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The Walking Dead - Crossed - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead’s fantastic season 5A is coming to an end in two weeks ! “Crossed”, airing next Monday on FOX UK, and this Sunday on AMC, is the last episode before the winter finale ! Oh God how time flies. So, as the winter finale is expected to be epic, “Crossed” is clearly a set up for it. It doesn’t mean it’s a filler, or a boring and slow episode. On the contrary, it's a very exciting and action packed episode.

   One of Gimple’s best ideas as a showrunner has been to have episodes focusing only on a small group of survivors, two or three of them. It has led to extraordinary episodes, in which all the characters have grown and evolved. It’s one of the main reason Season 4B and 5A are so great and really has put The Walking Dead on a new level, making it me, for me, the best show on air right now.
   But Gimple’ strength is also his ability to have amazing group episodes (such as “No Sanctuary” or “Strangers” this season), creating a real group atmosphere, focusing on the different relationships and interactions between all the survivors. “Crossed” is actually an excellent mix of both. We will follow 5 different groups of survivors during the hour, in different locations but everything will be happening at the same time.

   As seen in the promo, Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Tyreese and Noah will go to Atlanta, leaving Michonne, Carl and Baby Judith in charge of Father Gabriel in the church. We will also see more of Beth and Carol in the hospital, and finally we will see the afterwards of Eugene’s revelation to Abraham, Rosita, Tara, Maggie and Glenn. I won’t tell you much, but their group will split up to get more supplies.
   And here’s a lit of what you can also expect from “Crossed” :

- Rick and his group will elaborate a plan to rescue Carol and Beth from the hospital. There will two different ideas but they won't waste much time deciding. Anyways, as usual, nothing goes according to plan.
- We will find out how Rosita met up with Abraham and Eugene. It’ll be short but still interesting. I hope they’ll do a flashback episode on them and their former group.
- A special item a walker is wearing will stop one of the survivor from killing it
- Someone will remind Rick he used to be a cop.
- Bob will be mentioned again in "Crossed". Tyreese has been through losing the one he loved, so he’ll try to help Sasha with her grief. I’m starting to be very fond of their brother and sister relationship now.
- Daryl will surprise you in “Crossed”. First, he will be awesome in one scene, killing a walker with an unlikely weapon. It will be so gruesome and cool. Also, Daryl's attitude will surprise you. He won't be as angry as I expected him to be. He will be actually quite thoughtful. I guess it’s better this way, he's making sure to get Carol and Beth back safe.
- Sasha will prove once again she’s an excellent shoot.
- As seen in the sneak peek, Dawn will turn off the machines on Carol. It doesn't sound very good for Carol. So, Beth has a new mission in the hospital : save Carol
- Rick and Michonne will have a nice talk in "Crossed".
- We will see the most disgusting walkers ever. Seriously, they’re really awful with their skin and all… Eww.
- The survivors will turn the church into a walker proof church. Of course, Father Gabriel will have difficulties accepting it at first. They already killed people in his church, it’s a lot to process for him. He’s not that tough.
- Two survivors will have stupid reactions. One will act out of fear, and the other will do it out of sympathy. Damn, they haven't learnt their lessons as survivors.
- Some of the survivors will go fishing ! They sure need to eat; and it'll show how resourceful they can be.
- Tara will find something she will love instantly. Honestly, I'm not as excited as her about it.
- Carol and Eugene were both left unconscious the last time we saw them. Well, in “Crossed”, they are still unconscious for most the episode, but one of them is waking up by the end of the episode.
- One of group will use a code name : greatm.
- Maggie will also surprise you in “Crossed”. I’ve been complaining about her character this season, but this week, damn, she is a hard ass ! I’m sure we will all be pleased by what she will do and what she will say in her scenes.

   "Crossed" is another excellent episode of The Walking Dead. I’ve been missing watching all the characters in the same episode this season, so “Crossed” has really satisfied me. All the characters are put in very interesting and challenging places. It’s an excellent set up for an explosive winter finale.

 And finally the quotes game. Guess from which character those quotes are :
1-  “You let me help you”
2- “Sit down or I will put you down” 
3- “Thinking about getting it tattooed on my ankle”
4- ” You’re not the only who lost something today”
5- “Guys, you will never believe what’s in this bag ”
6- “The things that we do, they’re worth it”
7- “Don't... I'm sorry. Please don’t.”
8- “I get it, it might work. But this WILL work”
9- “You thought you were weak, you proved me wrong”
10- “Why are you doing this ?”

   Are you thrilled about “Crossed” ? Don’t miss it this Monday on FOX UK and this Sunday n AMC.

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