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Last Week in TV - Nov. 9-15 - Reviews and Episode Awards

This week's column is a bit skimpy due to time constraints. Sorry. I've had a lot of other commitments so I haven't even watched some of my weekly shows or the nominated one, Bones. Therefore I will review Bones next week and try to catch up on the others. As always, you can complete the short form below to nominate a show for me to watch. So how was your TV week? Until next time, don't forget to leave a comment and happy TV viewing.

Weekly Shows:

Resurrection - 2.07 - Miracles

Grade: D

Best Reason to Marathon - Nothing happens in this show. Every week I hold on for answers and every week I am disappointed. I think it's time to move this to marathon later status.
The "Say What?" Award - Margaret was given to a Langston in an arranged marriage. That explains a lot.
Most Suspicious - Fed Lady tells Bellamy that they can't give the medicine to the non-returned
Most Awkward - Henry introduces his mom as his cousin
The "I'm with Fred" Award - there needs to be far fewer secrets and more info sharing
The "Man I Hope There is a Twist" Award - I need Carl to be playing these yokels like an undercover cop. Otherwise, I need this subplot to be gone. For the record, I also need Rachel to die.
Best Quotes -
1. Carl: "What's going on? Oh yeah, the entire town is infested with dead people like some sort of disease, so there's that."
2. Bellamy: "I didn't want it to define me." Maggie: "It doesn't." Bellamy: "I died, Maggie." Maggie: "We all have issues."

Sleepy Hollow - 2.08 - Heartless

This is the worst Sleepy Hollow episode yet, made even worse by the incessant Katrina hate in the fandom. It got so bad, I left my Twitter feed. I do not understand why they separated Katrina from the group AGAIN. It does nothing for the overall story and even less for Katrina's reputation in the fandom. I loved how, when they put their differences aside, Abbie and Katrina made a great team. Their strengths complement each other and I looked forward to watching more of that. Instead they spent the majority of the episode acting like Katrina and Abbie are combatants instead of allies and putting forth petty jealousies instead assessing the situation. I am tired of females in competition with each other instead of making powerful alliances against evil. This is bad writing and quite frankly, if it keeps up I will be dropping Sleepy Hollow. I don't need another show bowing to fan pressure.

Grade: D- for the episode; F for the fandom whose rabid Katrina hate is getting psychotic

Best Reason to Watch - Ichabod and Hawley are getting along better
Best Reason to Skip - the end and all the bickering
Worst Plan - separating Katrina from the rest of the team AGAIN
Best Partnership - Abbie and Katrina when they aren't arguing like jealous school girls
Most in Need of a Dialogue Coach - the succubus, who sounds like a trashy romance novel
The "Why Yes I Would" Award - Crane, I would like to see you dancing too. I think it would be fun.
Most Helpful - Katrina, who helps Abbie and Ichabod with their research
Bravest - Abbie, who puts her hands in the jar of maggots to pull out the heart
Worst Sign in a Date - if her eyes turn red or orange, back away quickly
The "That's Just Nasty" Award - Ichabod keeps putting his hands in corpse bodily fluids. Someone teach him about gloves please.
Dumbest Move - Katrina brings up Abraham helping her when she was ill
Best Common Sense - Ichabod at least tries to turn on the lights before following the succubus
Best Quotes -
1. Ichabod: "The modern world has many remarkable tonics and restoratives, some of which are chewable."
2. Abbie: "Crane is right. We're a lot stronger with you on the team. It took me a little while to get used to the idea but I can see it now."

Scorpion - 1.08 - Risky Business

The case wasn't as exciting this week, but there were electroshocks and a car bombing plus a high speed chase. That's good enough for the adrenaline junkie in me. Plus I liked the victim of the week. His brand of cynical but not annoying was just what the episode needed. I wouldn't mind having Peyton come back for any music related cases in the future. Mostly though this episode was about Walter coming to terms with Drew being in Paige and Ralph's lives. I'm not sure why he gets a vote but I loved how Toby kept pushing him and the scene with him helping Drew and Ralph relate to each other was golden. I also loved how he took care of his betting problem by fixing the music mafia's wi-fi. Ha!

