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The Originals - Red Door - Review

This week was the long awaited Tatia episode (at least for me). Once again there were two major plots. Esther tormented Elijah with his past love while holding him captive. Her plan seems to be to completely destroy his spirit. Davina and Klaus figure out Kaleb is actually Kol. Mikael kidnaps Cami and confronts Klaus once again. Klaus later finds out from Marcel and Hayley that Elijah’s in trouble. 

Best confrontation: The confrontation between Klaus and Mikael was without a doubt my favorite moment this week. It reminded me so much of their fight on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Then, Mikael taunted Klaus about the fact that there was no one on his side. And now he did the same thing, but this time about the fact that he did have people fighting for him. I loved how they all stuck up for him. Davina may have had ulterior motives, but still. I think it proves that he has changed since his early days on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Especially in the way he thinks about family.

Best flashback: I have been looking forward to flashbacks with Tatia for a very long time. I always assumed they’d show the relationship between her, Elijah and Klaus. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that this episode wasn’t about another love triangle. They did show that Tatia left Klaus for Elijah, however the other flashbacks showed us how she died. According to what we saw, Tatia witnessed a massacre caused by Klaus and freaked. Elijah caught up with her, couldn’t control his bloodlust and killed her. Esther then took away his memories. I can’t help but wonder how much of what we saw was real. Esther showed us how easy it is for her to get in Elijah’s head. And she did say she was going to take everything away from them, make them so desperate that they’ll willingly choose to become witches. Making Elijah believe that he killed the (first) woman he loved would definitely accomplish that. 

Best reunion: I love how easily Klaus recognizes his siblings. He was the one to recognize Finn, and now Kol. I still don’t quite understand Kol’s hostility towards his siblings. They weren’t on the best of terms when he died, but they had had worse disagreements. Plus I think we all still remember Klaus’ reaction to his death. Klaus is a lot calmer to Kol than he was to Finn though, so I have hope that Kol will switch sides. 

Bravest character: Cami has guts, no one can deny that. I was so impressed with her this week. She knew how easy it was for Mikael to kill her, and yet she still continued to stand up to him. Even his own children have never stood up to him like this. She even faced him with the white oak stake, knowing she didn’t stand a chance.
What I need: There’s two things I’d like more of. The first is more backstory with Tatia. Only this time from Klaus’ perspective. We only saw a brief moment of his relationship with her, but the look on his face before he kissed her was so pure. I feel like we haven’t really seen this side of him, human and in love. And I want more. Another thing I want is flashbacks that revolve around the relationship between Mikael and Esther. We’ve barely seen anything of what their marriage was like. Mikael’s outburst to Cami about Klaus killing his wife showed that he does still love her on some level. Would he really care otherwise? 

Best quotes
Kol: “Well the jig is up. Hello brother.” 
Mikael: “I hear music. And where there’s music, there’s food.” 

Well that’s it for this week. I’m very proud of myself for getting this done in time. I still have so many shows to catch up with from this week and I was worried I’d be too distracted to write. Anyway, check in again next week for a new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode.
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