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Atlantis - The Grey Sisters - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

No-one is blaming Jason for what has happened to Ariadne except for himself, he is willing to do anything to save the young Queen from the fate that awaits her. Thankfully, this means a quest is in order, which brings a welcome change of pace after the recent weeks of nonstop fights, battles, onslaughts and melees. After meeting with the titular ancient soothsayers, our heroes must seek Pasiphae and Medea’s secret lair in order to break their powerful spell.

There is a subtle theme running through the whole story that touches most of the characters. It’s a subject I am not generally too keen on watching in a drama - love - but it’s used effectively to motivate people in many different ways so that the plot works seamlessly. The mini-saga is wound up in a satisfactorily manner, yet a few intriguing strands are left to carry over once it comes back off hiatus next year.

Hercules ruminates on Medusa after hearing the lengths Orpheus is willing to go to find Eurydice, for example. Addy does well here, showing that he is more than the comic relief. Jemima Rooper is due to return in episode 8 and won’t be staying for too long. "You're going to see a short but hard burst of her this series," is what she told Digital Spy earlier this year. With Jason’s heart foretold to be turning black, and what we know of their destiny, I can see some dark days ahead for poor Hercules.

Jason’s path is a tad more complex. His love for Ariadne is obvious of course, but then there is his mother’s affection for him, which will be sorely tested this week. I doubt she will ever forgive being shot in the chest with an arrow by the one person he is now trying to save after all. Then there’s the comradery and allegiance of his friends which is something that he can always rely on. Lastly is the mysterious Medea, she and her aunt have a strong bond too as they are both touched by the gods and share many secrets.

Donnelly gives his strongest performance this week I feel; in particular his scenes with Sarah Parish are very touching. Shippers from both of Jason’s camps will find things to be happy about, which unfortunately means they will also both find things not quite going their way too. I know that sounds confusing, but regrettably, I can’t clarify that any further without teasing too far.

The Grey Sisters airs on Saturday 20th December at 7.55pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK, and at 9pm on BBC America. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“You’re exactly who I believe you to be”

“Stop it both of you, or I will bang your stupid, empty heads together!”

“They say it is cursed, a place of sorcery of the darkest kind”

“We will be together again even if I must journey to Hades”

“Ariadne’s father usurped the King, she has no more right to the throne than I”

“They’re sure to have guards posted, we’ll wait until nightfall”

“Just try not to do anything heroic...and by heroic, I mean stupid”

“I sense something in you, as you sense something in me”

“I want to see him, give me the eye”

“I’m so sorry about Eurydice, I know how it feels to lose your true love”

Trailer Teaser

“Stupid boy, it will never be over”

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