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The Walking Dead - Season 5 - My Death Predictions + Poll [UPDATED]

*I haven't read the comics so can't base my predictions from them, only what I see in the TV series.

Who do you think will die?

After last Sunday's episode I thought it would be a good idea to update the article, giving any new thoughts on who might die during the rest of the season.

I created this article around the time episode 1 aired in the United States. So far I have been 50% correct with predicting, with Gareth and Bob being two of the characters I said would die this season. Tyreese and Beth also have died, but I said they were both likely to survive... (I also said I wanted Noah to die, so I got my wish)

Over 7000 of you voted in the poll and the top three most likely to die were Noah (1334 votes), Glenn (985 Votes) and Rosita (925 votes). I have restarted the poll once more after the death of Noah, so please vote again!

Daryl (Will Survive)
I think if they killed Daryl people would actually riot. He is the fan favorite. I would love for them to explore further him and Carol's relationship, which they haven't done much since early season 4. The writers say that nobody is safe, but I think we can safely assume Daryl is. I am not sure the writers want to take the risk of killing him off, as there might be a lot of fan backlash which would follow it.

Carl (Will Survive)
Although he is probably one of my least favorite characters, I think we can say for sure he will survive beyond season 5. There is so much more character development they can do with him. He started off on the show as a weak little boy, and now he has turned into a strong character, which worryingly resembles Shane. I also think if they killed of Carl Rick wouldn't be able to move on.

Michonne (Will Survive)
Michonne is a safe bet. She won't be dying this season. She hasn't had too much to do this season, but she is slowly becoming a mother figure for Carl. She helps him through a lot. She desperately wants to find somewhere where they can call home, and I can see them finding it. She is tough as nails, and like Rick will do what is necessary to survive.

Rick (Will Survive)
Rick is the fearsome group leader, who has become emotionless, and more violent as the show has progressed. He knows how to survive, and what he must to keep his friends, and family alive. He will stop at nothing to protect them all, and will continue to do what he thinks is right to achieve that. If he were to die it would shatter the group, he has been their leader for such a long time, and without him leading them I'm not sure who would step up. I don't think he will die this season.

Morgan (Will Survive)
After seeing Morgan reappear in the closing minutes of the first episode, I doubt we can expect him to die in season 5. They wouldn't bring him back just to kill him off. He knows how to survive alone, which he has been doing for some time at that town; he also knows when not to trust someone. I also think he has a bigger role to play within the show when he finally catches up to Rick.

Carol (Will Survive)
She is my favourite on the show, so I hope she doesn't die. They have done so much with Carol's character over the years. She can now survive on her own and isn't afraid to kill any more like she was in season 1. I really thought she was going to die in season 2, season 3 or 4 and she has survived this long so I can see her living beyond this season. If they wanted to make a heart-breaking death though, they could have her die in Daryl's arms. That would shatter the audience. The actress herself has one a few awards for her role, so I think they still need someone of her calibre on the show. They could take advantage of her being on the show, when thinking about Emmy's, Saturn awards and others, as she always delivers an outstanding performance. Having said that I am not sure how much more they can do with Carol as she has developed a lot over the seasons. If they wanted a shock and awe death, she would be the one I would go with, because she means so much to the group.

Abraham (Will Survive)
Abraham is a strong survivor who can literally kill anything with his bare hands. He is not afraid of anything and has military experience. If it came down to it he would risk his life to save anyone in the group, as that's the type of man he is. He wont be dying this season as he is too much of an important character to die.

Tara (Will Survive)
We haven't spent much time with her since she joined the group, we don't know too much about her. I don't think she will die this season, but she will die in season 6 for sure. I am hoping they give her an interesting storyline or something worth seeing from her in the upcoming episodes.