Grade: B

Best Sign You're on the Right Track - someone blows up your van
Worst Plan - Again, any time they don't include Gallo on their plans. You'd think they'd learn.
Biggest Laugh - Happy's enjoyment in playing with the elevator
Biggest Awww Moment - Walter helps Drew connect to Ralph
Best Reaction - Peyton, who like me can't believe that plan actually worked
Best Trade: King lets Walter borrow his car in exchange for high quality internet to watch Orange is the New Black
The "I Can't Believe I'm saying This" Award - Toby is right. 100% right. Walter needs to deal.
Best Name Check - Jack White / OitNB
Biggest Crazy - In what universe is it a good plan for the guy with trained assassins after him to go home alone? That's just nuts. I don't even know why Cabe left them instead of calling the info in.
The "About Time" Award - It was a given that Katharine McPhee was going to sing on this show. I just didn't think it would take so long or be so short.
Best Quotes -
1. Toby: "How certain are we that Kesha is on this list?"
2. Toby: "I do have a history as a battle rapper." Happy: "Please do not subject us to an example."

Jane the Virgin - 1.05 - Chapter 5

My favorite characters on this show are Xiomara and Michael and both of them screwed the pooch with Jane this episode. Still it was the best the show has been in weeks. Yes, there were some over the top moments, but the heartfelt ones outweighed them Except for Rogelio. He's always over the top, but even he had his moments of genuine heart. I'm also fine with Petra accusing Rafael of spousal abuse. I would not expect her to give up so easily, especially with her villain mom. By the way, my current prediction is that she is the drug dealer for the police case. She's obviously the Big Bad.

Grade: B-

Best Twist - Petra's mom hits her so she can accuse Rafael of spousal abuse and break the pre-nup
Biggest Ouch - Michael insincerely commiserating with Rafael about his marriage failing
Best Reference - Jimmy Smits
Best Awww Moment - Michael and Jane talk in his car after she sees her dad
Creepiest Gift Ever - Jane's adult head superimposed on a baby's body
Most Slimy - Michael's brother
Most Ridiculous - Rogelio in everything he does
Best Quotes -
1. Voiceover: "Jane and her mom had a typical mother-daughter relationship - with the role of the mother, played by Jane."
2. Michael: "Always good to plan spontaneous ice breakers."
3. Michael: "Easy Veronica Mars."

Supernatural - 10.05 - Fan Fiction

Grade: C

Count Me as Team Maggie - Maggie: "I've been telling you all along, Marie. If it's not canon, then it shouldn't be in the show."
The "Me Four" Award - I not-so-kind-of hate the meta stories too, well any of them that have to do with Carver Edlund
Biggest Awww - Dean puts the mock amulet on Baby's rearview
Best Meta - the girl playing Dean takes off the amulet because it keeps getting in the way
Best Surprise (meta) - the homage to all the SPN title cards
Best Surprise (show) - that version of Carry On, Wayward Son rocked
The "It's about Time" Award - Dean fixing Baby in the gray t-shirt to classic music
Best Reaction - Dean and Sam realize the musical is about their lives
The "Oh Please No" Award - Dear writers, please do not encourage the fandom to "see things their way" anymore than they already do. That's part of the problem.
Best Idea - Sam realizes that Marie is a mess and sticks Dean with babysitting
The "Say Huh?" Award - these kids are willing to believe in a real-life X-Files but mock real-life Supernatural AFTER seeing a monster
Most Awesome - Sam reliving his tech glory days
The "Oh No, Not That Again" Award - haven't we had enough cheapskate, easy to kill gods on SPN
Best Gaffe - Andrew Floyd Webber
Best Pep Talk - Dean, to Marie
Worst Moments - all references to Wincest, Destiel, and fan fiction
Most Anticlimactic - the scarecrow unveiling
Biggest Recap - seasons 6-9, which Dean sums up
Biggest Ouch - Maeve tells the Winchesters they are too old and more like Rufus and Bobby
Worst Return - Carver Edlund, but only if it becomes a story issue. Otherwise it was a nice surprise.

