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Castle - Last Action Hero - Review:"One for the Laughs"

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This week, Castle gets to say goodbye to his childhood hero, and Beckett gets to say goodbye to her apartment.

It was entertaining, it was fun. “Last Action Hero” was an incredibly enjoyable episode of Castle, a lot better than last week, as the storyline shifted back to the leads, though mostly Castle. This season has really been shining on Nathan Fillion, not that I’m complaining.

This one was hilarious, an episode I’m sure I’ll want to rewatch when I’m feeling down. Pouty, fan-boying Castle has to be my favorite. It was established early on in the episode how much of a fan of the ‘Hard Kill’ franchise he is, wasting no time introducing the boys to the movie to which he got his "bro-time" growing up with a single mother. I’m sure a lot of people could recognise themselves in him (I know I could!) as he quoted the movie in real time.Any shows or movie you can quote in real time?

“She’s coming here? I had her poster on my wall for like... About a minute.” - Castle

Castle’s having the time of his life and I can’t tell enough how excited I get to see Castle excited, it’s all kinds of cute. Brought to the precinct by Beckett, is the victim’s wife, also an actress playing in the movie, one that young and present day Castle is be eager to meet. Though we didn't get to witness it. Begs one question, did he get his poster signed? He’s still as excited when they go to the movie set to interview Lance’s co-stars, in New York, why not? Brock, one of victim’s co-stars, upon learning how the victim was murdered, informs Beckett and Castle, it’s probably his CNI past that has come back to him. And Castle’s back to spinning wild, unfunded theories, to his wife’s amusement (I love writing this word!)

Tracking down the man the victim called moments before he died brings light on the victims past. He’s not CNI; he's a liar. Castle’s childhood hero was a goat herder, with no black ops training, and it crushes Castle to learn it, on a childlike level. It was nice change to see Beckett trying her hand at cheering up her big kid, before giving up with one of her famous eye rolls. I thought I’d get tired of the writers using Castle as the big kid, pouting, and crossing his arms when he’s not happy, but I didn’t, or at least not in this episode. Do you guys think they're over using the character trait? I loved the Beckett and Castle interaction, we were even blessed with a little Caskett mind melt about earology.* (Not urology, thank you very much.)

Because most murders involve seedy hotels, the victim was AWOL, living in one for the last week. It’s where Ryan and Esposito find weird stuff, that you just know is going to tie everything together later on. His almost ex-wife was following him. But even given the messy divorce, she’s not the murderer; it would be way too easy. Castle’s faith, and love, for the ex-goat-herder is restored when he sees the security footage of him fending off 4 assailants in an action movie type sequence that even has Beckett impressed.

The investigation brings Beckett and Castle to a club, owned by another member of the ‘Hard Kill’ cast, the villain from the movie. Beckett’s the one to put two and two together, links the equipment found in the hotel and the motive for murder, but she can’t get the model car without a warrant which she can’t get. Brock, upon learning about the faith of the investigation, has his own idea on how to save the day. He invites Castle, with him and the other Indestuctibles out for drinks. Castle’s reaction was once again, perfect. Seriously, watching this episode put me in such a good mood, a smile on my lips at every corner. Castle runs to Beckett to tell her the news, and she plays with him a little, but she’s not cruel, she wouldn’t really go between her husband and his boyhood fantasy. It was truly an "Awwwww" moment! And Beckett's "Awwww" was perfection.

Castle running out of the break room, and Castle running into the van was pure television gold.

“Son, we came straight for hell. Let’s go.” - Brock

The episode could probably stand on these 2 minutes alone. Okay, maybe not, but they were great. Absurd, but great, with Castle is starring in his own action movie. They aren’t going out for drinks; they are going to steal the car. Castle's the one to stop Brock from kicking down the door, checking if it’s unlocked, his 7 years of police trailing has done him good. Beckett would be proud-ish. The mission is a success, but he can’t tell Beckett how he got the car, so to make him pay, she listens to the recording alone. She’s good, and it’s the key to solving the murder.

Not that the episode needed a comedic relief but Ryan’s involvement in the episode was getting a catchphrase, with absurd phrases included "Ryan" popping up throughout the episode. I really love Ryan’s character.

My favorite Ryan catchphrase :
“My name's Ryan, and I hate lyin'.”

What’s yours?

Castle and Beckett are married, now, it’s only fitting she would officially move out of her apartment, and I’m glad we got to witness it, though I have to wonder why she kept it for so long. Beckett is sentimental about leaving “The Best Apartment Ever,” a sentiment Castle doesn’t share. I don’t think I got emotional over losing Beckett’s old apartment. (Athough, pretty! So pretty!) But I love that Beckett was, so I loved the ending nonetheless. The closing scene of the episode has Kate back at her now barren apartment, to say goodbye. After carving her initials, after leaving her mark, she closes the chapter of her old life, and it's on to new beginnings.

“To him, it’s just an apartment with creaking floors, but to you, this is where you rebuilt your life, where you solved your mother’s murder, where you fell in love.” - Lanie

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