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Agents of SHIELD - Season 2 Midseason Finale - EP's Discuss Shocking Twists

Thanks to Justin for the heads up. I have added 4 Interviews with lots of interesting information.

In the comics, Daisy is not an Inhuman, but you guys hinted pretty heavily that this was an Inhuman story, right down to the mist. Was that all just a red herring or are you putting a twist on the comics?
JED WHEDON: We’ve created a different origin for her, partially because we want to introduce this new other world that we get another glimpse of at the very end of the episode. We merged those two ideas together also because there are such rabid fans out there that if we stick to original story points from the comics, they will smell story points from miles away. Those two factors led us to coming up with a different notion of how she got her powers.

What did you have to do to get clearances for Inhumans, especially since Marvel has the movie coming out?
WHEDON: We can’t really comment on what exactly they want to do or will do. It’s more of the idea that this is a large concept that we get to introduce. It’s the first time that we’re introducing something into the MCU first. So, we’re thrilled about that.
TANCHAROEN: We’re very excited to have the opportunity to start exploring that territory first. As with everything in the Marvel Universe, one affects the other. Everything is always connected. We’ve seen S.H.I.E.L.D., the organization, throughout all the films and now here we are with the series. It’s nice to be the ones to launch that property.

Skye has really taken center stage in the first half of the season. Will other characters come back into the forefront in the second half?
WHEDON: Everybody gets their moment. Yes, we’re answering a lot of those origin questions for Skye and a lot of her backstory, but we will get into getting some more meat for some of the other characters and answering some questions that have long been lingering about some of our favorite regulars.

What was the toughest part about getting this episode right?
Tancharoen: We're revealing a bunch of huge things in our mythology. It's something we've been building since the beginning of the show. We're very excited that we're finally revealing that Skye is Daisy Johnson. We're also excited that we are the first to sort of dive into this new territory in the Marvel universe.: That's first.

TVLINE | Was another of the tweaks you made to the origin of Skye’s mother? That doesn’t quite match up with Marvel lore, either.
TANCHAROEN | Yes, that’s an original take as well – but pulling from elements that exist.

TVLINE | Has Raina Agents of SHIELD Skye Inhumanbeen distinctly affected by the transformation as well?
WHEDON | She may have been changed. You glimpsed a little bit of what may have happened to her [at right], but in the very next episode we learn exactly what happened.
TANCHAROEN | We know that Raina and Skye have similarities. We seem them both go through the [Terrigen] mist…. Raina absolutely thinks they have a connection are and destined for the same thing. How Raina transforms, you will see in the back half of our season. We also get the reveal of her dad as Mister Hyde, or Cal. What does bringing him into the series give you guys?

Maurissa Tancharoen: As we always do, we pulled from what exists in the Marvel Universe and put our own spin on it. We had always had our eyes on Daisy Johnson, and therefore her father and her whole history. We sort of planted that throughout the first season and a half. You knew the story of her parents and the havoc they caused, the massacre in the Hunan province in China. We lay in things like that, and over time you put the pieces together. But of course Daisy’s powers aren’t really activated until that moment you see in the Winter Finale.

Jed Whedon: There are parts of it that move away from the story in the comics, but partially that’s because we’d invented our own way [of getting there]. We also wanted it to be a surprise to the people who are familiar with the comics, but [it’s] also because we’re tying it to a larger world. [It’s] not just her origin story, it’s the origin story of a bigger, other world.