Classic Lines: "We've got work to do." / "Idjits" / "You know they're brothers, right?" / "Sam hit a dog." / "Great. How do you kill an idea?" / "We came, we saw, we kicked its…" / "Kick it in the a**."
"Saving people, hunting things, family business" / "No chick flick moments." / "Jerk." "B**."
Best References - amulet, Sam as theater kid in Our Town, Special agents Smith and Smith, Carry On Wayward, Son, Jody Mills, Dean: "I'm gonna throw up.", Harvelle's, Lisa, RoboSam, Scarecrow, Tulpa, Adam still in hell

Best Quotes -
1. Marie: "Dean, you never should have thrown this away." Dean: "It never really worked. Yeah, I don't need a symbol to remind me how I feel about my brother." Marie: "Just take it. Jerk." Dean: "B**."
2. Marie: "Writer. Director. Actor. I'm gonna Barbara Streisand this b**."
3. Sam: "Hugh Jackman got cast off Oklahoma." Dean: "You ran tech, Wolverine." Sam: "Shut up."
4. Sam: "So why this show, huh? Why…uh, Supernatural?" Calliope: "Supernatural has everything - life, death, resurrection, redemption, but above all, family…all set to music you can really tap your toe to. It isn't some meandering piece of genre drek. It's epic…and that, well that is my bag of tea."

SHIELD - 2.07 - The Writing on the Wall

It's nice to see a show give some big answers before the midseason hiatus. I like that they know they are looking for a city and even more that Coulson's hypergraphia is over. Now we can move on to hopefully Ward being cool, crazy evil. Yeah, yeah or redeemed I guess. Maybe. Probably the highlight of this episode and the biggest surprise is that I like Skye tonight instead of just tolerating her. That's a huge step in the right direction. I also like Mac and his appropriate concern that his boss was going crazy. I'd be concerned too. There needed to be more May as always and I'm not into jealous Simmons, but otherwise this was a winning episode.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - answers
Craziest Lady - Who in their right mind takes a stranger back to their place? Do you not watch crime procedurals, honey?
Most in Need of a Nap - Coulson, who looks terrible
The "Raising My Hand" Award - I don't want to see this autopsy either. Thank you, Agents of SHIELD for not making me.
Biggest Reveal - the numbers are actually a blueprint for a city
The "Oh Please" Award - like they wouldn't have someone monitoring the cage and see Skye in there instead of Coulson. Not buying this at all.
Best Plan - Ward puts a dead man's switch on himself so that they can't take him in the bus station / Mac uses video games to help Fitz' eye-hand coordination
Worst Plan - Torture should never be Plan B or C or even Z.
Best Name Check - Enya
Least Surprising - Coulson tricks Skye and locks her up
Best Quotes -
1. Fitz: "Corpse diem. Seize the dead."
2. Skye: "In the history of bad ideas, this is light years ahead of everything." Coulson: "No, trying to bring dead agents back to life using alien blood blows everything else away."

Forever - 1.08 - The Ecstasy of the Agony

For being the obligatory dominatrix episode, there were some moments of real heart instead of simply trying to tantalize the audience for ratings. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jane Seymour on my screen again and I hope that she returns sometime before the end. It was fun seeing that side of Abe and getting to know more of his back story. As for Henry, is it any wonder that his wife threw him in Bedlam after he told her he was immortal? Surely Henry could have concocted a better story to tell or at least let time prove him right. You can't really blame a girl for thinking he was nuts. One plus of the episode was Hilarie Burton, who I am usually pretty meh about. I thought she did a fabulous job of not letting the character get too over-the-top especially with some of the dialogue they wrote for her.

