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The Mentalist – Episode 7.01 – Nothing But Blue Skies (Advance Review + Teasers)

Welcome back Mentalistas! As you know, season 7 is the last season of The Mentalist. So I guess why everyone is so excited for this new chapter.

In May, “Blue Bird” ended with Jane and Lisbon finally confessing their love to each other and kissing. Now, as reading the press release for the seventh season premiere, they’re going to hide their relationship to their co-workers.

At first I need to say this: I’ve never been a romantic type, but this season premiere made me smile. A lot. Jane and Lisbon are so in love with each other and their relationship is so pure and genuine – thanks to Simon Baker and Robin Tunney too, whose friendship in real life, helped in this case, and made their characters so spontaneous in every gesture they make. Simon and Robin’s chemistry is at its best.

Beside this, there’s always the weekly murder case to solve.
I’m here to share with you some spoilers about the season premiere “Nothing But Blue Skies”.

Some teasers:
- Coffee is a good way to start your day.
Jane and Lisbon have never smiled so much like this.
- Cho can hug someone.
- Jane really likes to surprise Lisbon... but you’ve already known that, right?
- There’s a new FBI agent in town.
- We’ll find out where’s Kim Fischer right now. Also, she has a sweet message for someone.
- Jane is good at the imitation game.
- At their first meet, Jane’s already read Michelle Vega’s personality and I promise this: you’re going to like her.
- You can try to hide something to Abbott, but eventually he’ll always know there’s something going -on.
- A hammer.
- Not everyone can understand how Jane’s plans work.
-If you think Jane and Pike’s confrontation will be awkward, expect to listen what Marcus has to say to him.

Some quotes:
"Don’t talk to her like that!"
"Pleased to be here, sir." "Oh, you don’t have to call me ‘sir’. Serve it for him."
"You don’t need to wait until I need to know to tell me things, okay? Not anymore."
"Why is Jane telling everyone what to do? I thought Abbott was in charge."
"Your look is good." "It’s for an undercover thing."
"So, it’s you and her."

I know it’s hard to post something without spoilering everything. I hope this will help a little bit to get prepared for the seventh season premiere. If you have some questions, please comment below and I will ll try to answer, if I can.

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