Judith (Will Survive)
Out of all of the Grimes family, she is the most likeliest to die. The reason being, her inclusion in things makes it harder for the group to actually execute their plans. They always now have to worry about protecting her, and it can get in the way, especially if they were being attacked by a group, someone would have to look after the baby at all times. Moving forward this could be a real struggle. I don't think we can expect her death this season, as if they wanted to kill Judith off they would have done so in the mid-season finale when we already thought she was dead. She should live through this season, but perhaps not the next one.

Eugene (Will Survive)
I initially thought that he might die this season, but now I still think he might have a huge part to play in the groups future. The last couple of episodes he has become stronger, and is starting to understand that the world he lives in now isn't made for cowards. He is becoming an asset to the group, his knowledge of everything is what's needed if the group are going to survive. He will live beyond this season.

Maggie and Glenn (Both Will Survive)
I now think both will survive this season,but one will die next season. They have explored enough of their relationship. The foreshadowing last season when they burned the picture of Maggie indicates to me that one won't make it. I originally said Glenn will die out of the paring, but after him witnessing Noah's death I can't see the writers killing him off. They will likely explore the impact that Noah's death had on Glenn, as he seemed distressed watching his friend die before his eyes. Neither of them will die this season, but next season I think Maggie will die just so the writers can kill off the entire Greene clan.

Sasha (50/50)
This is a tough one; it could go either way with her. After Bob's death, and now Tyreeses's she has no family left. Tyreese helped her through her grief after seeing Bob die, but now he is gone she is alone. She might die this season, but I think the writers will keep her around so they can focus on her grief of losing her brother. She might become a stronger survivor from it.

Rosita (Will Die)
I think she will die this season; she hasn't done much since she arrived at the start of the season, and is one of them characters who are just there to build up the numbers (a background character like T-Dog). Her death wouldn't be shocking, as not many people would care, but it would have an effect on Abraham which could better develop his character. If they wanted to kill of a character just because they needed to she would be my guess.

Father Gabriel (Will Die)
Despite Gabriel being a weak survivor as he struggles to defend himself, he is in some ways the new Hershel. Like Hershel he wants peace in the world, and he has become the moral support for the group. He can offer guidance when it’s needed, and I think that's important for the group, especially now after the loss of two of their own. Having said that, after what he did in episode 5.14 I can see Rick killing him at some point, the group doesn't like betrayal, especially by one of their own.

Noah (Dead)
I don't think I have ever hated a character more than I do with Noah. He has been extremely irritating to watch, and has managed to get two of the core group killed during his short time spent with them. He was partly to blame for Beth and Tyreese's deaths. I don't think he will die this season, as I have a strange feeling him and Morgan are related in some way, but if he were to die I would leap out of my seat with joy.

Tyreese (Dead)
Tyreese is another one of my favourites on the show. Throughout the show he has remained strong, and determined to live despite everything that has happened to him. Since I think there are many more characters that are more likely to die than him, I think he will live beyond this season. He also hasn't developed much or had that many interesting storylines.

Beth (Dead)
I have been saying for seasons now that Beth will die, but she has surprised me and has stayed alive. After last season surviving with Daryl she learned a few things, like how to survive. There is a lot more potential character development with her, and I think she will at least be reunited with the group before she bites the dust. I can't see her being back with the group before mid-season though, maybe even the whole season. Her storyline in that facility looks to be an interesting one which I am sure they will explore in detail. I think also she will escape it, and we will see a lot of her on her own trying to survive. This would an interesting angle for Beth.

Bob (Dead)
While they explored a bit of his character last season with how he met the core group of survivors, I can see him dying this season. I really want to see how Sasha's character handles the death of Bob since they are now together. In Season 4 we only got 1 Major death from our group (not including governor). I can see at least 3 deaths this season as previous seasons there has been at least 2-3 in each. He is one of the most likely to die this season.

Gareth (Dead)
Gareth will almost certainly die this season, I cannot see him lasting like the governor did for multiple seasons. He will be killed off probably by the mid-point in the season, hopefully by Rick. I would also hate for them to drag out the terminus storyline too long since they have already escaped it. So it is pointless of him being alive.

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As always , thank you for reading!
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