Grade: B-

Best Twist - the alibi for the dominatrix was that she was with the victim's husband
The "Welcome Back" Award - Jane Seymour, who will forever be Dr. Quinn to me and the Kaye's Jewelry lady
Smartest Plan - Henry grabs the guy electrocuting him so he gets electrocuted too
Most in Need of a Non-Death Related Hobby - Henry, who is so bored that he puts test tubes on his fingers like a kid
Worst Plan - voluntarily letting yourself be handcuffed by a dominatrix so she can show you how she electrocutes people
The "Say What?" Award - Henry has been alive for how long and he doesn't know how to throw a punch?
Cheesiest Line - Henry: "It's a fine line between pleasure and pain."
Best Back Story - Henry and Abe decided that Henry would never meet anyone important to Abe so his secret isn't revealed
Best Pep Talk - Lucas to Henry after he misses the cause of death
Most Embarrassing - being found by your partner chained up in a dominatrix's apartment
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "That woman has done nothing but hurt you, time after time." Abe: "Are you talking about the incident with the gun? She didn't know it was loaded." Henry: "No Abe, I'm worried about her breaking your heart." Abe: "At my age, I should be so lucky. It shows it's still working."
2. Jo: "It's not like Henry to be out-Sherlocked on a cause of death."

The Flash - 1.05 - Plastique

Plastique brought another great character into The Flash pantheon. I liked her back story, disabling IED's. I like that she was concerned about people first and revenge second. In a way, her saga of not being able to touch anyone reminds me of Rogue from X-Men and it's a fate that provides for compelling drama. Because of that, it is a shame that they may have killed her off. But let's face it, the chances of a metahuman actually being dead without seeing a head severed from their body is pretty minute in this dead-only-until-special-episode era of genre TV. On the Iris front, this episode was less compelling. They need to tell her sooner rather than later because this story line already feels drawn out and we're only on episode 6. Perhaps telling her would make her character more interesting because right now she is still the weakest link in the series.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Barry tells Bette that he is glad to have his powers so he can help people
Biggest Huh? - What is Grodd?
Best Aww Scene - Caitlin makes a special drink for Barry and she and Cisco toast with him to Bette
Best New Character - Plastique. I wish she had remained alive though. Of course, she's a metahuman so reports of her death are probably highly exaggerated.
Best Reaction - Cisco to hearing that the suit is demolished
Worst Side Effect - Barry's vibrating vocal cords need to be replaced by Oliver's voice changer because he sounds like a tormented chipmunk
The "I Feel Your Pain" Award - Iris: "Blogging about supernatural events doesn't really pay well." Neither does blogging about TV.
Most Perceptive - Joe, who knows Barry has a crush on Iris
Best Meta - Joe: "So, human bomb. Must be Tuesday in Central City."
Best Dig - Caitlin fangirls out and then wonders if she sounds like Felicity
Worst TV Troupe - Bette dies right before telling Barry that Wells is evil
Worst Plan - keeping Iris in the dark
Best Quotes -
1. Cisco: "Don't try and catch him. You don't have super strength." Barry: "Well is there like a bed store around here. What if I get a bunch of mattresses and stack 'em?" Caitlin: "Barry, this isn't a Roadrunner cartoon."
2. Barry: "Wait, you carry a blood collection kit in your purse?" Caitlin: "You have your hobbies."

Benched - 1.03 - Hooked & Booked

Anytime Nina is put into an uncomfortable situation, it’s bound to be funny. Granted, there is no way she should have fallen for the whole hooked and booked scam in the first place, but it did lead to the best scene of the night in the jail cell. I also liked getting to know Boring Larry a bit better and Phil trying to help Carlos was sweet. Mostly this was about getting the characters out of their normal environments and for the most part it was successful. Benched is still the best new comedy for me, in part because Nina is so much fun to watch when she’s inserting her foot into her mouth.

Grade: B- (for being out of character, otherwise a B+)

Best Scene – Nina talking to the women in the cell about men
Most Gullible – Nina, who falls for the hooked and booked thing
Biggest Huh? – Since when can a court official arrest anyone? Shouldn’t they call the police?
Best Lexicon – Phil and his use of shenanigans
Biggest Sign It’s Time to End the Party – when your passengers try to get out of a moving vehicle, the liquor consumption needs to stop
Most Embarrassing – having to pee in a jail cell
Least Likely to Keep a Secret – Morris
Least Likely to Ever Happen – everything with Nina
Worst Idea – karaoke strip club may be even worse than trying to go to jail
Biggest Awww – Carlos just wants to be home watching TV with his ex
Most Helpful – the convict who gives Nina fight tips in the middle of a brawl
Best Quotes -
1. Nina: “Aww, is it a brothel?” Phil: “Only in certain rooms. It’s classier than you think.”
2. Nina: “Here’s something you don’t see every day – a rat throwing up from the smell. To recap, a rat that lives in squalor is throwing up from the smell.”

