almost the entire first 30 minutes of whining, jealousy, infighting, and general boredom
Best Scene / Best Action - Irving kills the Black Knight
Best Acting - Henry when it looks like he's going to let the others go
Only Characters Worth Watching - Irving, Jenny, and Hawley. All the others spent most of the episode sucking out loud.
Best Moment - Hawley is the only one who appreciates that Katrina is a witch
Worst Moment - Irving dies when he was the only good character except Jenny of the night
The "Oh Please Stop" Award - Abbie keeps trying to put a wedge between Ichabod and Katrina by constantly bringing up issues in their marriage and pointing them out. It's frustrating because that is exactly what a teen girl with a crush would do. It is absolutely beneath this character.
Best Quotes -
1. Hawley: "I know you think it's the end but do you know how many people have gotten burned claiming the end is nigh? Every person. Every person in history who's ever said that has been dead wrong, Mills. Doomsdayers are zero for 10,000 years….okay." Jenny: "Score one for the doomsdayers. It's hailing blood. You believe me now. Weapons, Hawley." Hawley: "I'll load up my truck."
2. Abbie: "Until today, we've only been asked to make sacrifices of ourselves, but now we've got to be willing to sacrifice others, the ones we love. I am not going to let Moloch take another soul from this earth. Never again." Ichabod: "You're right. Thank you." Abbie: "Don't thank me yet. You haven't heard my plan."

State of Affairs - 1.03 - Half the Sky

Again it is the strength of the problem of the week that sells this show. If I like the subplot, then I like the episode. I still don't care much about Nick, Fatah, or the serial elements, but I absolutely cared about those girls. When the one ran, I cheered for her. I guess what makes this different from other political shows is that they do spend a significant time on the story of the week and I find the loopholes they use to get exactly what they want intriguing. It does contain politics but it isn't solely about those politics and they tend to humanize the process better. Perhaps because this includes the CIA instead of strictly being the political side, it makes it easier. I'm not sure how long I will enjoy this show, or frankly how long it will air, but if they keep giving me characters to care about like the Russian spy and the kidnapped girls, this might be the first political show I've enjoyed in years.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - getting the girls back safely
Best Character Interaction - Charlie and PotUS / PotUS and Chu
Best Scene - the independent contractors take out the rapist/terrorist and free the girls
Most Intense - Nick hauls Charlie out of the Fatah interrogation when she interrupts him / PotUS and her husband fight over the records of their son's death
Best Character - Mo, mostly because Sid wasn't in it much this week
Most Brave - Abeo Jatau, the girl who tries to run away
Best Pickpocket - Charlie, who snags Nick's phone
Best Moment - PotUS kicks the guys out to talk with Charlie and they aren't happy about it
Worst Plan - threatening to burn a hostage when you're standing in gasoline too
Most Interesting Diplomacy - PotUS and the Chinese leader back and forth while skeet shooting
Best Quotes -
1. PotUS: "You know the hardest thing about having power is not being able to use it when every fiber of your being says you should."
2. Barista: "MILF - milk, light foam. That's what you ordered, right?"
3. Kurt: "We have top-level access to worldwide intel. There's got to be something we can do to mess your ex up."

