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The Walking Dead - Consumed - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead is continuing its mind blowing 5th season with an all new (and amazing) episode, titled “Consumed”, airing next Monday on FOX UK and this Sunday on AMC.
   We will finally see what happened to Carol and Daryl since they left the church, chasing the white-crossed car and how Carol ended up at the hospital with Beth. So yes, it’s a very exciting episode, I don't see how you could be disappointed by it.

   First, I must admit, Carol and Daryl’s relationship has always been one of my favorite in The Walking Dead. Pairing those two characters was a great idea. They have a unique friendship in the show. Carol and Daryl have learnt so much from themselves and from each other over the past seasons, it really made both of their characters stronger.
   Being friends made Carol and Daryl grow, and even, I think, it made them better people. At first, they were both very lonely people, withdrawn from the others. They had both being abused by a man in their past, so it made their behavior more understandable and it has also brought them closer. Now, they genuinely care and trust each other. It’s very touching, and Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus' chemistry on screen is totally making it real.

  After the event of the prison, Carol murdering Karen and David, to stop the infection in the prison, Daryl and her never had a real chance to talk. So, we desperately needed an episode where they could spend some time just the two of them. And thankfully, it's exactly what "Consumed" is about.
   Daryl and Carol are on a mission to rescue Beth, but it will take time. So, even if they're not the most talkative people, (but their silences are often very meaningful actually), Daryl and Carol will have at least three great talks. They will discuss what Carol did at the prison, why she did it and how she can recover from it and try to get back into the group. But that won't be all, of course, here’s a list of what you can expect from “Consumed” :

- The city is back ! Daryl and Carol are heading back to Atlanta, to find Beth. Atlanta has really changed since we last saw it. As expected, things didn’t get better there. The city is very dangerous, the walkers are everywhere there. It really gives more reality to what the world has become.
- There will be more flashbacks. I wasn’t expecting them, so it was a big surprise (especially the first one.) They’re really great and very informative, even if sometimes when they’re very short (just like last week in “Self Help”). The Walking Dead has really found a remarkable way to insert those flashbacks and make them relevant.
- Carol and Daryl will find a good shelter in the city. It's actually a place where one of them has already been in his/her past.
- Walkers can fall from the sky, in a way... You will see
- There will be two car accidents ! One of them is quite obvious, still very shocking to watch but the second one will be more surprising and quite impressive.
- Lots of fire, I counted at least 5 (it’s titled “Consumed” after all). As shown in one sneak peek, Daryl and Carol will burn dead bodies. That cremation will be highly symbolic. But, there will more fires, used in different ways, during the whole episode.
- It'll turn out Daryl and Carol don't share the same taste in art. It's not that surprising, but watching them talking about art definitely is.
- The first scene of the episode is really amazing. There is only one line spoken, with a wonderful song played.
- Sofia, Mika and Lizzie will be mentioned in different ways during “Consumed”.
- Despite being excellent survivors, Carol and Daryl will make one major (and stupid) mistake, which will result in injuring one of them. What the hell were they thinking ?!
- Three other characters will be seen, aside from Carol and Daryl. And they're all male.
- We will find campers walkers in the least expected place. It's already strange to camp in a city, even during a zombie apocalypse. Some of the walkers will be very funny and ridiculous.
- Daryl and Carol will be confronted to many of the dangers of the city, and particularly one of them : theft. Someone will steal Daryl's crossbow.
- One of the great talk between Carol and Daryl will be about who they were, the kind of people they used to be and what they have become since the Zombie Apocalypse, who they are now. It’s definitely one of my favorite scene ever on The Walking Dead. The writing is excellent, and Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are stunning.
- There will be some fun and unusual walkers deaths. With Carol and Daryl in a car, you can expect anything I guess.
- Carol and Daryl are quite close but it doesn’t mean they always share the same point of view. They will disagree on what to do in a specific situation. It will be a nice echo to something that happened before. But even if they have different views, they always listen to one another. That’s what so great about them, and that’s how they grow stronger.
- Carol and Daryl will share a bed together… But don’t get too excited, they’re still dressed and on their side of the bed.
- As I’m a fan of her, so it’s hard to be objective I admit, but “Consumed” is really one of Melissa McBride’s finest work on The Walking Dead. She is breathtaking during the whole episode.

   “Consumed” is another extraordinary episode in this amazing season 5 of The Walking Dead. The show is perfect now, Gimple has corrected all the past flaws and he has given a new dynamic to it.
   I can’t believe the countdown before the winter finale has already started, there’s only three episodes left this year !
   Don’t miss “Consumed” next Monday on FOX UK, and this Sunday on AMC !

   And finally, the quote game. Guess from which character those quotes are :
1- “Go away... GO AWAY!”
2- “I’ll take the top bunk”
3- “Good that we’ve skipped breakfast”
4- “Everything now just consumes you”
5- “You look tough, you'll be alright"
6- “You don't have to... You don't”
7- “How did we get here ?”
8- “You really think that we're going to find out everything we need to know just by watching ?”
9- “We gotta go, we gotta go! ”
10- “Let him be”

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