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Constantine - A Feast of Friends - Advance Preview: "The Best Episode Yet"

A Feast of Friends, the fourth episode of NBC's Constantine, appropriately titled after the first volume issue of the DC Comics Hellblazer: Original Sins, to which the show is based upon introduces us to a new character, one by the name of Gary Lester. This chapter was written by Cameron Welsh and Directed by John F. Showalter.

Jonjo O'Neill portrays this interesting and complex character suffering from addiction and guilt. Jonjo O'Neill did a really great job conveying such raw emotion into a very emotional episode. I won't spoil to much but he plays a very central and large role in the story, his actions are what ultimately moves the episode. Gary is from The New Castle Crew to which played a hand in the events of Astra's soul being taken to hell. The Press Release was very vague and a good decision as this episode is definitly one to watch.

Zed on the other hand isn't featured as prominently however her scenes are of value. Angélica Celaya is doing a great job in her portrayal of Zed, not only have we learnt in a few episodes that she's strong willed, independent and very beautiful but has more of a moral compass than Constantine. She is also very intuned with her surroundings we see that more in this episode, even grasping someone for a short time can give her visions.

Zed questions Constantine's actions during this episode more than she has in the past 2 and it really defines her character whilst contrasting the two distinct personalities of Constantine and Zed. It was very interesting seeing this play out on screen. It's also interesting because in the comics they are in an on again off again relationship, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out, if its does play out.

You will view Constantine in a new light as a result of his actions during this episode. Matt Ryan showed a vulnerability in Constantine that hasn't been shown as yet and it's very evocative, especially near the end of the episode.

Our neighborhood Angel, Manny does pay a visit of which is short but necessary. I still haven't a clue on Manny's agenda, he's neither a foe or friend but oversees what is happening in this mundane world without really interfering in the actions of man. Harold Perrineau doesn't always need to say a lot to get his point across and he does a great job of conveying that during this episode.

Bear McCreary's score is at its most potent during this episode, there's a scene between Gary and Constantine to which Bear's always amazing score is fitted that I really liked. Bear has scored for other Comic Book TV Shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Walking Dead as well as the incredibly scored Outlander but his score on Constantine is very unique as is all his work.

Not only was the score well done but the entire look of the episode, it appeared to cover a global story which starts in Sudan. The special effects were great with the highlight being a swarm of 'demons' feasting on humans being close to movie quality. The sheer scale of the episode is impressive. The possessed people were quite creepy (this coming from someone who doesn't watch The Walking Dead) especially with one young boy who has markings that looked very satanic, a very realistic job by the makeup/ magic department. The entire episode felt on a much larger scale.

The special effects are an interesting and well executed choice during this episode it conveys the struggles of addiction very well, which is an underlying theme of the episode. Zed's visions are one of my favorite moments, the scenery and effects are always magical but even more enjoyable by Angélica Celaya's honest and joyful performance, I believe she's seeing "coins".

- Papa Midnite doesn't feature in this episode and neither does Chas.
- A mystical knife of sorts because very important.
- Constantine's Magic Card is used again and I really want one!
- A Zero-Gravity trap is featured.
- Addiction is a key theme and echoes throughout the episode.
- We learn a bit more about the New Castle Crew and Astra.

Without a doubt, for me, this is Constantine's finest hour and I encourage everyone to watch it live. It's a real pity the show hasn't been receiving the best ratings, it has incredible visuals and scale for a Network TV show, terific performances and unique stories which deserve a much larger audience. Click here to watch the promo for this week's episode.

Guess these Quotes:
1. "You were touching"
2. "I need more control"
3. "The best high you'll ever have, on my life"
4. "It's my responsibility"
5. "We are who we are eventually"

Please watch Constantine this Friday at 10|9c on NBC.

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