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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.09 - Mama - Extended Synopsis

Episode 2.09 - Mama (17-Nov-2014)

When a rash of suicides at Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital results in staffers calling the police for help, Sheriff Reyes, knowing Abbie’s familial connection to both the circumstances and the institution – her mother killed herself while she was a patient there – assigns Mills to the case. With Crane suffering from and debilitated by a seasonal cold, Abbie enlists the help of her sister, Jenny (also a former Tarrytown patient) and Nick Hawley, in her investigation. The Mills sisters’ first stop is to visit former Police Captain Frank Irving, who, despite being an unwilling minion of the Horseman of War, maintains that his soul is – for the moment, at least – still his own, and offers to aid in whatever way he can... an offer that may come back to haunt him. As they investigate the recent deaths, Abbie and Jenny also try to learn whatever they can about their mother’s time at Tarrytown leading up to her suicide, knowing now what they never believed in the past... that the demons she feared were in fact real. As they delve deeper into their case, Abbie and Jenny make a startling discovery, leading them to believe that Moloch’s handiwork is again at play, and forcing them to once more face their past as they find themselves in an all-too-familiar battle for their survival... but this time, they may have an unexpected but determined ally.

Meanwhile, in Fredericks Manor, Henry continues in his plans to strengthen the infant demon creature which will, in time, grow to become Moloch, and he uses the unaware Katrina – who, due to the effect of the spell-casting amulet she wears, sees the creature as nothing more than a normal human baby – to aid in his rearing.

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