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About a Boy - Episode 2.06 - About a Balcony - Review

Fiona is hot for teacher! Sorry guys, I mean, it was right there…I think I was contractually obligated to grab that one. Fiona’s having quite an autumn in the romance department, considering she basically excused herself from the dating game after Marcus’ dad. So far this season she shared some sweets (and saliva) with the cute Sherlock Holmes at Will-o-Ween, and now she’s exchanging Shakespearean insults and lip locking with Mr. Chris. (Who has a beautiful timbre to his voice, by the way. So much so, that it made me want to use the word “timbre.”)

I’ve mentioned this in a recent review, but I would like to reiterate how nice it is to see Fiona acting like an adult. Or more specifically, getting out and socializing in the adult world. She doesn’t have any standard confidantes on the show, but Dakota works as a pretty good ad hoc girlfriend when the story calls for one. Why is it that the best girlfriend is always desperate for sex, though? What’s up with that sitcom world? I’ll forgive Dakota’s sex withdrawal for the fantastic moment when she asks Fiona whether she gets Mr. Chris since their “date” wasn’t really a date at all. It seems like Fiona works best as a character when she’s not with Marcus, or at least not just with Marcus. That’s probably just a reflection of her role as a parent though -- I’m sure all parents are crazier when it comes to their children than they are when they’re released into society.

I have to admit I was definitely cheering for Fiona when instead of trying to interpret signals and getting all kinds of confused, she just goes to talk to Mr. Chris and sorts out the matter. And by “sorts out the matter,” what I mean of course is “makes out with him.” The look on Fiona’s face when he leans in to kiss her? Priceless. 50 points to Minnie Driver for fantastic work in this episode.

Regarding the class play -- WOW. What a production! I’m all for TV magic, but the time frame from rehearsals to opening/closing night, as well as the set pieces (!) was a little bit ridiculous. No one sees the balcony until the MIDDLE OF THE SHOW? And then the kids quit? So two adults do the scene instead? I will award some points to the ridiculousness of three adults in a middle school class play, continuing a completely improvised scene in attempted Shakespearean English, while the set literally fell apart around them. I may not enjoy how it came to be, but the end result was certainly amusing. Also, apparently Marcus has gotten to the point in his life where he recognizes that performing a love scene with his mom in front of his school will probably not make his life any easier. Which is a good thing to understand.

Will's up to his same-old stuff, spending his rapidly depleting funds on props for a Three Stooges marathon with Marcus.  His do-nothing "cool neighbor" vibe is not looking as impressive, however, when compared with Marcus' new teacher, Mr. Chris.  Mr. Chris' many accomplishments prove threatening to Will's relationship with Marcus, and the stay-at-home spender is concerned of losing his little buddy to a different "mentor."

Shea, the quiet rebel with a background in Freudian psychology and a propensity for postmodern vandalism, helps oft-clueless Marcus to realize that the two male role models in his life are fighting over him. And yes, I did just cringe a little calling Will a role model. Just as Will recognized the importance of making time for Marcus last year, when he noticed how much his young neighbor had imprinted on him, Marcus makes sure to spend some time with his lonely millionaire uncle-figure. Their Stooge-esque routine does nothing for Fiona who watches it through the dumbwaiter. Apparently her style is a bit more Bard than breakaway bottles.

There’s so much story set up for the next episodes, guys! Now Marcus understands the battle of the father figures, but what’s going to happen when he finds out about Mr. Chris and his mom? Are they going to date, and if so, is it going to be a gleeful occasion for Marcus, or school wide humiliation? If they do date, how’s Will going to take it that Mr. Chris will be in even more of a “father figure” position for Marcus? What are your thoughts? Let me know below! Because seriously, I’m quite busy pondering right now.

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