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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 8.07 - The Misinterpretation Agitation - Recap & Review

Teaser/Beginning Scene:
The girls are hanging out at Penny's apartment. Bernadette announces that she was asked to be a part of a magazine article regarding the "50 sexiest female scientists" in California. Penny is happy for her but Amy does not like this because she should be celebrated for her achievements instead of her looks. She doesn't understand why someone can be pretty and smart at the same time. She tells her that there's no reason for a professional woman to sell her beauty to get ahead. Plus, it's hard for women to be taken serious in science. At first, Bernadette does not want to do it but Penny tells her she can decide what she wants to do.

Recap & Review:
A guy comes knocking and Sheldon gets it for him. It's revealed to be Billy Bob Thornton who plays a doctor! He has flowers to deliver to Penny. Him and Sheldon bond while going upstairs. When Sheldon finds out that the doctor is actually giving the flowers to Penny, he reports it to Leonard rather than confronting him. Leonard asks the doctor if he can help him. He asks him if Penny lives her but rather than giving a confirmed answer, he asks him why again. The reason he brought flowers is that Penny winked at him but he thinks that he misunderstood her because they are engaged. Just as he's about to leave, Sheldon scolds him for not having good social skills by inviting the doctor for a hot beverage. Then, he comes to their place to chat with them.

Meanwhile, Amy and Bernadette are having drinks at the bar. She tells her that she will be happy to know that the magazine prevented the "sexy scientist" article from being published. However, she confesses that she was behind this because she wrote a long e-mail about why it was appropriate to not have it in their magazine. This leads the ladies to argue but Bernadette crosses the line by telling her that she doesn't like people expressing their sexuality because no one wants her to express herself. This causes her to storm off the bar.

Back at the apartment, the doctor reveals that he loves Star Trek and did a vasectomy on Gene Roddenberry. Then, Howard uses a quote from the show, "Where no man has gone before". He has done urinary tracts on celebrities especially James Cameron and William Shatner. Penny comes to the apartment but there is an awkward moment because the doctor, who's name is Dr. Lorvis, is there. Leonard is not happy that she did not have her engagement ring but in her defense, she does this so she can flirt with guys to make sales just like at her former job as a waitress. Just when he gets rid of him for her sake so she won't lose him as client, Raj tells Leonard that they are going to Oliver (the doctor)'s house to play video games and he joins them. He tells her that she owes him.

The guys are now playing video games and are having the time of their lives at Dr. Lorvis' basement. It's also revealed, like Howard that he lives with his own mother. Dr. Lorvis notices that Leonard gets teased often with his relationship with Penny, which Sheldon agrees about. He hopes that if she ends being single, she'll take him but he reveals to him that he is too late. He excuses himself to take care of something. Sheldon is still upset with Leonard for not giving him his peanut sauce earlier at dinner. Then, Raj debates whether to pet an iguana but he decides not to after an incident he had at the petting zoo with Howard tricking into petting the animal.

Amy and Dr. Lorvis are walking upstairs and has flowers for a special lady just like in the earlier part of the episode when he was walking with Sheldon. He gives them the flowers but she is not happy because she is concerned about the other girl not receiving the flowers. Amy finds out that he has a crush on Penny. She makes tea for him and Amy. She confronts him for being creepy, which leads him to admit that he followed Sigourney Weaver into a restroom. She confronts him because he keeps on flirting with girls just because they are "only being nice" to him. Then, she gets a call from Leonard because Dr. Lorvis locked them out of the basement, much to her dismay. In his defense, he thought the guys were having fun. He does his "mississippi" ritual but she screams at him to "Move it!". Amy runs into Bernadette but she still does not want to her apology. He makes a comment on Bernadette but Penny is still annoyed by this.

At the end, it turns out that the guys were having fun playing with the video games but Amy makes him apologize for locking them in his basement. While they are still playing, he asks the ladies if he wants to see Tobey Maguire's prostate sonogram, which they surprisingly agree to.

- While Bernadette is a grown woman and can make her own choices, Amy has some good points because there are many women in the past that have been underestimated for their hard work. Also, I would predict that she is afraid that Bernadette's guy co-workers may see her and know for her being sexy instead of her accomplishments.

- Amy also made good points that Bernadette would have earned herself bad publicity if the magazine article had moved forward and agreed to participate in the photo shoot. She should be known her achievements instead of just her looks so people can respect her more. Amy is right for pointing out there is not as many female scientists as there are with guys. She was trying to be a good friend to her.

- What is crazy is that Leonard does not have as bad social skills as Sheldon does. Therefore, who is Sheldon to call someone out for something he has too?

- I loved the expression on Raj's face when he asked how Dr. Lorvis got a gun from Hellboy.

- Howard makes fun of Dr. Lorvis for living with his mother but Raj is not impressed with that because he makes fun of someone who has a similar lifestyle to him.

- The references that Dr. Lorvis made about the celebrities came from Star Trek (Roddenberry and Shatner), Hellboy (Ron Perlman, but Raj came up with the name) and the Spider-Man series (Tobey McGuire).

This was my favorite episode of the season because of the feminism that was covered in the episode and that we saw a guy who also loved Penny as well as the awesome writing in this episode. Also, it's awesome to see that Sheldon bonded with a person instantly and that he made a new friend. In some weird ways, Dr. Lorvis is similar to Sheldon based on their awkward social skills. I hope we have not seen the last of him as the doctor is Penny's client.