Supernatural - 10.08 - Hibbing 911

That's the most fun I've had in Supernatural in a long time. I really like the two sheriffs together, partly because Sheriff Jody is second only to Crowley in recurring characters I like best. There really needs to be more of both of them. I will admit that Sheriff Donna annoys me with her enthusiasm but that is tempered by the fact that she's fun and good in a crisis. If they are still talking SPN spin-offs, this is my choice. A whole odd couple show between the Sheriffs would be fantastic. Actually Sheriff Jody and anyone teaming up on a weekly basis works for me. Unless it's Garth…or the Ghostfacers…or, never mind. I can go for Sheriff Jody on her own just as well. What I really liked about this episode was the female bonding. It may be the first time when the Winchesters were NOT fighting that I liked a different character dynamic better. These two complement each other well and I could see more episodes featuring them now that Sheriff Donna is on board. Plus they are fairly close to each other so surely there are crossover crimes. I guess what I am saying is that if they don't give these two a spin-off, which they should, they at least should have them back more. However since no review of Supernatural is complete without checking in on the Winchesters, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that this truce has lasted so long. I felt for sure Carver would go off the deep end again and pull contrived drama for yet another rift. I'm glad it isn't so. There is no SPN without the Winchesters and having them work together and enjoy it has made the show enjoyable for me too.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - the fun banter and good pacing, plus no angels
Best Scene - Donna learns about vampires in the hotel room
Best Character Interaction - Sheriff Jody and Sheriff Donna
Best Addition Since Bobby - Sheriff Jody Mills, who really should become the next Bobby and Ellen put together. More Jody please
Best Recapitations - Sheriff Jody from the first episode
Best Sleuthing - the two detectives
Most Annoying - Sheriff Donna Hanscum, who ona bad day can out perk any middle school cheerleader
The "I Feel Your Pain" Award - I understand Sheriff Jody's reluctance to go into the retreat. I feel the same way anytime anyone mentions ice breakers or team building.
The "Yeah, I'll Pass" Award - 600 pages of werewolf gender studies? Nope.
The "Welcome Back" Award - obviously this goes to Sheriff Jody but second place goes to classic music. I really missed
Best Moment - Jody calls Donna's ex a douche / Jody lays done the law and both sheriffs are coming
Best Quotes -
1. Donna: "Hakuna Matata, lady."
2. Sam: "Well enjoy the retreat." Jody: "Screw you, Winchester."
3. Sam: "But this time try to be a little less defensive of your pretend job." Dean: "You know, this badge means something." Sam: "I made it at Kinko's." Dean: "Yes, you did. Be proud of that."

SHIELD - 2.09 - …Ye Who Enter Here

The race for the alien city isn't doing it for me right now. Probably because it feels like we should be in there already and so this comes off as a place holder episode until the midseason finale when we finally do. Also because that means more Raina, my second least favorite character on this show. I'm also completely over Ward's obsession with Skye. Luckily this episode had some SHIELD trademarks I love. There's cool gadgets galore and good snarky quips. I also enjoyed the character interaction between Bobbi and Coulson. I'd like to see more of them if they keep splitting up Coulson and May. Still the number one thing about this episode was the action. Fake May can come back whenever she wants because we're guaranteed a great fight when she does. I also loved the fight between Bobbi and Mac. I trust Mac is still alive and that he will eventually become not evil again if only because he makes a good scene partner with both Bobbi and Fitz.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - again 2 Mays are better than one
Best Action - Fake May vs. Skye / Bobbi vs. Mac
Most Nerve-Wracking - the second Mac got the harness to go down the shaft I was worried that I would lose another favorite character
Least Surprising - Whitehall sends Ward to board the plane
Biggest Aww Moment - Fitz breaks up his partnership with Simmons
Biggest Hmm - I thought Fake May was dead. I guess that electricity didn't kill her. I am good with that.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Koenig, who I swear is a clone not triplets
The "Say What?" Award - SHIELD has its own invisibility cloak umbrella? That's so cool.
Most in Need of Going - Raina
Best Quotes -
1. Tripp: "Isn't that in the Bermuda Triangle 'cause that would explain a lot." Coulson: "Actually it doesn't have anything to do with the triangle. We solved that back in the 80's."
2. Ward: "Lower your weapons. Anyone shoots, the plane goes down. We all die." May: "Maybe it's worth it. Hunter: "Let's not get carried away just yet."

Forever - 1.10 - The Man in the Killer Suit

Now that's a cliffhanger. I'm not into this anonymous caller, mostly because it felt like they were going to draw it out, ahem, forever. Since they are not getting a second season, I'm glad they are wrapping it up pretty quickly here. I hope we learn all we need to know in the next couple of episodes to firmly put him behind us. For the record, my guess is he is the man who approached Henry in the flashbacks. As for the case, it was fairly standard with lots of suspects. I find it hard to believe anyone could learn to impersonate someone so well in a short amount of time, but I find it even harder to believe that Henry would pluck the fibers of the dead guy's coat out of the wall without gloves. Urgh! It's one of my biggest pet peeves. Actually out of all the myriad plots this episode, the one I found most fascinating was Abe's quest to hook up with an old girlfriend and the flashbacks that accompanied them. Maybe it's because I have been a huge Blair Brown fan since Fringe. I do hope we see her again.

