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Chicago Fire - Nobody Touches Anything - Review

“Make sure everybody knows, nobody touches anything. Get the cops here, now.”

First off, congrats to Kara Killmer (Sylvie, no longer New Girl) on the series regular promotion!
Kelly returns from Vegas and meets with Boden and Mouch in Chief’s office. He talks about the trip, “Vegas was great, you know, played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yeah, I got married!” WHAT?!?!?! I did not see this coming. Not even slightly. My jaw was on the floor.

Kelly asks Mouch to get all the paperwork going for insurance, pension, etc. for he and his wife (that was difficult to write). Mouch was just wonderful in this episode. He compares pottery to marriage and I have to hand it to him, it’s a decent metaphor. “Is it really the pot for you?” he asks Kelly. I love you, Mouch. He’s clearly not on board with Severide getting married.

Mouch begins piling on the forms Severide will need to fill out, and he’s clearly overwhelmed. Being the nice guy he is, Mouch volunteers to file the papers for him, and something tells me those papers won’t be filed any time soon.

No one at 51 believes Severide’s marriage will last. They congratulate Kelly before subsequently taking bets on how long it will last. Me? I don’t see her here past the winter finale.

Dawson is definitely not buying into Severide’s marriage. “She’s a graphic artist he met at the craps table, her name is Brittany, and she’s from Florida. You know what that adds up to? Stripper!” Later, Dawson and Severide have a brief but tense conversation about his marriage, and Dawson accuses him of hiding behind his grief. He turns it back on her, brings up the postponed wedding, and walks off. I was hoping for more between these two this season, especially with Shay’s death.

Casey, on the other hand, is handling it well. I’m actually really impressed.

“However this plays out, good or bad, he’s gonna need me on his side. You can do what you want, but that’s where I’m gonna be.” I know I’ve complained that Casey has been a bit boring as of late, but moments like this make me remember why I love him.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this (it’s very likely), but I think the whole Dawson-as-candidate situation has Boden trusting Casey less. Instead of turning to Casey for guidance on Severide (who would be the logical choice), he turns to Herrmann, “I am asking you to find out what’s going on with him.”
“And I’m telling you, I saw the look in his eye. And when Kelly gets like this, he don’t listen to nobody.”
“…Who can get through to him?”
“Shay.” Dang it, Herrmann! But he’s right. Shay would have been blunt with Severide about is idiotic decision.

Newhouse is alive, thankfully! But he’s getting in too deep with whatever he’s involved in, and everyone starts to take notice of Newhouse’s ever-beat-up face. He brings in chocolate bars to sell for his daughter, whose decathlon team made it to finals in DC; Newhouse has to raise $1,500. Yikes!

Newhouse later pulls in Peter for another job, and the description alone seems sketchy. Again. The guy Newhouse meets with is no one you’d want to be friends with, and Newhouse ends up with a brick through his car window and a warning attached.

But, the mystery is at least partly resolved! Newhouse is a bounty hunter of sorts. But how did he get into that line of work?
Peter works with Casey to get Newhouse the money he needs without the dangerous activity. They “fill the boot” for him, and I just feel like he’s officially part of the 51 family. I hope permanently.

Cruz is desperate to find the signature dish for the Molly’s food truck, and his attempt is a big failure. Cruz is not a good cook. Do you know what he is good at? Stay tuned…

New series regular Sylvie had a bigger spotlight this week. I know I sound like a broken record, but she really is a great addition to the cast. I’m glad she’ll be sticking around.

Gabby jokingly jabs with Sylvie, “Just think, you almost went to Vegas with him. That could have been you!” Her response leads me to believe she’s got a thing for him.

When Brittany makes her first appearance at the firehouse, she first meets Dawson and Sylvie, and Sylvie is super awkward. Brittany really does seem great for Severide, but of course, something just feels off. Everyone likes her, she brings donuts (so, winner!), and Kelly seems really happy. I haven’t read any spoilers regarding her story arc or the number of episodes she’s slated for, but I would guess she won’t be around by the time the finale airs. And with the way the writers are hinting at Sylvie and Severide? Yeah, that wife will be gone soon.

I like Sylvie and Peter as paramedic partners, though I would prefer to see Peter and Dawson. Sylvie is really starting to put down roots in Chicago. She tries to bring up Severide nonchalantly, asking if his behavior is normal. I don’t know that Peter is suspicious of Sylvie’s motives, but I sure am!

Favorite scene of the night, by far. Sylvie goes to take Zumba and the instructor turns out to be Cruz! Here’s what kills me, he’s fantastic at it! I can’t tell you how badly I now want to take a Zumba class taught by Cruz. And his face when he sees Sylvie? Priceless. He is, of course, freaked out that someone knows, and tells Sylvie she can’t take the class.

“But this is the best rated Zumba class on Yelp!” Guys, Cruz has the best rated Zumba class on Yelp. Just let that sink in for a second…

They strike a deal; Sylvie keeps quiet about Cruz’s Zumba endeavors, and she gets a shot to cook for the food truck. I sincerely hope that we see more of Cruz and his Zumba awesomeness.

Sylvie’s oven-fried ravioli seals the deal, and it becomes the official signature dish of the Molly’s food truck.
On the last call of the episode, Severide works to get a man holding on tightly to a black box out of a burning building. As the man is transported out of the window, the black box falls and spills open, revealing photos indicating a child prostitution ring.

Detectives Voight and Lindsay from Chicago PD come to assess the photos. Back at the district, Lindsay searches through the photos and databases. One picture stuns her, it’s her brother, Teddy.

If you only watch Chicago Fire (and not SVU or Chicago PD) don’t worry, the crossover didn’t involve anyone from 51. You didn’t miss anything!

What did you think of the episode? How long do you think Brittany will last?

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