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Modern Family - Won't You Be Our Neighbor/Halloween 3: AwesomeLand - Double Review

Episode 6.05 - "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"

Directed By: Gail Mancuso
Written By: Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh

Episode 6.06 - "Haloween 3: Awesomeland"

Directed By: Gail Mancuso
Written By: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh & Abraham Higginbotham

First off I apologize for not getting my reviews out sooner, I have been really busy lately and struggling to get reviews out on time, however in saying that, I present to you a double review of episodes 6.05 and 6.06 of Modern Family! Here we go!

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Recap of "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"

Phil is selling his neighbor's house, he has a potential client who is really interested and has seen the place three times. Then a loud, obnoxious, trashy family wants to put in a higher bid.

Claire and Phil invite the original buyers over to try and persuade them. However, they get tipsy and come on a little too strong giving off a lot of sexual innuendos. They don't realize this until after the buyers withdraw their offer and Haley tells them what they did. Phil hopes they can hold out for a better offer, but he feels bad doing wrong by his old neighbor.

Ultimately the loud family takes over the house. They even hint to Claire and Phil that they'd be interest in hooking up.

Jay thinks he invented a new sock dispenser, but is sidetracked when he finds out that Manny is dating his old rival's granddaughter. Gloria sets up a meeting between Jay and Earl to hash out the past but it sadly doesn't do any good. Earl even ends up seeing Jay's potential idea.

Mitchell and Cam are excited when they hear there is an opening in the other second grade class. It turns out that Lily's teacher is difficult and very serious. She stresses Lily out. After they go in an awkwardly ask for a transfer Lily reveals that she likes her current teacher and they must change it back.

Review of "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"

'Won't You Be Our Neighbor" presented quite a great half hour comedy for Modern Family, the Dunphy's were hilarious as usual, with Phil and Claire trying to choose their neighbors. Also Jay met up with long time nemesis Earl, which didn't go too well, and then Mitch and Cam got the wrong end of the stick when they heard that Lily didn't like her teacher.

Starting off with Phil and Claire, seriously trust them to make a fool out of themselves, and scare the potential neighbors off. I guess it serves them right to get the rowdy neighbors in next door, have fun! I especially loved seeing Steve Zahn guest star in this episode, and he fit the role very well. I think that there will be some sort of conflict between the Dunphy's and their new neighbors.

Next onto Jay, Manny finally got a reasonable girlfriend. and was told by Phil that he couldn't date her because she was the granddaughter of long time nemesis Earl. I loved the fact that Gloria wanted to try and sort things out between the two, and set up a dinner for them, classic Gloria. 

Finally, with Cam and Mitchell, they really got played by Lily this week. Cam and Mitchell always want the best for Lily so they wanted her in the best class possible, but I agree with Lily in the fact that she is fine where she is. Blue and Yellow -> Blellow??? It was great seeing Lily get back at her parents for once, I really enjoyed that.

Overall, this episode was another great dose from Modern Family, the ratings this season have been great, and I'm definitely sure that we have not seen the best of the season yet. I do hope to see more of the Dunphy's neighbors in future episodes going forward.

Quotes from "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"

Phil: "I'm kind of in a delicate spot stuck between my wife and the guy next door, but I'm pretty sure I can satisfy them both simultaneously."

Manny: "Ok keep in mind, I'm not in makeup yet, but do these sandals make my legs look thick? Because I can lower the hem."

Haley: "Oh relax, I'm sure you guys will find a couple that wants to get with you."

Phil: "Not since I fell off the roof while they were delivering our trampoline have things come together so beautifully."

Jay: "That's right, my boy's datin' her. He's datin' her real good."

Recap of "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"

Every year on Modern Family, Claire gets very into the spirit and tries to make the scariest decorated house on the block. On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6, Claire had to work so she handed over the duties to Phil. Phil has other ideas for the family's "haunted house."

Phil wanted to take the scary out of Halloween and instead turn the house into "Awesomeland." "Awesomeland" consisted of all happy things, places, characters, and costumes. Phil hit a snag in his plan though when Claire found out from the new neighbors that there is a scariest house contest. She wiped all of Phil's happy decorations away and created an "insane asylum from hell" with the kids.

When Amber, the neighbor, came over and acted offended because she was once in an asylum, Claire felt so guilty that she tore the decorations down. Phil was delighted he got to put back up Awesomeland. Later they find out that it was all a trick so the neighbors would win the contest.

Jay purchased a Prince Charming costume, complete with a wig and found that he really misses having hair. He acted all upset until Gloria reassured him that she wasn't into the hair, she was into his confidence and happy attitude.

Lily dressed as Where's Waldo, despite the fact that Cam could never find Waldo in the book or Lily when she was in a group of kids. He tried to make up for all of the time he neglected her for football practice, but it took an argument from Mitchell to show Lily that Cam wasn't as bad as she thought.

Review of "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"

Phil definitely has a different view on Halloween than Claire, he likes all the happy faces, and colors, whilst Claire enjoys the blood, organs, daggers etc. Two completely different views on the annual holiday. This episode of Modern Family was it's annual Halloween episode, that I greatly enjoyed, I loved seeing the different families interact on Halloween.

Starting off with the Dunphy's, I knew that Claire simply wasn't going to let Phil decorate their house like a children's playground, and when she found out she had some competition, Claire really went all in. I loved the fact that the neighbors fooled Claire into thinking that she had offended the wife. As I said in my previous review, I'd been hoping for some conflict between the neighbors, and that's starting to happen.

Next onto Mitchell and Cam, I laughed so hard when the Jury in Mitchell's court case was getting distracted because of the stenographer dressed like a spider. Cam on the other hand, just tries to hard sometime, he can't even find Waldo in the book, it's not that hard!

Finally, onto Jay, his costume this year was supposed to be Prince Charming, unfortunately this call came down to the wig (which Stella had hidden). Everyone was calling Jay "the man on the hundred dollar bill" without the wig, which Jay certainly didn't like. This storyline was a bit meh to be honest, it didn't really make me laugh at times, which was a bit disappointing.

Overall, this was a solid episode for Modern Family, I always enjoy themed holiday specials, and this was no exception. Despite the mediocre Jay storyline this year, I really enjoyed how Modern Family handled Halloween 2014. I really look forward to this season of Modern Family!

Quotes from "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"

Alex: It's obvious mom, you use Halloween as a way to show people you have edge. It's like accountants who buy are Harley.

Haley: Sexy people go crazy too you know. Read a people magazine.

Manny: C'mon Jay this is my farewell tour Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood, I have to go out strong.

Jay: People say clothes make the man but that makes no sense. What makes the man is a nice head of hair. Dammit it's like a phantom limb.

Cam: It's a bird! It's a plane!
Mitchell: It's super out of breath.
Cam: Happy Halloween to you too.

Promo for Episode 6.07 - Queer Eyes, Full Hearts

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