Grade: B

Best Twist - Henry gets kidnapped
Weirdest Request - Abe asks Henry to be his wingman…at a funeral
The "Poor Baby" Award - every time Hanson has good info, Henry beats him to it
Most Shoddy Police Work - No one was scouting out the funeral? Hmm.
Best Threat - Abe gets Henry to the table by threatening to microwave his breakfast
The "Say What?" Award - Henry and Abe don't own a microwave? How is that even possible?
Biggest Pet Peeve - for goodness sake people, wear gloves before you touch evidence
The "Our Definitions Must Vary" Award - I'm sorry lawyer guy but my definition of a loving father does not include bashing someone in the head with a golf club
The "Welcome Back" Award - Blair Brown, formerly Nina from Fringe, who is always a joy to see. I hope she becomes a recurring character.
Biggest Creepster - Henry, who keeps checking out the bike messenger's leg
Best Reference - My Fair Lady, even though no grade school would ever put that on
The "Only Lucas" Award - I can't imagine anyone pretending to be foreign when they don't know the language for a year, but I have no doubt Lucas pulled it off
Best Find - Lucas finds a ripped up check in the dead guy's coat
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "The title of viscount is that of a noble, not a royal. There is a difference." Jo: "Not in New York."
2. Abe: "Now where are my obituaries?" Henry: "What Sunday morning would be complete without you scavenging the deceased for antiques?" Abe: "Scavenge? This is market research."
3. Henry: "The microwave is to food what the cell phone is to conversation. It destroys the very thing it wishes to help."

The Flash - 1.08 - Flash vs. Arrow

It's always hard for a special episode to live up to its hype so it is a relief when one actually does. This was a great episode, not so much for the clichéd plot, but because it reinforced exactly what I love about The Flash. Barry is not a douche. That makes him different from about 97% of the current comic book heroes on TV today. You can separate Barry from the bad guys he's taking on so when he does become infected with evil (or in this case mega rage), it is a completely different person on screen. To be honest, I'm not sure I would be able to tell season 1 regular Oliver from rage Oliver if he had been infected. Watching Barry go evil reinforced how much I love the enthusiastic little puppy that Barry usually is. Yes, he does need the training and discipline that Oliver can offer him. He definitely needs to tamp down his random acts of superpower, because painting someone's place, while kind, is not exactly keeping his abilities a secret. He is too enthusiastic, but it is such a nice change that I can't help but cheer for him. More than anything, this episode showed the difference between Arrow and The Flash. It's no coincidence that I am still watching The Flash, while I have dropped Arrow. Oliver could take some lessons from Barry too. Having his harsh, vigilante tone in my bright, shiny Central City was jarring to say the least.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - it's a crossover that actually lives up to the hype
Best Entrance - Oliver shoots the cop with instant anger issues / Felicity's shirt is on fire when Barry super speeds her
Biggest Twist - Wells outs Oliver as the Arrow / Ronnie is alive
Best Action - Arrow vs. Flash
Best Title Card - The Flash with an arrow in it
Best Advice - Caitlin when she tells Barry to stop messing around with Iris
Biggest Awww Moment - Wells tells Oliver that his dad would be proud of him
The "Worse Than a Drill Sergeant" Award - Egads! Oliver is not playing around with this training. At least in the armed forces the sergeants aren't allowed to actually shoot you.
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Did Barry just actual use the word "feels" as a noun? Kill me now.
Worst Metahuman - anyone who can make average people steroid-angry zombies has to go
Best Reaction - Diggle to Barry's speed / Cisco geeks out over the boomerang Felicity brings
Worst Reaction - Iris fawns over Oliver
Most Justified - Joe and Wells are not excited to have the Arrow in Central City after all the people Oliver killed
Best Continuity - Big Belly Burger
Best Cover - Joe tells the Captain that Barry's new attitude is a bad reaction to new medicine
Worst Plan - Barry takes on a rageaholic metahuman by himself even though Oliver is in town
The "Spoke Too Soon" Award - Joe says he'll never thank the Arrow so of course he thanks Oliver in the end
Biggest "I Told You So" - Cisco is dead right to remind them that he created a way to stop Barry if he went evil but they made him dismantle it. It was a smart idea.
Best Screenshot - Barry and Oliver, arms around each other, hurt and limping
Best Quotes -
1. Oliver: "We can talk about you giving your enemies silly code names later." Barry: "You mean like over coffee with Deathstroke and the Huntress."
2. Oliver: "You're late. Barry, how can you have super speed and still not be on time?" Barry: "Sorry. I guess the super tardiness kind of neutralizes it."
3. Cisco: "Blah, blah, blah. 'No prison can hold me.' Heard it all before, pal. Adios, Prism." Caitlin: "I liked Rainbow Raider." Cisco: "Okay, you don't get to pick the names."

