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NCIS: New Orleans - Chasing Ghosts - Review: "The Killer is Always Close To Home"

This week on NCIS: New Orleans we got a visit from Pride's daughter, Laurel with her new boyfriend, which causes a few problems for Laurel. Also the team dug into a cold case (40 years to be exact), that has been haunting Loretta for a long time.


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The two dynamic's running through this episode were great, the Laurel part of the episode was a great step away from the case in particular parts of the episode. The case of the week was also very interesting to watch as, we had a break from the usual murder. Saying that, I was quite surprised at the killer in the end.

Onto the case of the week, this was quite interesting to watch as it showed to us that everything is not always black and white, turns out it was the friend that wanted the wife. The case was nothing to do with race or religion at all, thinking about it, it was extremely obvious from the start.

Someone who made an arrival this week was Councilman Hamilton's father, Tom Hamilton. As I have said in previous reviews, there is just something about Councilman Hamilton, bringing his father into the picture certainly makes me wonder whether Hamilton will be involved in something with Pride later in the season.

I honestly thought Councilman Hamilton had something to do with this at first, with the court order not to exhume the body, and then the introduction of his father. But I don't think we are quite done with these two, there is some tension between Hamilton and Pride and that could lead to something.

Onto Laurel , it's not very often that a father always gets on very well with his daughters boyfriend, so this was quite interesting. But I think Laurel could be thankful that her father actually liked her boyfriend, doesn't she want them to get along? But it was quite funny for her to list all the boyfriends Pride has gotten along with.

We got some other character development this week with Loretta and Pride, we learned that she has a stack of cases that she reads when she can't sleep, and Pride's father is actually in jail. Definitely did not expect that, I hope the writers delve into that storyline sometime soon.

The end scene was something that the entire NCIS franchise is known well for, treating each other as family. It is all evident on NCIS as well as NCIS: Los Angeles, and I am glad it has made it's way over to New Orleans. But we never found out who made the best greens? My bet is on Sebastian.


Pride: "And sometimes it's not such a terrible thing when your father has a bromance with your boyfriend!"

Pride: "What do you want me to do? Give him that Clint Eastwood stare your grandfather gave me when I started dating your mother?"

Pride: "Show her how you use your 'Bama charm to sway the judicial process!"


Will update once we have a promo.


I really enjoyed this episode, I'm excited to see where the Councilman Hamilton storyline goes, and seeing Laurel again was great to see. The case of the week was quite interesting to watch, and I must say I was very surprised at who the killer was in the end. The scene I enjoyed most from this episode was the ending, the final table scene, it was excellent.

Rating: B+

How did you enjoy NCIS: New Orleans this week? What are your thoughts on the Councilman Hamilton storyline? Fire away down below. NCIS: New Orleans is on hiatus next week, but will be back Tuesday Dec 9 at 9/8c on CBS!

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