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Throwback Thursday - Nikita - Clean Sweep

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Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years.

I'm happy to have Maggie Q back on my TV screen in the new show Stalker. However, for me, she will always be:

One of my favourite Nikita storylines comes in season 2. We are introduced to Oversight and its members, we learn new cast member Sean Pierce is the son of one of the Oversight members, Alex is going to Russia for revenge on Sergei Semak and Nikita as always continues her crusade against Division. And then everything comes to a head in the outstanding episode "Clean Sweep" (episode 2.13). One of the best episodes of the series, if not the best, ties all the storylines together. It ends a few of the stories from the early season 2 episodes but also sets up new stories for the final arc. Everyone has allies and enemies, and in this episode you see who is working for who. This episode also shows the motivations of the characters, because everybody is in this war for a different reason.

So what exactly happens in this clever-written episode? Let's break down what happens to each of the teams.

Team Nikita
Team Nikita races to stop the activation of Clean Sweep while also attempting to rescue Oversight. While Alex with Birkhoff's instructions deactivates Clean Sweep inside Division, Nikita, Michael and Sean head to the Gates House where Oversight is held hostage. When they capture Percy, they make a deal with him but he double crosses them. Furthermore, the perimeter is suddenly under fire by Russian Gogol agents, who seem to have come out of nowhere. Team Nikita manages to wear them off, and rescue the remaining Oversight member, Madeline Pierce. She offers them all a presidential pardon in exchange for taking down Division, so the mission continues.

Team Percy
Under the threat of both killing Oversight and activating Clean Sweep, Amanda reluctantly allows Percy to leave Division. After freeing himself from some Division agents, he heads to the Gates House where his guardians are holding Oversight. He runs into team Nikita and makes a deal with them. However, he double crosses them and instead orders all Oversight members but Madeline killed. Percy also gets his hand on Clean Sweep, but despite Roan's attempts to kill Alex, she manages to deactivate Clean Sweep. Team Percy leaves the Gates House when Gogol agents open fire and Percy is wounded. He survives, and Percy says he has great plans for Division.

Team Amanda
Really, team Amanda? Has there ever been a team Amanda? Amanda has only ever been loyal to herself. We certainly see that throughout "Clean Sweep". She negotiates with Percy to let him go while she keeps Division, which he agrees to. However, when the lights go out she realises that Clean Sweep is activated to take down Division. Of course, Amanda knew this could happen and kept a gas mask in her office. Like I said, there is no team Amanda because she is willing to let the rest of Division die while she can happily survive. But at the end of the episode, we learn there is in fact a team Amanda: she has been working with Ari Tasarov from Gogol. Her goal was to kill Oversight and even though the Gogol agents failed, she still gets her way thanks to Percy.

Team Oversight
Team Oversight is held at gunpoint by Percy's Guardians. They try to talk their way out but that doesn't lead anywhere. Instead, Percy orders all Oversight members to be killed except for Madeline. As the only survivor of Oversight, Madeline calls Amanda to tell her what happened. She also wants to discuss the future of Division with her, but Amanda disagrees. Madeline is afraid she lost control of Amanda and offers team Nikita presidential pardons in exchange for taking down Division.

I think this was an outstanding episode of Nikita with great performances. Especially the scenes between Melinda Clarke and Xander Berkeley are great as you can feel the hostility between the two antagonists. I believe it's one of the best episodes Nikita has ever done. Do you agree? What did you think of "Clean Sweep" when you first saw it? Hit the comments with your opinions on this episode, or anything else Nikita related. Also, feel free to read my Nikita reviews of the final season in my author box below when you click on 'All reviews'.

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