Arrow - 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold

***Note - Arrow is not actually a weekly show for me but because it was the second part of a crossover I decided to watch and review it anyway.

It's been exactly never that I have left an Arrow episode thinking, "That was cute." I did here and I liked the show all the better for it. Along with The Flash episode, this crossover did a great job of highlighting the major differences between the two shows. On the surface one is about metahumans and the other used to (and I emphasize used to) be more grounded in reality. However the differences go much farther than that. The entire tone of Arrow is more raw, grittier. It shows in the lighting choices. Let's just say that getting a clear screencap of an Arrow scene is more rare than an Oliver apology. They deal in dark, night shots and sickly green overtones whereas The Flash takes place a lot during the daytime or in the superiorly lit STAR labs facilities. There is far more humor on The Flash as well as evidenced by Cisco's presence in Starling City. He seemed so out of place here and many times lightened the mood in an intense situation. I found him a welcome distraction, maybe something that Arrow needs more of these days. And of course the difference between Barry and Oliver is night and day. I like how it was Barry's turn to pep talk Oliver this time around and I do feel sympathy for Oliver's past. Still it's not enough for me to agree with Barry. I think both the Arrow and Oliver are world class douches. Still have to hand it to Arrow though for the fight sequences because their action scenes are topnotch.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - it was more fun than Arrow ever is anymore
Best Scene - Oliver says he's trading away pieces of himself to be the Arrow but Barry pep talks him
Best Action - Oliver and Roy against the boomerang guy with a cameo by Barry
Best Way to Start - house explosion reminds me of my favorite thing about Arrow, the action
Best Title Card - the Arrow theme struck with lightning
Best Character - surprisingly it was Cisco., who brought the fun and the snark
Biggest Aww Moment - Oliver has a mannequin ready for Barry's suit the next time he comes
Second Biggest Aww Moment - Diggle asks Lyla to marry him
Biggest Huh? - So Oliver worked for Amanda Waller? Say what?
Best Plan - Barry simply transports Team ArrowFlash to the other bombs to diffuse them
Biggest Douche - Oliver always
Best Reaction - Barry to Oliver shooting a guy in front of him for information
Most Fun - Cisco in the Arrow Cave
Most Out of His Element - Barry, whose goofiness doesn't fit at all in the mean streets of Starling City
Best Corruption of an Arrow Staple - Barry does the salmon run
Most Evil - Amanda Waller, who is the root of all problems in this episode
Smartest Bad Guy - Harkness, who had a plan for everything
The "Say What?" Award - why does this guy throw several boomerangs before anyone, including Diggle, shoots at him?
Best Change - I really like Thea's hair. Yes, I did have to say something about it. / Quentin got promoted. Good for him.
The "I Don't Buy It" Award - Oliver can cite Tommy and Sarah's deaths but he was the biggest douche to his mom before she died so it's her I feel sorry for in that case
Best Quotes -
1. Barry: "You were wrong. When you told me I could inspire people, you said you couldn't but you were wrong. You can inspire. Not as the Arrow. That guy's a douche, but as Oliver Queen."
2. Arrow: "You're not SCPD." Soldier: "Unless police uniforms have gotten really interesting, neither are you."
3. Oliver: "I live in a city where my best friend was murdered. Where a woman that I loved was shot full of arrows and sent tumbling off of a rooftop. Where my mother was murdered right in front of me, so before you…" Barry: "My mother was murdered in front of me too, but I don't use my personal tragedies as an excuse to just torture whoever p** me off." Oliver: "Well I'm sorry, Barry. I'm not as emotionally healthy as you are."

