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Hawaii Five-0 - Inā Paha - Review: "An Exceptional Episode"

This episode of Hawaii Five-0. was probably the best of the season, consisting of a spectacular fight between Steve and Wo-Fat and concluding the Wo-Fat storyline all together. This episode served as an alternative reality, which was executed well, it gave us an idea of what life would be like if Steve's father had not been killed.


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This episode was so compelling, it contained some great action that Hawaii Five-0 is known for, and produced a great hour of television. Part of that was to do with the fact that we got to see a world of "if-perhaps?", what if all the stuff that happened, actually happened and Steve's father was still alive?

This episode really demonstrated Steve is a completely different way, it was heartbreaking to see that when he was rescued ask for his father, and Danny have to tell him that his father is dead. I think Steve just went through so much that day, being tortured by Wo Fat, that he just thought maybe his father was still alive?

One scene I thought was especially quite well done was the hospital scene where Danny is torturing the suspect. I anticipate that Danny would not have got away with this, but it was still a scene that demonstrated Danny's personality exceptionally.

The fight scene between Steve and Wo Fat, this was magnificent. The tension between these two has been building for over four years, and to see them finally come together was great to watch. The fight scene lasted for a long time, which gave us time to see the conflict between these two finally come to an end.

The montage at the end, this was my favorite part of the episode. I've not seen many TV shows that have implemented a technique like this before, so it was quite refreshing to see such a thing. The montage really showed to us how far this series has come, and how the team has gained and loss members along the years (Lori Weston, Catherine, Capt. Grover etc.). The montage also fit the whole theme of Hawaii Five-0, and especially the episode remarkably well, putting an end to Wo Fat and Steve moving on.

I quite enjoyed seeing some of the team along the way this week, we saw Capt Grover in Hawaii as a tourist, Jerry as a 'homeless' man, and Kono as a professional surfer. But just think about it, if Steve's father was still alive then there would be no such thing as the Five-0 taskforce.

Overall, this episode was the best of the series to date. The episode gave us insight into what could have happened if Steve's father was not killed, and contrasting that with the current day was exceptional. The montage also paid tribute to the series characters and how far it has come as a whole which was great to see.


WoFat: "You are not gonna kill me. Are you? Brother?"
Steve: "You are not my brother."

Steve: "Why did you try to kill my father? What did he ever do to you?!"

Steve: "What kind of cop are you?"
Danny: "The kind of cop that gets things done."

Sang Min: "I'm no rat, I'm Five-0, newly minted, kickin' ass and taking names."
Grover: "No, you're a rat, shut your mouth."

Kamekona: "And who are you? Stripper-gram?"


All for One - Five for Fighting
Final scene montage.

Then We KissIcona Pop
Kono's surfing commercial.


Overall, this episode was by far my favorite episode of the season. It's not very easy for a series to get to 100 episodes, and when it does it's good to be able to celebrate that milestone. Hawaii Five-0 did that and more in exceptional style this week.

Rating: A

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break this week, but it's back next Friday at 9/8c on CBS! What did you think of Five-0's big 100? Leave your thoughts down below.

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