The 100 - 2.04 - Many Happy Returns

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - all the great character interaction
Best Action - Anya vs. Clarke fight
Best Character Interaction - Raven and Wick, although Jaha/Sienna and Jaha/Zoran were close
Best Move - Clarke grabs the tranquilizer dart and then turns tables on Anya, taking her prisoner
Worst Move (Character) - Bellamy tosses Murphy a gun. You can't change crazy.
Worst Move (Writer) - Killing off Anya is insane. She was one of the best characters. Let's hope it's just a tease and Abbie revives her.
Best Character - Jaha
Best Awww Moment - Bellamy and Octavia are reunited
Biggest Douches - Finn, who wants to leave that lady behind, and Bellamy, who agrees
Most Kick Butt/Most Disgusting - Anya removes the tracker in her skin with her teeth
Best Quotes -
1. Wick: "Listen, you have a first-rate mind. You do. Use it. Your leg's messed up and that blows. Figure out a way to work around it." Raven: "How do I do that?" Wick: "You could let your friends help, for one. The rest is up to you."
2. Wick: "We fell from space in a football stadium. I think they already know we're here."

The Goldbergs - 2.06 - Big Baby Ball

While I am a huge fan of The Goldbergs, I am not a fan of Beverly as an obnoxious parent making school a living hell for educators. That's too real life for me. I am also not a fan of purposely making Barry seem too dumb to tie his shoelaces. Clueless, yes. Completely moronic, no. Therefore this was not going to be a great episode for me. High points did include Murray, who has the wisdom of a Cleaver and the shlubbiness of Homer Simpson. He almost always saves a bad episode for me. I also really liked Mellor's enthusiasm in the furniture store even if he rivaled Barry for facepalm moments. Erica shone too, though as a big sister I cringe at the idea of letting little brothers win.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - Erica and Pops rig it so Barry could win
Best Scene - Mellor being too enthusiastic with the furniture
Best Reason to Fast Forward - Beverly
Best Negotiator - The principal, who gets Beverly to agree not to come into the school for a whole year. Here's hoping it means we don't need to see Beverly terrorizing teachers any more this season.
Best Nostalgia - board games
Best Addition to Any Board Game - frequent bathroom breaks. Barry may be on to something here.
Best Character - Mellor, who cracks me up with his gung ho enthusiasm
Most Overly Competitive - Barry, who may need therapy for this
Best Reaction - Vic and Murray to Meller's lunch
The "Oh Yeah Right" Award - There was no Trivial Pursuit question that asked who wrote the Diary of Anne Frank. That is way too easy for the major challenge that was the original Trivial Pursuit.
Best Reference - Over the Top, which was a surprisingly fun show if a lot cheesy
Best Music - Warrior by Patty Smyth
Best Quotes -
1. Meller: "Look, cancelling dodge ball would be like cancelling science. Is that what you want? A world with no science. Why do you hate NASA? Why?" Beverly: "I don't hate it. They gave us Tang."
2. Murray: "Okay, we need to talk." Meller: "Sure thing, boss." Murray: "What are you doing?" Meller: "Taking a knee." Murray: "Just take an early lunch."

