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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 14th December 2014

16 Dec 2014

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  1. Major Crimes (on TNT) got 0.6 recently and it's renewed and it's succesful, so is The Librarians' (also on TNT) 0.8 still good?

  2. At least we got a second season to begin with! But I Agree it's a damn good funny series and it would be nice if it got a 3rd season

  3. With Kevin Reilly on board, he doesn't quite make decisions on ratings alone. He has cancelled Dallas, Franklin and Bash and Perception over Freshman dramas that didn't do as well, so there is clearly some personal bias on his part when making renewal decisions, far more than most networks. The same can be said about The Mindy Project, which was renewed early last year despite really poor ratings in the fall, and while the ratings have amazingly stabilized and even grown from then till now, I don't think Kevin Reilly has such foresight to renew it so early in anticipation that the show will be flat in the ratings.

  4. Have no clue about ratings.. what is good what is bad... Just that i love The Librarians with Christian Kane and hope it is on for many more seasons!

  5. well New shows need more time to prove worth

  6. For TNT it is still good despite the drop from the premiere episode.

  7. Thanks! appreciate it!

  8. I wish that they could have put three episodes of the Librarians on the first night. Personally, I think that episode 3 was better than episodes 1 and 2. I know of some Leverage fans who decided that they weren't going to watch again after the first 2 episodes aired. I told them that episode 3 was a much better "Leverage" fit.

  9. yea your right they haven't been kind to anyone really this year


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