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Red Band Society - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Review

This episode of Red Band Society was quite good, we were treated to some great moments in the hospital as well as some hilarious scenes downtown. With only 2 episodes left this season, Red Band Society is better than ever.


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Starting off where we left off last week, Charlie has opened his eyes, but that's it. There wasn't much progress in this episode which was a little bit disappointing, but I hope he becomes responsive in the next two episodes. However saying that, it was great to see Nurse Jackson and the others so ecstatic about Charlie's awakening.

I had to laugh at Dash' idea about something for Charlie to look at, he actually went through with it, and well I'll get to that later on. Dash, Leo, Jordi and Emma all headed out to get something for Charlie and well, came home with nothing. The Iguana somehow ate the paper origami's and escaped.

One scene I especially enjoyed this week was the confrontation with the security guard in the strip club. Dash is easily the most funniest character on the show, his attitude is quite clever. But I had to laugh when the security guard wouldn't let him in, whatever he tried, and Leo's attempt that was hilarious.

On to Emma, we had some progress with her, but in the end it just got too much. Things were on the bright side when she ate a cheese doodle, and almost ate a hot-dog, but then threw her dinner all over the floor at the end. I think Emma just feels pressurized and doesn't like it, but I hope we learn something new about Emma and her condition in the last two episodes.

Onto Kara, well she clearly got the wrong idea about Hunter, I can't believe how much Kara is changing, she is a completely different character than in the pilot. I always thought that Hunter and Kara would be good together, and at the end was a great moment between the two, I had been waiting for that for a long time.

Also, a new doctor came for a visit, but Nurse Jackson and Dr. McAndrew were not his greatest fans. He definitely wasn't your average doctor, but somehow his techniques were working. But Dr Naday did have a point, it isn't as simple as looking at test results in order for Charlie to fully recover.

One thing I'm wondering whether will happen in the next two episodes is whether everyone will survive. I'm wondering whether the writers are going to suprise us with a death in these last two episodes, that certainly would be very good, but on the other hand I would still be happy to see everyone alive at the end.


Dr. McAndrew: "He's basically like a high priced playmate for the kid."

Kara: "If anyone even joked about giving me their heart I would rip it out of their chest with my bare hands. Rejecting a liver is an insult to everyone on the organ donor list and it doesn't make you tough, Hunter. I just makes you a stubborn, suicidal moron."

Brittany: "You look like a sad little turtle emoticon. What is wrong?"

Nurse Jackson: "We're celebrating because awake is enough to keep Charlie here at Ocean Park Hospital."


Medicine - Daughter
Emma breaks down in her room when Nurse Brittany arrives with her dinner, Emma tells her she's not hungry but Brittany reminds her of her weigh in and leaves then Emma throws her foods.

Can't See the Light - Reuben and the Dark
Kara & Hunter make out; Nurse Jackson, Brittany, Dr. McAndrew, Erin & Dr. Naday hangout at the nurse station; Emma sits on the floor rematching her tray of food from remains of tray she throw earlier.

From EdenHozier
Kara stands on the roof alone when Hunter arrive, he kisses her then she kisses him back.

Personality Crisis - New York Dolls
Kara goes through her draws and changes up her look to a more 'punk' look.



Wrapping up, this week's Red Band Society was very good, it presented some good moments with all the characters, and I loved Dash' moments in the strip club. I'm interested to what happens with Emma's condition and where Kara and Hunter are headed next.

Rating: B+

What were your thoughts? What do you want to happen in the last two episodes? Leave your thoughts down below! Catch Red Band Society 9/8c Wednesday's on FOX!

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