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ScreamCon - Interviews with Sherlock, Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones and Red Dwarf Stars

Hi all,

 Recently I had the honor of co-hosting a local Comic Con (Scream-Con) with my geeky partner in crime from Spoiled: Mark. Located in the North East of England this convention brought together over 1000 people coming to see some of their favourite celebs, buying cool merhcandise and watching the on stage entertainment.

We had the great opportunity of chatting to some of the special guests at the event which included: 

James Cosmo - Game of Thrones, Narnia, Castle, Braveheart
Spencer Wilding - Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones
Hattie Hayridge - Red Dwarf
Louise Brealey - Sherlock and Ripper Street

You can find the videos below including some interesting discussions on Game of thrones, the new series of Sherlock and what some of the deleted scenes are in the soon to be released Guardians of the Galaxy DVD release.

WARNING: CJ attempts to remake a scene involving Molly Hooper and Sherlock with Lousie Brealey and totally fails!

Hattie Hayridge - Red Dwarf  

 James Cosmo - Game of Thrones  

 Spencer Wilding - Guardians of the Galaxy

Louise Brealey - Sherlock

CJ - Senior Staff
CJ aka “CJ Sonic” is a senior staff member at Spoiler TV, co-hosts and edits the Spoiler TV Podcast, co-hosts Spoiler TV's web show "Spoiled" and loads of other things for the site. He has recently started going to cons and making videos for his site Two Geeky Guys, which involves interviews, parodies and cosplay music videos. So please check it out.
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