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Hawaii Five-0 - Ka Hana Malu - Review: "Aunt Deb is Back!"

We're back with a case of the week, on Hawaii Five-0, I think I speak for everyone when I say that that 100th episode was absolutely spectacular. But we are back to basics, and this week we are involved in a murder scandal, and guess what? Aunt Deb is back!


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I have to admit, it was hard to get back to normal after a great last episode, none the less it was another greatly executed episode. The plot focuses on the murder of two parents, but the investigation is solely focused on the children, I have to admit I was surprised at the outcome at the end.

Also, the subplot this week was rather enjoyable, I enjoyed seeing Aunt Deb back, and dropping the wedding bomb was classic Five-0 style. We also got the closure fans have been wanting regarding Catherine, but more on that later.

The case of the week, was very solid, a lot of twists and turns along the way. However, somehow I really wanted it to be the lawyer, I really didn't like the look of him. I also found the affair quite an interesting arc. But I honestly thought this episode was all about who would get the money, turn out no one did.

Something that did bug me a bit, was the fact that somehow the children would be happy if their mother is dead? Surely a professional hit wasn't the only option, none the less I was very surprised that the mother ordered a hit on her and the husband, very unexpected. Another very emotional scene that Hawaii Five-0 is known for, was produced, the end scene when Steve and Danny tell the children about what their mother did. Very emotional, and an extremely great scene.

The subplot with Aunt Deb was also very good this week, but honestly,  I felt that the wedding could have been left to another episode. But none the less it was great to see Aunt Deb again, and the fact that she is getting married is great. I think Steve is just worried about Leonard, and his past. I think that Leonard's past is a little bit shaky, and may come back to haunt Deb at some point.

Also, this week probably my favorite part of the episode was the closure fans have been wanting
regarding Catherine. Now we all knew heading into season 5, that Michelle Borth would not be returning to the show, which left the show in a weird position, the story could not be wrapped up entirely. But I'm glad that the writers were able to incorporate some dialogue and flashbacks into the wrapping up of the Catherine/Steve arc.

But something I'm wanting from this season is a real, long term relationship with Steve. Ellie is there, but I don't think that she's right for Steve. I honestly think that he needs someone outside of law enforcement or the military. I hope the writers give us something regarding Steve's love life this season.

The episode closed with a traditional Hawaiian wedding. This was another great scene in the episode, and I'm glad that Deb and Leonard were successfully married. But I had to laugh at nearly everyone in the wedding being connected to Five-0 in some way. Oh, and everyone looked quite nice in suits!


Steve: "That trouble is trouble I did not go looking for, that trouble was dropped at my door."
Danny: "Technically. No, not technically, specifically, this trouble exists only because you went looking for trouble by thinking that Leonard was a bad guy and looking into him."

Leonard: "As soon as Deb told me what her nephew did, I knew we would have a problem."

Aunt Deb: "Honey, I know you are worried about me, but I can take care of myself. I know from disappointment."

Steve: "She said I should't wait for, that she has found her place."



This episode was great, I really enjoyed it, I especially loved the scenes it produced this week. That along with some great plots, as well as an enjoyable case of the week produced a great episode for me. I don't think we've seen the last of Leonard, so I'm keeping an open mind with that, also I'm glad that the Catherine arc was wrapped up and we finally have some closure.

Rating: B

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad that we now have closure with Catherine? What are your thoughts on Leonard! Fire away down below. The next episode of Hawaii Five-0 airs Friday at 9/8c on CBS!

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