Benched - 1.06 - Rights & Wrongs

This one wasn't as funny as normal but it did have heart. Still the best new comedy so far.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Nina plea bargains for office supplies
Best Misunderstanding - Carlos goes up to smoke and Nina thinks he's going to jump
Most Funny - everything Nina will do to finally beat her ex in court
The "I Didn't Think it Could Get Worse Than Public Education" Award - Yikes! Public defenders have less resources than teachers, I guess. We at least don't have to timeshare pens.
Worst Role Model - Carlos and the fact that his job is his life
The "Miracles Do Happen" Award - Trent is growing on me because life with Nina would be exhausting
Best Quotes -
1. Burt: "I'm saying if you were less of a lawyer, you could be a great lawyer."
2. Judge: "Here's what we are going to do. I'm going to do my interminable 7-minute workout. Then I'm going to eat my entirely disgusting kale salad, and at that point you two had better have made some deals on these cases or I'll have you both murdered. And believe me, I know the people to call."

The 100 - 2.06 - Fog of War

I liked this episode far better than the last one although not as well as the first episodes. Finn and Murphy got off far too easily and there needs to be some natural consequences to their actions. I wish the grounders had demanded them in return for Jaha. It would have led to great discussion at Camp Jaha and all kinds of moral dilemmas. Instead it was like everything was swept under the rug, which is completely unlike The 100. On the other hand, I did love the pairings we got this episode. Jaha and Kane were my favorite. I like how Kane is searching for redemption from his choices and I liked how Jaha said he didn't need it. They make a good partnership, even if they all need to look hard at the choices they made. Hindsight is 20/20, but it is important to reflect as well. I also thought that Raven and Abby were very well done. Raven doesn't sugarcoat things with Abby and I think that is why Abby respects her opinion. Their honesty is refreshing so I like scenes with these two better than their scenes with any other person, including Clarke. Bellamy and Octavia are also great together. I adore how they keep separating Bellamy and Clarke so they can pursue separate stories. I think that is a much better plan and again I like their scenes with other people better than together too. Overall, the pace moved well and with the exception of Mount Weather, which did improve this time, I cared about all the storylines. I am excited to see this grounder commander, although I am still irked that they killed off Anya.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - all the twists and the pacing
Best Scene - Kane tries to sacrifice himself but Jaha won't let him and the commander is revealed
Best Twist - the grounder woman is the commander trying to find out if they really do want peace
Biggest Ewww - all the big bugs running from the fog
Worst Sense of Humor - Murphy jokes about the Mount Weather survivors
Quickest Recovery - Raven seems to be doing just fine getting around with her new brace in only 3 days
Biggest Moron - I know I should feel for the guy trapped in the fog but all I can think is he was an idiot for not coming when they told him to.
Best Speech - Kane's to Jaha
Biggest Evil - Mount Weather, which is the source of most of the big problems the 100 have encountered
The "I'm with You" Award - I hate the sound of the bugs skittering too, Red Shirt Guard
Biggest Hmm - Those tents look way too flimsy to keep out all of the acid fog. I call shenanicanon.
Most Likely to Die - Anyone who says they should split up and doesn't go with the characters we know. Of course it doesn't help when they are stupid enough to turn on a radio and shout, revealing their location.
Most Obtuse - Finn, who thinks all can be forgiven right away
Best Quotes -
1. Kane: "If we truly want peace, they told us how to get it." Jaha: "Through murder." Kane: "Through sacrifice."
2. Clarke: "Just because they pardoned you doesn't mean I have."

