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Gotham - Harvey Dent - Advance Preview

If there is one thing that can be said about Jim Gordon of Gotham, it's that he is a man on mission. He wants to right the wrongs of Gotham, he wants to fight the corruption. The problem is, Jim Gordon is one man. Jim Gordon can't fight this fight alone, in fact, he's not destined to fight this fight alone and win at all. Which, when you think about it is depressing. We are constantly watching one man, risk his life, his love, his sanity to save a city that will only continue to grow darker. He can't do this alone, and sure he may have few morally ambigious allies, but he is not a hero. He, alone can not save this city. We are a long way from Bruce Wayne from becoming Batman, so how then, can we watch the show and not feel as if all is doomed? This is a question I've been asking myself, but saving to write until this moment, until this episode. Why? Because this week we get to see someone else just as devoted to the cause of saving Gotham, well for a while anyway. Harvey Dent.

The Case:Harvey Dent is not tied to this week's case. I thought I'd get that out of the way first. What brings us to our first introduction to ADA Dent is actually the ending of last week's episode, Selina Kyle being returned to Gordon's custody. We'll get to that in a minute. This week's case centers on the transfer/breakout/kidnapping of convicted and mentally challenged terrorist Ian Hargrove. Ian is a skilled bomb maker that blew up 12 Gotham ammunition factories and then turned himself in, because he thought he had done the right thing. His escape is not something citizens, like our crooked Mayor, are excited for.Thus, Gordon and Bullock are on the case to figure out just what is making the bomb maker tick. This case is different from the past couple because once all is revealed it's more of a power play than another bad guy for the Gotham rogues gallery. To me, it was actually refreshing to have a case of the week that wasn't some crazed maniacal guy with a mask or on a weird killing spree. Hargrove was sprung because what he was needed for was personal and that's what makes all the difference. Though this is by no means the most awesome case Gordon and Bullock have been on either.

Now back to the real reason we are all here, Harvey Dent. I have to say I wasn't too thrilled when they announced the casting choice for Harvey Dent. I had seen Nicholas D'Agosto in a few things, but I just wasn't sure about how he could handle stepping into such an iconic role. I can say that after the hour, I'm still not entirly sold on his portrayal, but this just could be because I'm not comfortable with Gotham's characterization of Dent just yet. Gordon is brought to Dent because now that Selina has come forward to help in the Wayne case, they are going to need a lawyer that's on their side and not in someone's pockets. I feel that Dent, provides a good foil for Gordon. Both good men, both tasked with helping people via their profession, but from what we see, it looks like White Night Harvey Dent is a bit more ambitious and may be willing toe the line a bit more to help win this war. Still, it's refreshing to have someone that is truly just as much invested in fighting corruption in Gotham as Jim is, despite how tunnel visioned that investment might be. In the end it will be interesting to see which White Night is drawn into darkness by his crusade for Gotham. For fans of the infamous two-face coin, you're in luck because it certainly gets some play this week.
Also getting some play this week is young master Wayne. Now that Selina has agreed to come forward as an eye witness she needs to be protected and watched, and since Barbara isn't around to do it, Selina is shacking up at Casa de Bruce. So, for those out there that have been waiting for our two fated love birds to meet, prepare to swoon, it happens this week and watching the two opposite sides of the track kids interact is really good. I had to stop to ask was it okay for me to be shipping characters that were so young(ANSWER,YES!). Though while she seems to be a pain to Alfred, in the end her connection with Bruce ends up being a breath of fresh air.

Penguin is also around this week and he is hot on the trail of Fish's plan for Falcone. While there is not much for him to do this week, what he does do, makes me wonder, how does this guy just have it all so well thought out? How is not already in control if he is this good? We also find out what Barbara is up to and I can't say that I'm surprised about it, in fact the reveal could have been left out all together and just been dialogued when she returns, but I get it's more shocking to see it.

The Gripe: Not enough Dent. Look, I know he's going to be a recurring character, but for an episode titled after him, I would have liked a bit more than we got. I just wasn't able to warm up to him as much as I would like to because there was so little of him. In fact, I would have liked a bit more of introduction to help balance what we did see, which felt a bit, cartoonish. I'm trying to reserve judgement on the character because his time was so limited and I'm sure the writers have big plans for him. I was just under the assumption with and episode titled devoted to him, we'd get a bit more of him.

Some Great Moments to Look For:

Harvey Dent making use of his signature coin.

Ed Nygma creeping out Bullock and Gordon when he makes a break on the case.

Fish's face when Penguin comes in for a whiff.

The return of Arkham.

The Cuteness that is Bruce and Selina bonding.

Final Verdict: This week's episode was really just okay. To me it was propped up by the introduction of Harvey Dent, and Selina's stay at Wayne Manor. The case of the week wasn't a standout. While it had it's purpose, and I'm sure will come back in some form, it felt like filler to bridge the gap between Selina-Dent screentime. While it's not an all around awesome episode, it's still a nice episode. Of course, people will be checking it out for Harvey, and unfortunately we aren't given much to go with this week. We will see his ambition and glimpse what could be ruthlessness, but all in all, he's in just about 7 minutes max. I feel about as duped by the episode title as I did with "Arkham". I thought I was going to get a whole lot of something, but in fact I got very little. Thankfully, we haven't seen the last of Dent, and that's good because Gordon needs another solider in this fight with him, so I'm hoping that's what we get. We get to meet a character named Lovecraft, who Dent is dead set on convicting for anything that sticks, and the episode after this is titled Lovecraft, and features the return of Ivy Pepper. So I'm truly excited about that. All-in-all this week is a bit filler, but maybe that's because it's building to something much larger and I'm willing to wager that what we get will be truly extraordinary.
Harvey Dent airs Monday at 7c on Fox.

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What are you most excited for the introduction of Harvey Dent or Selina and Bruce's introduction? How do you feel watching Jim struggle knowing where this is going? Do you car where Barbara went? Are you curious as to how the Penguin knows so much? Sound off below!

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