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Game of Thrones - Season 5 - Short Teaser Promo [LQ]

16 Dec 2014


  1. Just says an error occured for me. Daamn really wanted to watch this.

  2. Try now :) Should be fixed. Seems the original got deleted.

  3. Perfect thanks, I got chills watching that. I'm scared but so excited!

  4. Oh but when are they going to release a sneak or a teaser that is longer than 15 seconds? Yes,i'm getting grumpy,i want more!

  5. It did last year, so fingers crossed. The end of year promo was released this time last year (16th) so it should be coming any day now.

  6. Yep, I was hoping we would see it last Sunday after or before the Newsroom finale.
    Alas, no....

  7. Awesome! This is first of this teaser I have seen with the shots the standard video size! Thanks so much! I am MUCH more excited for mid season shows, than I have been all fall!!

  8. Oh, I hate when you go there and it says, "you've missed the vision!" Gah! But I'm glad spoiler TV has/posted a decant version of it anyways...Can't wait till we get a real trailer though!

  9. I did not realize you could only watch it once at first either
    It plays and if you blink... you missed the vision AAARGH!

    Yes it is like areal vision, but seeing as I do not have dragon visions or wierwood visions I expected to be able to play it over and over and forward and rewind dammit! XD

  10. HBO has a series premieres and the season premieres of Girls and Looking on Jan 11. I think we will get a GOT promo of some sort then. More than a tease I hope!

  11. Once the winter 2015 shows kick into gear, HBO will start rolling stuff out.

  12. Oh heck i thought it would have been around x-mas but Jan 11 isn't too far away.

  13. Last year we got one around the same time, maybe a week later I forget.

    I'm still hoping for the HBO year end video highlighting the upcoming year's shows will be out soon though. That has had new bits from GOT in the past. Just a few seconds here or there though, not a real promo exactly.

  14. Ya! I look forward too that video its always exciting!


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