Red Band Society - 1.07 - Know Thyself

We finally got Nurse Jackson back story. Yippee! I have to admit backup singer was not what I was thinking, but it ended up pretty well. The more the show focuses on her and the less on emoangsty teens, the better it is. I loved her relationship with her niece, whom I hope shows up again and not just because I like the actress. It's more because seeing these guys out of the hospital was a refreshing change and I would like it to become a more regular feature for as long as the show's on the air. I also thought Dash was amazing. In a group of teens where I used to like all but one, he's the only one I still like. It's frustrating, but I like his determination to keep the group together and to be there for each other. He's the unsung hero of the teens. On the adult side, that is Jackson and Kenji, who have a great relationship. Their dialogue crackles and it was good seeing how well they knew each other. Less exciting were all the other teens except Kara, another unsung hero of the night for telling it like it is to Creepster Teen. I still have no idea why he's even on this show.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Nurse Jackson back story and seeing the co-workers outside the hospital
Best Speech / Scene - Dash tells them all what's what
Second Best Speech - Kenji tells Jackson that she's meant to be a nurse
Third Best Speech - Kara tells Creepster Teen what's what
Fourth Best Speech - No Tact tells Emma to get over herself
Best Character Interaction - Jackson and Kenji
Best Character Growth - Kara, for this episode at least
Least Interesting Subplot - Creepster Teen's surgery detour
Least Surprising Twist - Charlie wakes up
The "Welcome Back" Award - Meagan Tandy, the fearless Braeden from Teen Wolf
Best Snark - tie - Kenji and Kara
Best Call - Leo didn't tell his friends about Emma's anorexia because it's her place to tell them whatever she wants them to know
Best Reference - everything that feels like Breakfast Club in this episode
Biggest Whiner - Jordi, who I used to like but now is far too emoangsty for me
Biggest Drama Queen - Emma, who has also gone from interesting character to big emoangsty mess
The "Will Wonders Ever Cease" Award - Leo and Jordi form a truce, at least for now / Emma eats a cookie
Worst Addition - Creepster Teen (Hunter)
Best Addition - NoTact (Lauren)
Biggest Lie - Kara says that people find her a good person to talk to
Best Music - Jackson singing Leaving on the Midnight Train to Georgia
Best Quotes -
1. Dash: "I'll tell you exactly how we got up there. We got up there because there's no one here to stop us. It's like Lord of the Flies in here, man. No solidarity. Every man for themselves. Nurse Jackson, Nurse Jackson is the one who held this whole thing together, but you fired her." McAndrew: "I…I didn't fire Nurse Jackson." Dash: "Suspended, whatever you want to call it. For what? Because…because she tried to save Charlie's life?" Leo: "Dash, try to stay calm." Dash: "You don't even care about that, do you? You think you're the only one in here saving people, man?"
2. Kara: "You know what Hunter even for a nihilist, you're a real sack of cr**." Hunter: "I never said I was a nihilist." Kara: "Right because what kind of nihilist needs an audience." Hunter: "Look, none of you guys had to come with me today. You made your own choice." Kara: "Hey, I'm glad I came. I learned a lot and you know, you're right. This is all a distraction, and you don't need to be one of us but when you fall, we're going to be there anyways. Maybe we do all die alone, but that doesn't mean we need to live alone."
3. McAndrew: "Seriously, nobody could have grabbed me an extra taco?" Kenji: "Well technically somebody could have but fetching tacos for doctors isn't really part of being a nurse. It's more of a thing that friends do and since you fired your friend…" McAndrew: "Suspended, not fired." Kenji: "Pending review…like your taco delivery."

Stalker - 1.07 - Fanatic

In its first celebrity stalker case, Stalker did everything right. The celebrity wasn’t too obnoxious and able to take care of herself for the most part. The idea of how families are affected by stalkers was a great angle. Yes, that first “twist” could be seen from orbit but the second twist played well. I like that we keep getting more information about Beth as well and that the Jack as stalker thing didn’t come up at all. Overall, Stalker is growing on me lately.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch – Beth’s history
Best Action – the run through the set with Stalker Mom chasing Nina
Best Mansion Feature – panic room
Biggest Surprise – Not so much that Janice is into teen Goth romances but that she talks so openly about her obsession with her co-workers
Most Able to Take Care of Herself – Nina, who did a good job fighting off her attackers for the most part
Least Surprising – Nina’s sister is the leak
The “Oh, You Need to Go” Award – Percy is beyond annoying right now. Not just creepy stalker but actually irksome.
Best Twist – Robbie’s mom posed as Nina, fed his delusion, and ended up stalking Nina herself
Best Quotes -
1. Ben: “She’s crazy.” Janice: “It was a great episode.” …….. Ben: “You’re crazy.”
2. Janice: “She’s a walking textbook for someone who’s lived through a major trauma. Do you really need to know the specifics?” Jack: “Guess not.”

