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The 100 - Reapercussions - Roundtable Discussion + POLL

The 100 continued in fine form tonight with its third episode of its sophomore season. We saw Clarke team up with Anya following the grizzly sights inside the bowels of Mt Weather, Finn take control of the mission he, Murphy and Bellamy embarked on, and Abby punished for her actions in allowing the aforementioned trio to escape Camp Jaha, only to receive Kane's Chancellor badge later on.

For the third and final time this season, the SpoilerTV team is back for another roundtable discussion on tonight's episode. Questions by Jimmy are answered by Pablo, Daniel, Bradley, Robert and Ben. The episode poll is further down below.

Jimmy: The episode picked up right where we left off last week, with Clarke in the grizzly Grounder prison, where she found Anya and broke her free. Were you expecting to see the Reapers down the mineshaft feasting off the dead Grounders?

Daniel: I was not expecting that, no. I understand that the Mountain Men get rid off the nearly lifeless bodies of the Grounders when they have sucked out all their blood but I did not see it coming that the Reapers would eat them. I am wondering if the Mountain Men made a deal with the Reapers that they would get the Grounders while the Reapers would stay far away from Mt Weather. It would make sense if they had such a deal, but then again the Reapers that attacked Clarke were captured later in the episode so maybe there is no deal after all.
Pablo: No, not at all! It really took me by surprise and it lead to some of the most gritty scenes the show has done so far, with all the corpses laying there and Clarke and Anya hiding among them. It was truly shocking, I never expected something so sinister going on there, and I must applaud the writers for deciding to take the story there; The 100 is at its best when it doesn’t shy away from its grim heart.
Bradley: I was really confused at first, and to be honest, I still am. I’m really surprised that the people of Mt Weather are actually, to some extent, working with the Reapers. I knew there was something fishy with these seemingly great people, but I really didn’t expect this.
Robert: I was very surprised to see the Reapers down in the mineshaft, it looks to me like the Mountain Men and the Reapers have some sort of arrangement in place. I reckon that the Reapers will leave them alone, in exchange for them capturing Grounders and giving the bodies to them.
Ben: I definitely was not expecting that at all, I really don’t think the Grounders are really that bad after all. I think it’s the Mountain Men and the Reapers that are the real villains here. I can definitely see the Grounders teaming up with the rest of The 100 later in the season.

Jimmy: Clarke’s alliance with Anya was surprising, but ended up working out well, with the pair escaping the mountain. What’s next for them, especially considering Clarke is now Anya’s prisoner?

Daniel: This is Clarke we’re talking about, she will escape sooner or later or perhaps get rescued by one of the other Ark groups. But Anya needs Clarke because she can’t come to her tribe empty-handed and Clarke needs Anya to find Bellamy and Finn. I am not sure if their two goals can go hand in hand or if they can perhaps make a compromise.
Pablo: A lot of tension and I expect Clarke looking for any given chance to break free of Anya; it will probably start with Clarke trying to convince Anya to team up, but if she doesn’t listen - and she probably won’t - then she is going to do anything she can to escape and look for the missing members of The 100 who are not in Mt Weather. It’s all a matter of when. The most interesting thing that can happen is that they are both found by the Arkers, the Grounders or Bellamy and company and then anything can happen.
Bradley: The alliance was surprising, but what wasn’t surprising was Anya double-crossing Clarke. She’s bad news, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Clarke was in a trusting mood, Clarke would have seen it coming. Once she awakens from being hit with that rock, she’ll soon escape.
Robert: I was so shocked when Anya turned on Clarke especially after she had risked her life to save hers. Talk about ungrateful.I think Anya will take Clarke back to her camp, then she will eventually escape, and then Anya will probably spend a few episodes trying to track her down.
Ben: After all the events of last season, Anya isn’t simply going to forgive Clarke for what she did. However in saying that, I think she used Clarke as a way to get out of the mountain, but I can definitely see Clarke finding a way to escape.

Jimmy: Kane grew a lot tonight. Despite punishing Abby, he also gave her the Chancellor’s badge. Do you think his old, more sinister ways are behind him?

