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Grimm – Episode 4.06 – Highway of Tears – Review

Welcome back, Grimmers! This week, Grimm starts right where we left last week. I guess this was an episode everyone was waiting for.

Juliette agrees to turn into Adalind and reverse her spell, so Nick can become a Grimm again. As Elizabeth completes her spell, Juliette does what Adalind did last time: she breathes into the witch’s hat and it only takes few minutes for her to take Adalind's appearence.
The situation is creepy to anyone, and it's funny to see how everyone reacts to that transformation. Everyone leaves the house as soon as they can; Trubel looks so lost but she's dragged by Monroe and Rosalee. But the ones who feel more uncomfortable are Nick and Juliette. Imagine how it must be hard for him to make love with 'another woman'?
"This is your one and only chance to have an affair with my blessing!”
Thanks God, her humour makes the whole situation less awkward. They make love and have even a lot of fun doing it. Of course, the lights went off. By the look at her face, we can say for sure that both Juliette and Adalind enjoyed it.

Trubel really hopes the spell will work and I can feel her emotions. She feels like the student who has to prove to her teacher that she learnt the lesson. Being the only Grimm in town is something she can’t handle anymore at her young age. On the other side, Monroe and Rosalee have fun drinking to calm themselves down - also they have their plans since other Wesens didn't accept their wedding. I see troubles coming.
Elizabeth tells Renard about the hat Adalind took for the spell and wonders where she earned it. Then, she decides to let it to him. I don't know if that was a wise choose.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Viktor meets with Adalind to get answers about Diana. The poor woman looks stunning in a new dress and also hungry, sitting in the table while he tries to make her confess. Smart move to lure someone by serving them delicious food. Adalind confesses what she knows about Nick's mom involving in the plan to take her baby, “Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most”. Viktor suddenly understands where Diana is. I was expecting more from Adalind’s storyline, but as usual, this season she seems to appear as the fragile woman finding her child. I know she’s desperate but she looks to have lost all her powers as Hexenbeist. I’m still hoping for her to cross path with Nick and his friends. At some point, she needs to choose which side she is.

Back to our lovely couple, things take a strange turn. Juliette feels sick and stomach pain in the bathroom. To prove he’s back as a Grimm, Monroe goes Wogue but Nick can’t see his Blutbad's face. Looks like the reverse spell didn’t work so well.

Soon, Nick, Hank and Wu go to the crime scene and investigate on a car crash, where a woman was left injured, while his husband was taken by some strange creatures. Nick recognizes some similitaries with his first case he joined six years ago. It turns out, there are some Phasingar who kidnap people and do human sacrifices to placate a Hindu goddess. They've been doing this every three years. Deputy Farris shows up to lead the investigation, but this will turn almost fatal for her when she goes by herself to a junkyard. She's chosen to be the Phasingars's next sacrifice! Nick, Hank and Wu go to rescue her in time and Nick finds his abilities back!

Back home, Nick shares the news with everyone, especially with a very emotional Trubel. “You’re not the only one anymore”. Yes, Nick is back. But Trubel has another surprise for him: Josh's showed up in town, looking for a place to stay, since someone is on his track. What it looks funny is to see him with a weapon on his hand which makes Nick wonder if he's able to use it.

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