The Goldbergs - 2.08 - I Rode a Hoverboard

It took me 1.5 years but I finally figured out why The Goldbergs works so much for me. Yes, I've praised it the whole time for its combination of heart and laughter, but until this week I didn't realize that all my favorite sitcoms from my childhood did the same thing. No wonder I dislike comedies based on families tearing each other down, raunchy sexcapades, and self-absorbed idiots being douches. The Goldbergs touches on that golden age of TV comedy for me when Alex P. Keaton, Ricky Stratton, and Mike Seaver ruled the screens. A time of Cliff Huxtable giving us pearls of wisdom before the whole thing got tainted. The Goldbergs doesn't just remind me of all I loved and laughed at in the 80's. It follows a similar formula but then takes it to the extremes. I care about these characters in a way I don't most shows and I can see all the foibles of my youth in them. Yes Beverly does drive me nuts sometimes, but so did my own mom before I was old enough to realize just how amazing she really is. Seriously, I have the best mom in the entire world. No, my dad never called me a moron, but I'm sure he thought it when teaching me to drive even though he was my #1 fan as a teen and encouraged me in everything. And yes, my brother and I had our issues but in the end we always had each other's backs. We weren't as funny as The Goldbergs but every week it's like coming home when I watch this show.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Muscles Mirsky
Biggest Awww - Beverly is crazy but you have to feel for her here
Best Reaction - the Goldbergs to the first time they had Chinese food
Biggest Hollywood Lie - Zemekis is the killer of all kid dreams when he said hoverboards were real only to recant later
Best Bwah - the Chinese restaurant named a pork dish after Barry's rap persona
Biggest Head Spin - Barry starts talking about Stiles from Teen Wolf and I do a 180. I love Stiles from Teen Wolf. But then I remember he must be talking about the goofy movie and I am suddenly less impressed.
The "Poor Baby" Award - Adam's video is really super embarrassing
Best Nostalgia - crimper
Best Quotes -
1. Pops: "You want my advice, kiddo? Lie your a** off." Adam: "What? You're supposed to be my role model and moral compass." Pops: "We're talking about Muscles Mirsky here. She's a groovy dame and a hell of a best friend and we've got to do whatever it takes to save this friendship."
2. Adam: "No, I get it but you said it yourself. We're more than just friends. We're family and in my family we fight, scream, and make horrible mistakes that go way too far, but an hour later we're fine. That's what it means to be a Goldberg and like it or not, you're one of us."
3. Murray: "How could you ever think this family doesn't need you? I mean look at us. We're a mess. We'd be living under a rock if it wasn't for you." Beverly: "Well you've got a point there." Barry: "We appreciate what you do for us and Dad didn't even tell me to say that."

Red Band Society - 1.10 - What I Did for Love

This is likely to be the last time I review Red Band Society, mostly because it's the last time it is scheduled to air and I often miss random burn-offs on Saturdays or online. I have enjoyed this show but to be fair, it has had its bumps. When it focuses on the friendships between the kids and even more so, Nurse Jackson, Red Band Society has been phenomenal. When it focuses on love triangles and crushes, it has been dreadful. In the end, I'm not sure the PTB knew what to make of it and it often felt torn between two different identities. In a way, it was almost like the teens it focused on. It could be filled with surprising depth or more shallow than a Kara smile. One thing never changed though, Nurse Jackson was one of the best new characters this season and I will really miss her. Goodbye, Red Band Society. May your treatments go well and may you all find your medical happily ever after.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - everyone (except Emma) is making progress from Hunter's liver, Jordi's smaller tumors, Kara finding her heart, Leo finding motivation, Dash finding his leadership, and Charlie giving a thumbs up
Other Best Reason to Watch - it's the last episode unless some are burned off on a Saturday or put online
Best Character Interaction - Kara and Leo, surprisingly
Best Character - Dash, like usual
Best Reactions - Kenji to ALL the shenanigans
Most Awkward - Dr. Naday trying to ask Nurse Jackson out
Best Speech - Kara to Leo / Hunter to Dash
The "I Feel Bad for Everyone" Award - I once dated someone whose sister was anorexic and it effected everyone so I feel bad for Emma's whole family. I'm not sure I would know the best thing to do either.
Biggest Congrats - Hunter is getting a new liver
The "Welcome Back" Award - Marin Hinkle, most famous for 2.5 Men but also Madam Secretary
Biggest Douche - Kara, who strands her minion at the hospital after she brings Kara her car / McAndrew, who takes his frustration out on Brittany
Most interesting Reason to Become a Drug Dealer - Jordi needs money to become emancipated so that he can have surgery to remove cancer
Best Quotes-
1. Kara: "Just kick the ball, dude." Leo: "Thanks but no thanks." Kara: "I will take your Transformer leg and bash it into your patchy skull. Now kick the damn ball." Leo: "Have you ever considered being a motivational speaker? It could be your calling….okay, move."
2. Kenji: "I haven't seen you wear lip gloss since Madonna was relevant."
3. Kenji: "You know as well as I do, office romances never work." Brittany: "But…" Kenji: "Pam and Jim are fake. Fake."

