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Throwback Thursday - LOST - LaFleur

Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years. 

LOST 10 year anniversary was just last month (I can’t believe we’re already in October) and I thought fitting to review one of my favorite episodes of this show. And because the left behinders arc is my ultimate favorite, I feel LaFleur is the one that marks an after and before in the 5th season and in this particular plot.

Previously on LOST… “Think of the Island like a record spinning on a turntable... only now, that record is skipping. Whatever Ben Linus did down at the Orchid station... I think... it may have... dislodged us.” Faraday, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles and Locke are travelling through time and so is the island. But when Locke moves the wheel, the flashes stop, they’re stuck in whatever time they have arrived and they need a plan.

While discussing where to go, the dynamics of the group settles, it had been built through the season but how they communicate while they walk through the island and how they operate sets the tone for the rest of the episode, told with flashbacks and flashforwards. This episode is not only interesting because of the story they’re telling but because how is told.

By the end of the episode is settled that, what we now see as flashforwards it's the present and the group arriving at Dharmaville is the past.
In the past we see that they end up living in the hippie commune because they save Amy from the hostiles, that Sawyer makes a deal with Richard, keeping the peace between the 2 groups living in the island, and that, because of this, the group has 2 weeks to look for their people.

We don't know how those 2 weeks become three years but the next time we see Sawyer he's LaFleur, head of security. Phil and Jerry are looking for him to pick up Horace, who’s drunk and blowing up trees. Sawyer brings Horace into his house and talks to Amy about what had happened, she says they got into a fight and goes into labor. Because she was supposed to be on the mainland for the baby's birth Sawyer pulls Juliet of her doctor related retirement and she delivers the baby, who is a healthy boy. This is the first baby she’s able to help since she’s arrived to the island. And the happiness irradiating from her when she tells Jin and Sawyer the news about the baby, reminds us of the Juliet pre-island.
Finally we see Sawyer going inside a house with a sappy smile and a flower for Juliet who was cooking. He tells her she was amazing, and she thanks him for believing in her. And here we have the gasping moment realizing they’re a couple, they're living together and that they love each other.

Some people have said that the thing about Sawyer and Juliet is that we didn't see a build up to their relationship, and we didn't see a traditional one. But through the season and in their screen time together we can notice the little changes in their behavior. There's not a lot of personal space, they smile a lot between sassy conversations and respect for each other. 

I love Elizabeth Mitchell, how she manages to bring the perfect duality into the characters she has been playing for the past five years is astounding, but on LaFleur we are able to see a softer side to Juliet, and she plays it well. Her signature stare is present (And a shout out to the Once Upon a Time fans, am I the only one waiting for a stare contest between her and Lana Parrilla?) she’s fierce and in charge, but her calmer, softer, hopeful side arises. In one episode we can grasp the character’s evolution, and the same happens with Sawyer. This conman infiltrates the hippie commune because of his lying abilities and then, 3 years later, we meet a grumpy, bossy Sawyer, taking care of the people he’s supposed to and seeming happy with this new find normalcy. He’s the leader, and a apparently a content one.

The episode ends with the return of Jack, Hurley and Kate, and we know the life the left behinders have been leading has come to an end.

And even now that we know how this season ends, and how everything develops, there are still some lingering questions. For example, when Dan says that whatever happened, happened, does it mean they have always time traveled? That there's no way to defy fate?
What are the questions you have?

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