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Arrow - Season 3 - Marc Guggenheim & J.R. Ramirez Interviews

TVLINE | The “Who killed Sara?” Unthinkable mystery won’t run all season, though, right?
No, it wont be the entire season, but at the same time, to tell you when we’re going to turn that card over — if we haven’t already done so — would be bordering on spoiler territory.

TVLINE | Speaking of the new generation of badasses: People are wondering if it could it be that Thea actually knows Oliver’s secret identity. I invite you to make an argument for why Malcolm would not have dropped that bombshell on her.
I’ll tell you, because I don’t think it’s a spoiler: Thea does not know that Oliver is the Arrow. We sort of played that trick with Moira — the idea that ever since the end of Season 1, Moira knew that Oliver was the Arrow — and to have Thea be in possession of that knowledge and not be telling Oliver would be repeating ourselves a bit, which we try hard to avoid doing. That said, the reason Malcolm doesn’t tell Thea Oliver’s secret is because that is Oliver’s secret to tell. The thing about Malcolm is we’ve always tried to write him as “the word’s most principled bad guy.” He has a very distinct code of honor. Even when he destroyed the city at the end of Season 1, he considered it to be for very noble, altruistic purposes. He was “burning the village to save it.” So where Malcolm is concerned, he doesn’t act like your typical villain. He believes that he’s doing the right thing by Thea, and he also believes that Oliver is like a son to him. Being like a son to him, he’s not going to spoiler Oliver’s secret.

Access: What's the reaction been like? Personally, I've enjoyed seeing what Katie can do in this new kind of incarnation of Laurel Lance.
Marc: I think the internet, as the interneters want to be, is split and divided as they are with a lot of things on the show, which I always consider to be good. I like a difference of opinion and I like the fact that people are interested enough in the show to debate various different elements of it and plot turns. I will say for my money the proof is in the pudding that Katie's done the best work on the show that she's ever done this year and I think it's because of the storyline she's gotten. Laurel's always been a little bit difficult to connect with the main plot of the show because up until the end of last year, she wasn't in on Oliver's secret. So, it's always been a struggle to find story for her, just as it's a struggle to find story for any of the characters who are not in the circle of trust. I'm just excited that people are talking about it and I do think that there's been a lot of really positive reaction to it and we're only just getting going. We're really at the beginning of Laurel's journey, not the end, and that's exciting.

Access: What can you preview about her relationship with Ted? He seems like he's going to be a great mentor for her, someone who has got some patience for her as well.
Marc: Indeed. I think one of the things that's fun about [Wednesday] night's episode is that their interaction, their relationship, takes a step forward and it develops a new dimension, and I'm not even saying romantically, I'm just saying from [a] just being truthful with each other perspective. They both learn a secret about each other in [Wednesday] night's episode, I think I can say without spoiling [things]. … Just like there's a lot more to Laurel than she's revealed to Ted, there's a lot more to Ted than he's revealed to Laurel.

What can you say about this next episode and how your character is involved?
RAMIREZ: You’ll definitely get to see a bit more background of who Ted Grant is, in this episode. I’m really excited about this episode, to be honest with you. You’ll get to see Ted go through some stuff, for sure. He gets tested quite a bit. He gets accused of something that he did not do, and it’s a serious charge. Stuff just starts showing up in his gym, and he’s trying to figure out what’s going on and who’s doing it. He’s got a really nice little back-and-forth power struggle with Arrow that I think the fans are going to really enjoy. It’s going to show them the possibility of where he can go, in the future. None of us know, but I’m hoping that everyone loves him enough to suit me up and let me get in there and play with the team.