Daniel: I think Kane is definitely improving and he might be done with his old, sinister ways. At least he realizes that his leadership does no good to Camp Jaha because there are still rebels amongst them. That’s not to say that Abby will be a perfect leader, but I guess she knows more about what happens in the camp and, as Kane said, she’s also a model figure and someone who stands close to the people.
Pablo: I think he was never sinister to begin with, he did what he thought he had to do, but he never found the right answer to his dilemmas. Now that he has given Abby the position of power she truly deserved he probably won’t be doing “sinister” stuff for a while, I expect him to abide to her rules and commands, but also to have a loud voice and opinion to everything that is going on. What’s going to be interesting is how he takes the orders from Abby; I expect him to abide, but reluctantly.
Bradley: I do think that we are beginning to see a new Kane, though he is still a bit of a way from being a ‘new man’. It did strike me as odd, however, that he punished Abby only to then give her the Chancellor’s badge. It felt as if he realised during her punishment that it was the wrong thing to do, but he couldn’t stop and risk looking weak - but in that moment he realised he couldn’t lead as she could.
Robert: I think he is trying to become a better person than how he acted on the Ark. You could see when punishing Abbey, that he didn’t want to. He is on a path of redemption now, and probably feels like he owes everyone for how he has acted so will be solely focused on finding the kids. He realizes that what the group needs is a leader that everyone respects, which isn’t him.
Ben: Kane is definitely trying to put his sinister ways behind him, and become a better person at Camp Jaha. Abby is obviously someone Kane trusts, and is someone everyone looks up to, here's hoping Kane and Abby can work as a team from here on in.

Jimmy: It was interesting to watch Bellamy and Finn interrogate their captured Reaper. We know both men care deeply about Clarke but they both took very different approaches to the interrogation, with Finn eventually killing the prisoner. What were your thoughts here?

Daniel: Finn is going down a dark path for sure. You see how things have changed since last season. In 1.07 it was Bellamy who found himself torturing a Grounder while Finn didn’t want to see that happening. It’s interesting that the roles have now been reversed. Apparently Bellamy has experienced what this darkness did to him and he doesn’t want the same thing happening to Finn. This shows how much both men have changed since season 1.
Pablo: I was actually surprised that it was Finn who killed the prisoner instead of Bellamy, which shows how much they changed from season 1; it looks like Bellamy feels the burden of all the people that have died because of what he did and so now he doesn’t want more blood on his hands, while Finn, who used to believe in peace, is so pissed at the Grounders for taking Clarke that he allowed himself to go to a darker place. This is a very interesting development for both of them, very unexpected, and very enlightening of where they are standing right now.
Bradley: That was dark, but I saw it coming. With his feelings for Clarke, I don’t think there’s a length he won’t go to for her.
Robert: I could have imagined it being the other way around, as Finn doesn’t normally use violence as an option. It goes to show when the woman they both care about deeply is in danger, they will stop at nothing to find her. I was expecting Finn or Bellamy to beat him a little, but not for Finn to kill him. It is quite worrying actually, as Finn could be headed down a dark path, using violence as a way to resolve things.
Ben: The tables have really turned on Finn and Bellamy, Finn obviously has stronger feelings for Clarke than Bellamy, and is willing to kill for her.

Jimmy: Octavia successfully formed an alliance with the Grounders, but Lincoln was nowhere to be found. With Kane launching a diplomatic mission, do you think Octavia could be key to ensuring the two civilizations make peace?

Daniel: I am not sure if peace is still possible. In season 1 Octavia was also supposed to be the key to a treaty but since then, things have only gotten far worse. Also, there are a lot of different tribes and I can’t imagine all of them will want peace with each other. I am also not sure if Kane is the right person for a diplomatic mission considering his style of leadership.
Pablo: Probably, though she still has to earn even more respect from the Grounders to be able to reach a diplomatic solution, so far she is only recognized as a fair warrior and not actually as an honorable person. She could be the key to a mutual alliance against the people of Mt Weather, but it will all depend on how much Octavia can make them see her people’s worth.
Bradley: I would think that she would be. However, I can possibly see it going the route of Kane viewing Octavia being with the Grounders as a kidnap, which will lead to retaliation, and eventually, serious, inexplicably pointless hatred between the two. I hope they don’t go that route though.
Robert: Possibly, I think the Grounders she was with now trust her. I do think it is probably a little too early for that, especially given what happened at the drop ship. There looks to be many clans of Grounders, some will probably be more open to peace than others. The clan Anya belongs to I don’t think will want to make peace with The 100, but will want revenge. I do think though it is possible for it to happen later in the season, especially if the Mt Weather people turn out to be a huge threat for both parties.
Ben: With the Grounders having a lot of trust for Octavia, I think they could look to her for assistance when it comes to this diplomatic mission. Kane possibly could assume that Octavia has been taken, and respond with hostility. That certainly would be interesting.

Jimmy: We saw Monty grow increasingly worried about Clarke’s unexplained absence while Jasper was more lovestruck with Maya to care. Could Jasper be the new Clarke inside Mt Weather?

