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POLL: What did you think of Sleepy Hollow - Deliverance?

We're trialling another new Live Discussion post today and Sleepy Hollow has been selected as our next show to do a Live Discussion.

This means that you're free to discuss the show as it airs in the comments and then you can vote on the Poll when it's over. This post is opened 15 Minutes before the episode airs on the East Coast. It goes without saying, unless you're watching it live and don't want to be spoiled, don't proceed any further :)

Hopefully you'll enjoy being able to comment on the show live as it airs. We've also embedded a special Live Twitter Widget below using the hashtag #STVSH so you can follow along on twitter if you wish as well.

So let us know what you think during the episode and what you think of being able to comment on the show whilst it airs in the comments below.