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NCIS: New Orleans - Master of Horror - Review

This was quite a creepy, freaky episode, if NCIS: NOLA wanted to freak us out on Halloween, well they succeeded in doing that, but not as much as Stalker's Halloween episode. The case-of-the-week this week focused on a body found at a crime scene, which turned out to be quite a challenge. Also this week we were finally introduced to Pride's wife, Linda (played by Paige Turco).


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Starting off with the case at hand, these freaky storylines would be quite at home at one of CBS' sister dramas like Criminal Minds or Stalker, but instead have found a home in New Orleans. This sort of style that NCIS: New Orleans went with this week, certainly wasn't my favorite, however I think it had that 'New Orleans' feel written all over it.

The Halloween spirit showed by the team was a great and welcome touch. I'm just loving LaSalle and
Brody even more very week, they just have such amazing chemistry and a great relationship. I loved LaSalle's "Baconator" outift, and was closely followed by Brody's "Freudian Slip" outfit.

Also this week, Pride's wife Linda stopped by the office, this was great, I've been waiting for her for weeks. Honestly, I hope they can sort out their issues because it will be great seeing her more often, I'm sure there is a lot left to be told about their marriage. One thing I epecially enjoyed, was the fact that Pride's saying "Go, learn something" actually came from her. Brilliant.

Also making a re-appearance this week was Councilman Hamilton, Pride's enemy from back in the first episode. As I said in my review back then, I swear there has got to be more to him, and I think the writers may be preparing us for something, which I am very intrigued for.

Something that bugged me in this episode was the fact that the episode jumped around a lot, it didn't simply follow a path. I found it quite hard to follow at times, which certainly impacted my overall thoughts on the episode. Let's hope the next episode is better.


Pride: "If Judge Hermann had someone in her courtroom whose reflection doesn't show up in a mirror, they're suspect number one!"

Loretta: "It gives a whole new meaning to 'graveyard shift', right?"

Pride: "It'd be a shame to cuff your ass in front of all these registered voters."



This episode certainly wasn't the shows finest moment, but it was still an enjoyable episode. I just felt that the Halloween aspect in this episode was a little overdone, and the jumping around of the episode really annoyed me. I'm still enthusiastic into where this series is heading, it's starting to find it's feet and I'm really excited to see what next episode brings.

Rating: C+

What were your thoughts on the episode? What did you think of the Halloween aspect? Tune into NCIS: New Orleans on Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS!

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