Stalker - 1.10 - A Cry for Help

This is the first time that the serial elements of Stalker far outweighed the procedural. Don't get me wrong. The idea of a victim stalking her rapist and those that let it happen and as such getting her power back was compelling. It also provided the best action sequence in the show so far. I saw shades of Nikita in Beth and that's a good thing. Still, it was Beth's vulnerability and turning to Janice for help that marked the most character growth so far. I like that Beth is not alone in this anymore and hopefully they can build a case against Perry quickly. It also shed light on what exactly happened to Beth. It's hard to imagine finding strength to continue after a stalker murdered your entire family. Beth is definitely the most complicated woman on TV that I am watching currently. The scene between Perry and her was also the most intense. Overall, Stalker has been progressing nicely. It started out with a lot of schlock horror moves, and it still has them, but it has deepened into a sometimes frightening look into the mind of the obsessive. It's like Criminal Minds in that way, except generally less gruesome. Both are shows I have to watch with the lights on though.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the stalker was sympathetic and a serial rapist is put away
Best Scene - Perry confronts Beth
Best Awww Scene - Beth tells Janice that she needs help and Janice says she's got it
Biggest Twist - Beth's whole family was killed by her stalker
Biggest Moron - Perry, for tipping his hand about obsessing over Beth
Best Action - Beth vs. Cori
Most Cathartic - Cori gets the upper hand with her rapist
Most Stealthy - again all stalkers appear to be trained by the CIA
Best Reason to Get Revenge / Least Sympathetic - all of these people were involved in her rape
Worst Part of Being a Friend - Beth has to break the bad news to Tracy that her new beau is Beth's stalker
The "I Don't Get It" Award - How does someone love a rapist? How do you watch someone rape 2 people and still want to be with them?
Best Quotes -
1. Janice: "What is it?" Beth: "I messed up. I need your help." Janice: "You got it."
2. Jack: "Why the long face?" Ben: "This case bugs." Janice: "I'll second that." Ben: "The victims were guilty; the stalker was a victim. I don't like it when it's gray. It keeps me up at night. I end up watching reality TV, eat too much. It gets ugly."

White Collar - 6.04 - All's Fair

This was a totally bizarre episode given that there are only 3 more episodes. It was pure filler and that's not a good plan for such a short season. However I adore Mozzie and one of my favorite sides of Neal is when he is protecting his best friend, so I am all good with this. In fact, I am inspired to watch all those episodes in which Protective Neal watches over Mozzie. But I digress. This episode took a huge twist and threw it right at the beginning. Mozzie has a wife! Say what? Neal is shocked too but learns the two out conned each other while Neal was in prison and Mozzie was vulnerable. Mostly though, this episode is about Mozzie realizing that no matter how many times he says he's an island, he really does depend on the people in his life. He's not who he was 5 years prior, even though he keeps telling Neal that no one changes. Before he really was alone, but now he has Neal, El, and even Peter. They are a team and that team saves his freedom when they realize that Eva is conning Mozzie again to take the fall for her recent crime. To be honest, I figured we would not get a Mozzie-centric episode in such a short season and unless it ties into the finale, we probably didn't need one. Still, to paraphrase Eva, doesn't mean I'm not happy to have one. Actually what I really wish is that USA Network gave us one more episode so I don't have to feel guilty about my extra Mozzie time.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Neal trying to protect Mozzie
Biggest Twist - Mozzie has a wife
Best Moment - both Mozzie and Peter go for the plates when El asks for them
Best Continuity - Mozzie's taxi
Best Flirt - Mozzie and Eva exchange pickpocketing when they first meet again
Most Startling - Jack assaults Mozzie
The "Welcome Back" Award - Megan Dodds, who played Marguerite in Ever After
Most Smooth - Peter and Neal grab Mozzie by the arm as he heads toward his wife and march him to the stairwell
Most Like a Kindergartener - Mozzie makes as much out of his boo boo as my kindergarteners when they have a slightly red hangnail
Least Convincing - Moz when he tells Peter he'll stay out of it. For a con artist, Mozzie doesn't lie well.
The "Poor Baby" Award - Mozzie is feeling ill used by everyone this episode from his best friend to his ex
Best Reaction - Neal (and me) to Mozzie saying he has a wife
Best Double Talk - Neal and Mozzie when meeting Jack Conroy
Most Incongruous - Mozzie rides in on a kid's scooter in a suit
Most Uncomfortable Stakeout - Peter, Neal, and Mozzie all in a car together for a protracted time. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.
Most Fun Conspiracy Theory - Mozzie clearly believes Paul McCartney died a long time ago
Most Absurd / Biggest Laugh - Mozzie lifts Jack's leg in public to check for scars
Best Quotes -
1. Neal: "Mozzie claims he was beaten." Peter: "Mozzie also claims the government uses fluoride to control my mind."
2. Moz: "Five years ago there would be no Neal, no Suit for that matter. By myself, I would have walked right into your trap." Eva: "You're not working alone. Uh, I didn’t see that coming." Moz: "Five years ago I wouldn’t either."
3. Neal: "I know this doesn't end with and they lived happily ever after." Moz: "No, our fairytale ending was more in the traditional German oeuvre." Neal: "Oh tragedy, betrayal, diminutive man lead astray by a cunning vixen."

