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Covert Affairs - Starlings of the Slipstream - Advance Preview

While I loved seeing Annie paired up with Eyal again in last week’s Covert Affairs episode (I never tire of those two working together), in the next episode, the danger moves closer to home.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t seen Annie travelling again as she follows leads in her personal mission to bring down the man behind who framed Ryan and was behind the Chicago bombing. We do. And she’s paired against someone who appears to be a formidable opponent. But at the same time, we see the case brought back to the core group of this show. With Annie no longer working for the CIA, Joan dealing with her own career issues, and tensions between Annie and Auggie, that core group has seemed a bit fractured lately.

Things start to come together a little with this episode, and we see a lot of Annie and Auggie interactions, along with Annie and Ryan (yes, he’s up and on his feet), and even Auggie and Ryan (how have they not met yet before this?). It’s a triangle in its truest sense, although don’t expect too much on the romance front. Although Annie and Ryan share a cozy breakfast, Annie’s on a mission. She’s back working with Auggie again (if unofficially), but it’s not long before it becomes clear that those two have a lot of issues to work through.

Some teases of parts to look forward to:
- Joan receives an unappreciated summons
- Things heat up for Calder and his own spy project
- Auggie gets a new toy – a gesture of sorts from Ryan

Starlings of the Slipstream premieres Thursday evening, EST, on USA Network.

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