Daniel: I think Jasper really wants to believe that Mount Weather is this perfect world. Maya also keeps him from investigating things further. Monty on the other hand is growing more and more suspicious. Sooner or later both of them will learn the truth, and it will be interesting to see what their reaction is to that truth.
Pablo: I don’t think we are there yet; he is just so sold into the perfect Mt Weather dream that right now he couldn’t dream of doing the same things Clarke did. Jasper lacks the determination Clarke has, she was able to look past Mt Weather’s seemingly perfect outfit and find out its truth, but Jasper doesn’t have the will to do that, he is just so happy to have a safe place that he can’t will himself to doubt it is as good as it looks.
Bradley: Unlike Clarke, Jasper wants to believe this is all real and be able to live a ‘normal’ life. Still, getting hit with a spear in your first days on the ground is likely to do that to you. I look forward to seeing when he realises that everything is not as it seems.
Robert: No, I don’t think he will be the new Clarke inside Mount Weather. He desperately wants to believe that everything is real, and the people are no danger to him. He is also too busy with Maya to even notice what is going on around him. I have even wondered if it is deliberate that Maya happened to befriend Jasper so that he doesn’t ask any questions like Clarke did.
Ben: Jasper firstly needs to look beyond what he can see of Mt Weather, he needs to understand that Mt Weather isn’t all that it seems. Once he realises this, I think he will turn into the Clarke inside Mt Weather.

Jimmy: Lincoln ended up among the prisoners in Mt Weather. What do you think of his chances of escaping the prison?

Daniel: He will get out after a while. Perhaps with the help of Jasper and/or Monty as I don’t think he can escape on his own. Poor Lincoln has been going through so much in three episodes already that I hope things will get better for him.
Pablo: Lincoln is a fair warrior and one of The 48 could still run into him like Clarke did, so the chances are not as bad as they could be, but I think he is going to be imprisoned for a while. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the show killing him, but I’m not comfortable saying that will happen either. I’d say its 50-50.
Bradley: He’ll get out very quickly, I think. He’ll be determined to get back to Octavia very quickly. I do wonder whether or not he’ll escape on his own or whether someone will come to his rescue.
Robert: He will escape eventually. Octavia doesn't know where he is, so I can’t see her coming to his aid. For him to escape he will probably need someones help from inside Mt Weather, and the only two we know that are there are Jasper and Monty. Jasper is too hooked up on Maya, so my money is on Monty finding him, which would open Jasper's eyes up to the truth.

Jimmy: Lastly, Jaha landed in the desert last week, but we saw nothing of him tonight. Any theories as to what he’s up to?

Daniel: Sooner or later he will be reunited with the rest of the Ark. Maybe Jaha will be forced to join another tribe (or better: form a new tribe himself!) and eventually comes head to head with Kane’s group or the rest of the Ark. Or maybe he just walks through the desert and immediately finds Camp Jaha. It can go any way with his storyline and I’m excited to see what’s in store for him./td>
Pablo: Probably looking for a way out of there to a place with water and supplies, those should be his immediate concerns. Aside from that, I really can’t tell, that desert could be so far off from where everyone else is that we can’t even tell if he is going to meet up with everyone else this season.
Bradley: Building sandcast… wait… you need water for that. All joking aside, I really don’t get where he comes into it this season. I was skeptical about him leaving the Ark at all - dying there would have been a noble sacrifice. And though I was ultimately fine with him getting to the ground, I do question as to the point of landing him in the middle of a desert.
Robert: I have no idea what they plan to do with his character. The writers must want him for something especially as they bothered to get him to the ground. Perhaps he will meet some new friends, and form a new alliance, as he definitely won't be staying in his dropship. I would like to think that he eventually will make it back to his people.
Ben: We have no idea where Jaha has landed, it is a real mystery to what’s next for Jaha, but hopefully he will reconnect with the others. But I can see the writers do something interesting with his character, which will be quite intriguing to see.

That's our 8 roundtable questions done and dusted for 'Reapercussions'! Below you can give the episode a rating in our poll!

Thanks for reading our roundtable discussion and voting in our poll for the third episode of The 100! We really enjoyed the episode, and hope you did too. We hope you did too! Be sure to share your thoughts and theories on the events of the episode in the comments below, and feel free to share your own answers to our roundtable poll questions! Next week it's business as usual as we've run out of screeners, so you'll be seeing a separate review from Jimmy, and the opinion poll will come online on its own right after the episode has aired.

On next week's episode of The 100, titled 'Many Happy Returns' Clarke fights back against Anya, Bellamy, Finn and Murphy race against time to save a stranger, and things get awkward for Raven.

Thanks again for reading!
Jimmy, Daniel, Pablo, Bradley, Robert and Ben.


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