White Collar - 6.02 - Return to Sender

After a good premiere, this last season of White Collar has gotten even stronger. The re-introduction of Keller is a masterful stroke. He was one of the best villains Neal ever faced, mostly because he was the thug version of him. Their history and his jealousy make him the perfect candidate for the Big Bad of the last season. Strange that he's currently poised as an ally, although I doubt that will remain true for the rest of the season. While this progressed the overall mytharc pretty well, the episode was at its best in the smaller moments rather than the scenes this time. I love how Mozzie is convinced that Neal is as blinded as he accuses Keller of being and his scene with El was fantastic as always. Speaking of, El straightening Peter's tie and trying to get Peter to slow down on the to-do list was perfection as well. Mostly though the moments between Peter and Neal were the highlights. Both times when they argued over how to handle the case were intense. It shows that Neal is just as desperate as Moz thinks he is. He is willing to do anything for his freedom, which puts me in mind of when he was going after Fowler to avenge Kate's death. That Neal was unraveled and out of control. I can see him just under the polished surface Neal is trying to portray now. I for one hope he comes out again because a Neal that isn't in control and not so suave is always fascinating to watch.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - good forward plot movement
Best Scene - Neal gets his contract and Peter tells him that he and El are having a baby
Best Return - Keller, one of my favorite bad guys on this show and a great foil for Neal
Best Plan - Neal has Mozzie write up an ironclad contract for the FBI to sign
Best Reaction - Neal to seeing Keller / Neal to seeing Peter play his dad
Most Intense Scene - Peter and Neal debate pulling the plug after learning that Keller is involved
Funniest Moment - Neal does his best surfer dude impression
Best Aww Moment - Peter and Neal hug over the baby news
Best Reference - Leave it to Beaver
Best Con - Peter using her past against Bianca to get the invite
Best Twist - Keller is working for Interpol
Most Gleeful about Doing Chores - Peter, who takes handy man to-do lists to a whole new contentment level
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - It's bad enough when genre shows do it but Neal and Peter talking about setting off the alarm in a crowd of people is beyond eye roll worthy. Then Neal shows Peter the hidden stamp while people are walking by. Heavy sigh.
The "Hey Watch It Buddy" Award - The Pink Panther guard has no respect for the hat. Shame on him!
Biggest Goosebumps - Neal shakes hands with Keller and the con is on, likely with high stakes for both
Worst Secret Keeper - Elizabeth, although to be honest it was Mozzie digging
Best Trick - Neal hides the word Interpol in the stamp so Keller corroborates his story
Best Quotes -
1. Neal: "I don't think exhilarating and stamp have ever been used in such quick succession."
2. Mozzie: "Access to your wine collection was well worth the betrayal of my principles."

