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House of Lies - Episode 4.03 - 4.06 - Press Releases

“Entropy is contagious” – Episode #403

Written by: Matthew Carnahan

Directed by: Daisy von Scherler Mayer

Guest stars: Valorie Curry, Alice Hunter, Meghan McCain, Mary McCormack, Jenny Slate, Larenz Tate

Marty (DON CHEADLE) and Jeannie (KRISTEN BELL) pitch opposing strategies to a Seattle-based skin care company. Doug (JOSH LAWSON), fed up with Sarah’s (JENNY SLATE) antics, passive-aggressively puts his foot down. Clyde (BEN SCHWARTZ) begins discussing a business idea with an unlikely partner.

"We can always just overwhelm the vagus nerve with another sensation" – Episode #404

Written by: David Walpert

Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr.

Guest stars: Valorie Curry, Brian Howe, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Demetri Martin, Alicia Witt

When the Gage presentation falls apart, Marty (DON CHEADLE) comes up with a last-ditch plan that includes orchestrating a move that a volatile Ellis (DEMETRI MARTIN) doesn’t want. Jeannie (KRISTEN BELL) has a less-than-encouraging meeting with a headhunter regarding her prospects in the job market. Doug (JOSH LAWSON) petitions to join Clyde (BEN SCHWARTZ) and Kelsey’s (VALORIE CURRY) new business venture.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule” – Episode #405

Written by: Wesley S. Nickerson III

Directed by: Don Cheadle

Guest stars: Ray Baker, Valorie Curry, Demetri Martin, Mary McCormack, Alicia Witt

When the partnership between Ellis (DEMETRI MARTIN) and Maya (ALICIA WITT) reaches a boiling point, Marty (DON CHEADLE) devises a plan that Jeannie (KRISTEN BELL) opposes. Clyde (BEN SCHWARTZ) develops feelings for Kelsey (VALORIE CURRY) as they seek investors for their start-up.

“Trust me, I’m getting plenty of erections” – Episode #406

Written by: Jessika Borsiczky

Directed by: John Dahl

Guest stars: Valorie Curry, Alice Hunter, Artemis Pebdani, Herbert Russell, Larenz Tate

When the new partnership with Ellis (DEMETRI MARTIN) reaches a boiling point, Marty (DON CHEADLE) and the Pod hatch a new plan with Gage Motors, intent on hitting an even bigger payday. Jeannie (KRISTEN BELL) seriously considers an attractive job offer. Roscoe (DONIS LEONARD JR.) cuts school to party with his new friends.