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Z Nation - Die Zombie Die...Again - Review: "Coming to Terms with the Past" + 1.10 Going Nuclear - Promo

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Z Nation - Die Zombie Die...Again - Review

It's another week, and yet again the episode takes place within someone's mind. Last week we had Citizen Z hallucinating his experience with Yuri. This week we had the same dream that kept repeating over and over, where Mack would have to find a distraught Addy who had gone from their campsite. I have to admit, I actually didn't know that where they were staying (the tent) wasn't real at the time. It seemed so real. Obviously what followed when they were dreaming wasn't real, but I wasn't expecting the whole thing to be in their minds. We do later find out that Addy has been placing Mack in the dream instead of herself; we find this out when they both finally wake up by the river. Anastatisa Baranov delivers a good emotional response to the situation when she comes out of her dream state and finally comes to terms with what happened in her past.

It was an interesting premise, but the constant repetitiveness of it was growing tiring quickly. I realize that was their intentions to replay the same dream over, and over until Addy came to terms that it was her who killed her zombie mother, but they could have changed it around a bit more. The main purpose of the dream was for Mack to get beyond the door in which the zombie was guarding. Once he did that, it unlocked a memory about Addy's past. Once Mack goes beyond the door into the basement we see what Addy's flashbacks were about, and where the necklace she holds onto came from. I was very pleased that they finally answered what her flashback meant, as I have been wondering for weeks now. The encounters with the giant zombie were fun at times, but I found myself skipping parts of the episode, as I didn't care to watch the same thing half a dozen times over. What would've been a good idea is to have Addy and Mack know that they are in a dream state. They could off had a lot of fun doing that, it would've been much more interesting seeing them knowing their in a dream where they could have messed around with the zombie, or there could have been some humorous dialogue between them. Instead, we got treated to a poorly executed episode, with 30 minutes spent watching the same events occur.

The only thing that I can take away from the episode as being good was the opening scene when they were on the bike remembering some recent events in their life's. It was a fitting song to bring us into the episode. I like that the show is using flashbacks at the appropriate time, and that they are using them frequently. I liked when they used it with Warren and Garnett as well as these two.
Unfortunately, there was nothing else that happened during the 40 minute episode. I really hope next week the group can reunite and it can get back to being an enjoyable show, with different disasters happening each episode. I do understand why they included the last two episodes, as I imagine we will get to the CDC in the finale, so they need episodes like this so that they don't get to California before the end of the season. (As they are very close). No promo has been shown so we don't know what is in store next week; I just hope it gets back to its roots. This is an episode, that I want to forget about.

A 40 minute episode lacking content. The constant repetition of the events that were occurring in the dream state grew tiring quickly. It was a failed attempt at a Groundhog Day premise as it never really went beyond the main concept of repetition. Where if it did, the episode would have been a lot better.

Z Nation - Episode 1.10 - Promo (Thanks to Justin009) I personally wont be watching the promo myself, as I want to be surprised next episode.

As always , thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode!
About the Author - Robert Fruin
Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, who is currently studying IT, Media and Business Studies. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST, he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game Of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other shows he watches are The Walking Dead, Arrow and The 100. Some other interests include cycling, photography and kayaking. Robert will be reviewing Z Nation,The Librarians, Sons Of Anarchy, Intruders, The Fosters and Aquarius. Feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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