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The Walking Dead - Self Help - Advance Preview

   After the first three episodes, which mainly focused on tying loose ends of last season, The Walking Dead really kicked off its 5th season last week with “Slabtown”. And it will continue with "Self Help”, airing next Monday on FOX UK and this Sunday on AMC.
   Beth’s story was great. I really appreciated her development, how much she has evolved since her introduction back in season 2. There is still the little girl from the farm part in her but now, she can be a badass too. We desperately needed such an episode to understand her character better.
   Just like we desperately needed an Abraham centric episode, and that’s what we are getting this Sunday. I’ve never been a big fan of Abraham but actually, we don’t really know the guy. He only speaks about his mission : get Eugene to DC and save the world. It's kinda of an obsession.

   "Self Help” will be focused on the group who took off the church. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I watched Glenn and Maggie leaving with Abraham’s crew (and Tara). I didn’t understand Glenn’s reaction, IMO it was a bad decision. Especially after the prison’s attack, he knows it’s safer to stay together. I get Abraham is not easy to convince, he’s obsessed with his mission but still, they could have worked out something else than taking the bus to go to DC.
   But, of course, the separation of the survivors is a great tool to tell stories. Actually, one of the major problem of the first three seasons was having the group, all reunited in a same place. Sometimes it felt like the story was stuck, as its characters. A certain dynamic was missing, a dynamic that now is a big part of the show, thanks to Gimple’s work. Having the survivors scattered into small group led to so much character developments. Season 4B and season 5A, for now, are truly amazing. And “Self Help’ is another great episode, so here’s a list of what you can expect from it :

- Eugene will finally develop more about his work and what he can do to cure this zombie virus. I’m always very interested in that storyline. Those people deserve some hope for their future.
- Flashbacks ! Season 5 opened up on a flashback scene, which helped us understand better those crazy termites people. In “Self Help”, we will see Abraham’s flashbacks and they will be quite informative and also surprising. I can understand him better now, doesn’t mean I like him better. At least, now, his obsession about the cure is clearer.
- Another terrific introducing scene. Once again, something big will happen right before the main titles. I always love those moments.
- People will finally question Eugene about his hair. It’s a bold choice to wear a mullet. And actually, one of the survivors has a very interesting theory about it.
- A terrible smell. It’s hard to describe it on TV, but we will get a look of what’s causing it. You better not be eating watching that scene.
- Mentions of Daryl and Carol. They’re not forgotten !
- One character will have a very weird and disturbing reaction after eliminating a walker. I didn’t understand why he did it.
- Sex scenes ! It doesn’t happen much on The Walking Dead, but in “Self Help”, two couples will share a very intimate moment, both not in such an intimate place.
- One character will be injured after a fight against walkers. It better not end up like Bob !
- There will be two great and epic killing walkers scenes. In one of them, the survivors will use something new to get rid of those zombies. It will prove to be very effective, maybe even more than the fire and explosion of the season premiere.
- One of the survivors will have (human) blood on his hands by the end of the episode.

And finally the quotes game, guess from which character those quotes are :

1-"Welcome to human race, asshole"
2-"We almost died today"
3- "I'm screwed either way"
4-"I feel guilty"
5- “You’re not the person people think you are”
6- “You're safe now, I stopped them"
7-"Help ! Help me ! Help me please !"
8-"Are you thinking about them ?"
9- "Maybe we can find some bikes"
10-“I think we should stay here today”

   Don’t miss “Self Help” next Monday on FOX UK, and this Sunday on AMC. Are you excited about this episode ? Hit the comments !

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