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Sleepy Hollow - The Akeda (Fall Finale) - Advance Preview

   Oye, oye, Sleepy Hollow fans, the end of the world is finally coming ! Mark your calender, the Sleepy Hollow fall finale, titled “The Akeda” is airing this Monday on FOX !
   Moloch has risen, and he will start to bring Hell on Earth. Our amazing witness, along with their allies, will do anything to stop him and his horsemen. It sounds epic, right ? Well, the episode is even beyond epic. Watch the excellent movie trailer here

   The second season of Sleepy Hollow has been a great ride. The task wasn't easy for the Sleepy Hollow writers. Last season, they have created such a groundbreaking show, a perfect mix of sci-fi, historic, romantic and funny moments.
   And mostly, they have created the best cop buddy duo ever : Ichabod and Abbie. They’re such a great team, with an unique bond and served by the magic chemistry between Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. So, continuing this work in a second season was a tough task.

   I have very much enjoyed the first part of the second season, but I found the pace slowed down a bit afterwards. This year, we get more episodes of Sleepy Hollow, so the writers took that chance to focus more on the witnesses’ past and their relationships (mostly Ichabod and Katrina, but Abbie and Jenny had their moments too). It was very interesting and fun to know them better, and I really appreciated the introduction of Hawley, but it felt like we were losing track of the main storyline of the show : Moloch trying to rise on Earth. Luckily, the show has never lost his humor,
   But now, the show is back right on track. Last week “Magnum Opus” was excellent, this week, “The Akeda” will be an epic, heartbreaking, surprising, action packed and amazing hour of television. It’s the perfect mix of everything that I love about Sleepy Hollow. I coudln’t be more enthousiatic about this episode.
   So many things will happen in the fall finale, here’s a list of what you can expect :

- Ichabod will demonstrate how good he is with a sword. I have missed him fighting with a sword, now he has Methusalem’ sword.
- As seen in the picture above, Abbie and Ichabod will use a motorcycle this week. Let’s just say it’s a very funny scene and they will both enjoy it very much.
- Jenny will make a very meaningful promise.
- There will be many references to the first season. Places we’ve been to, events that happened will be both mentioned and seen again. I’m always very fond of these moments, it really shows the writers have a plan and it's a nice throwback for the fans.
- Some of the visions we’ve watched earlier this season might come true
- More witchcraft ! It’s the end of the world, it’s time for Katrina to show the extant of her powers. I always want to see more of them ! B
- Last week, our Witnesses found the sword, able to kill any demons. It’s exactly what they needed to defeat Moloch, but it turns out the sword demands a sacrifice. If you use it to kill, then it takes your soul and body…. But our witnesses know someone whose soul has already been claimed. Irvin might be the one who can slay Moloch with the sword without risking to die,...
- Abbie and Ichabod will both wonder if their duty as Witnesses is to sacrifice themselves to stop Moloch.
- One of the witnesses will get injured during the fight against Moloch’s army (remember them from Purgatory ?) ! Nooooo !
- The question of whether Ichabod would be able to kill Henry, the horseman of War, his son, to stop Moloch’s plan has been a recurring one this season. In “The Akeda”, Ichabod will finally make his choice about Henry.
- Katrina and Ichabod will have a very heated argument. Their relationship has really suffered since Katrina came back from Purgatory and spent her time with Abraham, away from her husband. Many lies from her were revealed and they never had the chance to talk. Moreover, Ichabod will witness Katrina’s gestures of affection towards Abraham. Ichabod will express his doubts about Katrina and his ability to trust her now. They really need to discuss and sort things out calmly, but it's the end of the world, so they can't be calm.
- The first two signs of the Apocalypse are : lightnings and bloods from the sky… Terrific.
- Hawley will finally meet Katrina, and he will be quite impressed by Mrs Crane.
- Abbie will make a great motivation speech. Nicole Beharie is really at the top of her game in “The Akeda”. She has really impressed me.
- It’s a real chance Ichabod and Abbie have expanded their gang this season, Without all of them (Jenny, Irvin and Hawley), the Witnesses wouldn’t have been able to pull off their plan to stop Moloch. But it doesn't mean their plan can actually work...
- Get your tissues ready because there will be one scene very emotional and heartbreaking.
- The last scene of the episode is just amazing and crazy. It left me speechless and shocked…
- Moloch will finally reveal his plan and it's absolutely evil and scary.

    “The Akeda” is a thrilling, epic and surprising fall finale. In my opinion, it’s the best finale of this fall season. It’s the perfect combination of everything I expect from a finale.
   It’s clearly the episode you can not miss ! “The Akeda” will air this Monday, on FOX.

    How excited are you about the Sleepy Hollow fall finale ? Hit the comments !

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