Elementary - 3.03 - Just a Regular Irregular

The best things about this episode were the return of Harlan and the new truce between Kitty and Watson. Harlan is a gem that needs to be used more often. He's an appealing mix of math nerd and social outcast that makes him utterly sympathetic in a way Sheldon Cooper will never be. I like how he also makes Sherlock a better person in the end. He might not have apologized outright for what he said, but he did in his own way. The idea of meeting more of Sherlock's Irregulars is pleasing as well. Let's hope that happens soon. As for Kitty and Watson, all I can say is it's about time. I know we are just 3 episodes in, but having all that animosity between them was irksome at best. More females need to bond, share their strengths, and work together on TV. I would love to see this become a partnership of sorts for them as well as Sherlock.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Kitty, while still unnecessary, has become tolerable now - always a good thing
Best Return - Harlan, glad to see you again
Least Surprising - Harlan is Mo Shellshocker / the killer is Paul
Biggest Aww - Harlan's feelings are hurt by Sherlock saying they aren't friends. Poor baby, I feel for you.
Most Interesting Cameo - Phil Simms of Super Bowl fame
The "A Bored Sherlock is a Dangerous Sherlock" Award - having nothing better to do, Sherlock takes up an ancient circus crime and consulting knife throwers
Most Inappropriate - Sherlock: "Watson seems adequately sexed."
Best Reaction - Kitty after Harlan tells Sherlock he knows he was secretly replaced
The "You Obviously Don't Have Neighbors" Award - Harlan, who lives in NYC by the way, can apparently blast his music loudly in the middle of the night. I'm surprised he hasn't been shot yet.
Best Instincts - Sherlock, who figured out the schizophrenic was about to shoot them
Most Unusual Fit - Harlan is visibly upset that Sherlock used another mathematician in a previous case
Most Awkward - Andrew walks out of Watson's bathroom and sees Sherlock there
Best Redemption - Sherlock tells Harlan he is a great asset and that he will need Harlan's skills in the future
Best Quotes -
1. Harlan: "In the wrong hands, math can be manipulated, abused, and I decided to do something about it. You catch people who murder other people. I catch people who murder math."
2. Harlan: "So just to recap, I have spent the last few months of my life playing a game that was designed to kill me. Got to be a metaphor in there somewhere, right?" Sherlock: "I think the word you're looking for is moral. There is a moral in there. Games are for idiots."

Grimm - 4.04 - Dyin' on a Prayer

Golems have been done in a lot of shows, but I like how this one was portrayed. The idea that the kid could take out his own monster was empowering and while I didn’t need the domestic abuse PSA, it did provide for some great scenes with Trubel bonding with David. As far as the plot goes, the idea of HexenMom finding a cure for Nick has been a lot of fun. I adore how quickly Monroe and Rosalee fled the Spice Shop when she went full out hexenbiest. She is terrifying. I also like that the spell has to include Juliette too because she needs to be a real part of the team. Now here’s hoping this one doesn’t have quite as serious an effect as the last spell did on her. No need to go down that road ever again. I look forward to hearing exactly what is required of Juliette more than Nick getting his powers back to be honest. I guess I have been having too much fun seeing him in a mentor role.

Grade: B

Best Character Interaction – Trubel and David
The “It’s About Time” Award – apparently Juliette is going to be essential to the plot beyond suddenly replaced Research Woman
Best Entrance – Renard, so good to have him back at the precinct
Hastiest Exit – HexenMom woges after Monroe and Rosalee say they’ll stay so they retreat quickly
Biggest PSA – ending domestic abuse narrowly edges out mixed race tolerance
Most in Need of Dying – Drunk Douche Wesen and his brother
Biggest Rationalizing – Monroe trying to explain how a brick through their window might not be a hate sign
The “Be Careful What You Promise” Award – Nick says he’s never yelling at a kid again. Better hope you don’t have kids then because they will be a holy terror.
Best Surprise – the kid playing David did a good job, especially for a kid actor
Best Reaction – Monroe to seeing “Adalind” in the Spice Shop
Most Persistent – Wu and I’m glad he is. They are at least 1 full season overdue in telling him the truth.
Most Suddenly Stupid/Helpless – Adalind breaks down in the escape route and just stands there instead of running
Douchiest Plan – scaring David to get the golem to show, but I don’t know a better one. Sucks to be a once and former Grimm.
Best Quotes -
1. Rosalee: “Do you need anything else?” HexenMom: Time.” Monroe: “That would be next to the parsley and sage of course.”
2. HexenMom: “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your shirt. I just felt a little sluttier as Adalind. Is that a terrible thing to say about the mother of my granddaughter?”
3. Wu: “Nothing but fun and games, and by that I mean, I don’t know what the hell we’re dealing with.”
4. Juliette: “That’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think? I mean maybe somebody should be proclaiming this from a mountaintop.” Trubel: “Yeah, I tried to proclaim a lot of things. Look where it got me.”

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