Elementary - 3.06 - Terra Pericolosa

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - Kitty again. I don't believe it either.
Biggest Twist - Sherlock's attitude toward Kitty is very sweet if misguided. I thought Watson brought out his humanity, but Kitty seems to be doing so twice fold and I am very okay with that.
Best Plausible Premise for Getting Watson Back Full Time - I can see Watson trying to help a rape survivor by offering to take some of the load off of her
Smartest Person in the Room - Kitty wisely decides to sidestep the Watson-Sherlock argument and shows herself to be the smartest person of the night
Best Use of Low Tech - I am a total fan of the overhead projector
The "Gibbs Slap to All" Award - Both Sherlock and Watson get a big virtual Gibbs slap for trying to control Kitty in their own ways instead of letting her make her own choices. She's NOT your kid.
Biggest Surprise - maps are worth a whole lot of money
Best Snark - Joan, who mocks Sherlock's arrogance and makes me laugh
Best Legal Blackmail - Bell, who trades a guy's shame for trying to hook up with someone online into a vital clue about the homicide
Most Irksome - Sherlock keeps making Watson break into the brownstone and then critiques her skills
Best Quotes -
1. Sherlock: "In fact, all of history can be viewed from the lens of who stole whose maps. Each discovery, every war, the rise and fall of empires all turned on cartographic espionage. It is this intrigue that creates their allure which fuels the collectors' frenzy."
2. Sherlock: "You are currently speaking with Amber1776. I'm an obsequious American history major who's been fawning over his collection. I enjoy water sports and people who don't suck." Watson: "You are a honey trap." Sherlock: "I'm a patriot."
3. Sherlock: "Get your own protégé, Watson."

Grimm - 4.07 - The Grimm who Stole Christmas

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - most sadly it is Trubel's last episode at least for awhile
Best Scene - Juliette and Rosalee save the Christmas train
Best Speech - Trubel thanks Nick for all he's done for her
Worst Decision (like maybe in the history of all TV that doesn't involve Jeremy Carver) - Trubel leaves and I might just cry. She saved Grimm last season and along with HexenMom, kept it afloat this season so far.
The "Tis the Season…" Award - …to be grossed out. Grimm continues its tradition of making Christmas dark and gruesome.
Most Fun - one of the troll kids roof sleds
Best Moment - Trubel totally Gibbs slaps Josh
Least Believable - in a world of Wesen and Evil Santa, the strangest thing here is a whole truck devoted to fruitcake
The "Oh Poor Baby" Award - Josh is spending his first Christmas away from the city he grew up. Even as an adult that gets to you.
Worst Passing of the Torch - Nick gives his mentor role over to Trubel. Say it isn't so. Nick as mentor was one of my favorite roles for him.
Biggest Hmm - those were some very non-Greek looking Greek children in that choir
Most Romantic - Monroe delivers a belated honeymoon invitation to Rosalee via Christmas train
Best Save by a Non-Grimm - Josh, who beats a Wesen in the head with a rock before he can attack Trubel
Best Return - Bud, who is always welcome
Most Likely to End up in a Sendak Story - these Indole Gentile kids look a lot like Where the Wild Things Are to me
The "Wow, She Really Does Have a Job" Award - Juliette is apparently still vet - one who works maybe 2 hours a week though. Must be nice.
Best Quotes -
1. Monroe: "Wow, so there's actually a reason for fruitcake."
2. Nick: "I wish there was something more I could give you." Trubel: "Nick, you gave me my life."

About the Author - Dahne
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