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The Originals - Every Mother's Son - Review

Another family reunion this week, although a lot more explosive than last week. Esther organized a dinner party, which ended in a big argument. Elijah, after some resistance, agreed to train Gia. Esther jumped into a new body and tried to confuse Hayley by promising her a fresh start. The episode featured flashbacks that showed the relationship between Klaus and his mother when he was still human. 

Best flashback: I loved the scene where Esther comforted Klaus. We haven’t seen much of what things were like before she turned her kids into vampires. The interactions between Esther and her children were very interesting. You can see that she’s trying to divide her love equally amongst them, but that still doesn’t prevent Finn from getting jealous (we all know he stole the necklace). I hope we’ll get to see more interactions between the kids, including Henrik.

Least favorite character: Finn had more screen time in this episode that his entire stint on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. I know kids get jealous, although he was hardly a kid anymore. But it’s mostly present day Finn that’s pissing me off. I don’t remember Finn being this hostile. The only real violence we’d seen from him before was right after he was undaggered (didn’t blame him for that though). Right before he died, I could have sworn he and Klaus got along. He even reunited him with Sage. But that’s long forgotten now. I guess when it comes to his mother, Finn will really do anything for her. I just feel like there’s some backstory for him that we’re missing. 

Best confrontation: I can’t help but wonder, if Esther had never subdued Klaus’ strength, would Mikael have still hated him as much as he does now. Say Klaus had been strong like his brother’s, and Mikael wouldn’t have already hated him for 10(?) years. Would Mikael’s reaction still have been to hunt him down to the ends of the earth. I guess we’ll never know now. It was a very emotional confrontation between Klaus and his mother (even though I couldn’t help but wish Alice Evans had been in this scene). And just when Klaus finally gets to confront her, she flees. She basically jumped into another body in the middle of his sentence. How rude. 

Favorite new character: I just have to mention Gia. So far I like her. She’s trying to find her way, just like Josh last year (only in a slightly less hostile environment). I look forward to seeing her train with Elijah. A show can never have too many kickass women. 
The master plan: So I assume this is the storyline that will play out for the rest of the season. Esther doesn’t want to kill her sons, she wants to but their spirits(?) in the bodies of witches. Of course by doing that she’d also get rid of the entire vampire race (man I hope Rebekah and Hope are well hidden). While this plan is better than the last one (to kill all of them), I still think she’s a bit delusional about executing it. Maybe Elijah and Rebekah would give in eventually, if they truly did lose everything. But Klaus, never. He’d never make himself that vulnerable. 

Best conversation: I just wanted to quickly mention the conversation between Klaus and Hayley about his mother. It’s very similar to when Rebekah told Elena about their past. I almost felt sorry for Esther when hearing the story again. I mean, it’s kind of understandable wanting to make you children immortal when you’ve lost two of them already. Then after that she was faced with the guilt of the bodies they left behind in their thirst for blood. It’s everything that happened afterwards that she could’ve handled a lot better. Maybe if she’d used the same spell Qetsiyah used on Silas, things wouldn’t have gotten this messy. 

Best quotes
Klaus: “It’s been a long time, Finn.” 
Oliver: “Let me guess, you wanna beat the hell out of me? Make it look convincing?” Hayley: “Well, I can’t say I won’t enjoy it.” 
Klaus: “But you, mother. You are the author of everything I am.” 

Check in again next week for a new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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