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NCIS: New Orleans - Love Hurts - Review: "High Octane Action"

NCIS: New Orleans was fantastic this week, I just loved every second of it. We finally got some high octane scenes, and I really enjoyed watching this week's episode. This week's episode revolved around a simple murder that just wasn't what it seems, also this week we were treated to some development on the relationship front of the team.


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Something I really enjoyed from this episode was the focus on the relationship aspect of character development, it really fit the plot-line really well. We got some development with Sebastian's girlfriend, a brief mention of Pride's wife and LaSalle's brother.

Onto Sebastian, his type of character can be read as quite weird and annoying, but the scene he shared with Pride this week was far from the latter. I think he was just sick and tired of people not believing he had a girlfriend, I would too. But it was quite neat to see him show Pride up when he arrived at the end with his girlfriend, Melissa.

Onto Pride, the last 2 episodes we have had a roller coaster with Pride's status with Linda, we got a brief mention of her this week, but I can't help but thinking that the writers are buying time whilst Paige Turco is busy with The 100. It just seem's like Pride really wants to be with Linda, but can't be bothered fighting for her.

Lastly to LaSalle, this was quite an a emotional couple of scenes, it definitely was a surprise learning that LaSalle has a brother. This again, tied in quite nicely to the case of the week, with LaSalle being
friends with Martino. We don't know much about LaSalle's brother, but I do hope we see him before the fall finale, needless to say that it was quite disappointing to see that LaSalle's brother had left the diner for six months.

Onto the case of the week, this was probably the best case of the week to date, I loved the fact that it wasn't just a simple murder it was something much bigger, and the bombing at the end was an incredible touch. I also found the made-up person fit quite well into the episode.

Another enjoyable point of this episode was the fact of the action, there was so much action this week. I think this may be the most action packed episode of NCIS: New Orleans so far, there was some shooting, Pride speeding down the road and topped off with a huge explosion at the end. But I must say, the explosion, it was very predictable.


LaSalle: My brother's issues aren't physical.
Martino: But they're no less real.

Sebastian: You can't give yourself a nickname!
Patton: Why not?

Brody: [reading] "Whenever I'm having a hard time, I think of you and realize we are perfect for each other."
LaSalle: Sounds like the lyrics to a Celine Dion song.



Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, I liked the action packed, high octane story we got, as well as some work on the character development this week. As we are approaching the fall finale, I am kind of hoping for some sort of cliffhanger. This series is really starting to heat up, and it's fast becoming one of my favorite shows! How does NCIS: New Orleans rank on your list?

Rating: A-

How did you enjoy NCIS: New Orleans this week? What are your thoughts on LaSalle's brother? Leave your comments down below! Catch NCIS: New Orleans 9/8c Tuesday's CBS!

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