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NCIS: New Orleans - Watch Over Me - Review: "LaSalle's Potato Salad"

This episode of NCIS: New Orleans wasn't the best episode of the season, but it wasn't the worst, it was just okay. The episode was interesting in all, but it just was missing the character development that we have gotten used to over the past few episodes. To me this just seemed like a fill-in episode.


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Probably the most interesting part of the episode for me anyway, was the character of LaSalle. I have loved LaSalle's character from the beginning, and this week's episode just made me love him even more. I loved the fact that he was trying to find out who stole his potato salad, and then Plame ended up eating it! LaSalle is easily the most likable character in the series for me.

Speaking of Plame, I'm really liking his character also, I love the fact that he fits into the series so well, his character is also very likable. But mostly I love the fact how the team treats him like a normal human being, and doesn't worry about the fact that he is in a wheelchair, after all he still does what he does in a wheelchair or not.

Onto this week's case of the week, this was quite an interesting one, I love the fact that NCIS: New Orleans is stepping out of the box a bit and mixing it up. It was interesting to see 2 attempts on Catherine's life and how Pride responded. 

The whole thing with Pride's car was quite an interesting arc between Pride and LaSalle, it really demonstrated their relationship in a unique way, and that ride through New Orleans at the end was quite a nice touch. There was quite a few references to Linda in this scene, and the fact that she has moved out and gone to her sisters, is she gone for good? I sure hope not.

As I said before, the character development was missing in this episode, but I feel like we know a lot about Pride now, but what about LaSalle and Brody? I hope that we do get some character development on the other characters in the series very soon!


LaSalle: Looks like he's in the wind.
Brody: Well, let's find him.
LaSalle: And whoever stole my potato salad!

Loretta: No matter how quiet and gentle a soul, you get 'em behind a wheel and suddenly they revert to the most base and primal.
Pride: I know - I've driven with you!

Oscar Randolf: But the truth is, the technologies we develop are *the* cutting edge. They're worth killing for. A fact we're admittedly quite proud of.



Overall, this episode seemed like a filler more than anything, although it was quite it good episode, the storyline was satisfying and who can forget about LaSalle and his potato salad? Nether the less, I quite enjoyed this episode but I could have enjoyed it more if more character development was added.

Rating: B-

What did you think of this week's NCIS: New Orleans? Do you think Linda is truly gone? Leave your comments down below and catch NCIS: New Orleans at 9/8c on CBS after NCIS!

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