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How to Get Away With Murder - Various Interviews Regarding the Midseason Finale

TVLine Interview with Tom Verica:

TVLINE | In the previews for the finale, it looks like Michaela is hiding behind a door. It also looks like Sam’s trying to break down a door. Can you tease a little bit of what we’re going to see at all?

Well, Michaela’s hiding behind a door. It looks like Sam’s breaking down a door. Yes. [Laughs.] There may be some other people involved. I have to be very careful about this because I now know all the events that happen on Murder Night. All the chickens are coming home to roost, and those lies come out, and Sam is fighting for his life, and there are elements that really create an event that…I’ve got to be very careful about this. [Laughs.]

E!Online Interview with Jack Falahee - Part 1

You are pretty much the biggest overnight sensation of fall TV. How's the lack of anonymity treating you?

Honestly, it's still so new! I'm just barely getting used to it, I think. I don't know if you ever do, maybe over time? But for me, it's nuts. It's bananas. I was just checking my mother into a hotel and the woman behind the desk said, 'I love the show and your character!' and my mom, who is from the Midwest, was blown away. And I said, 'It happens now and it's crazy.' It's really heartwarming just to see that people are responding how they are to the show.

E!Online Interview with Jack Falahee - Part 2

There's fan fiction, there are Tumblrs... Are you surprised by how much the fans are into them?

I think the fans are reacting because Conrad Ricamora who plays Oliver, he's such a fantastic actor and so subtle and likeable. And I think in Oliver, people see hope for Connor, just because, personally, I think that Connor is on somewhat of a destructive path and he's working himself out with surviving law school and trying to excel in Annalise's class and being part of the Keating Five. And he sort of found himself with this man Oliver, who he was geniune feelings for, and instead of embracing those feelings, he sort of is trying to suppress them. So he's lashing out and sleeping with other people which is ultimately destructive.

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