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The Bridge - Jubilex (Season Finale) - Advance Preview

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Previously on The Bridge: Sebastian has gained Eleanor's loyalty, the CIA is working a shady deal, Linder had a less than successful attempt at revenge, Marco is in a bad situation, and Sonya & Hank are very close to solving everything.


As Sonya gets closer and closer to capturing Eleanor, she is inevitably going to run into problems with the CIA. Viewers can expect Sonya to cross paths with the CIA on more than one occasion in this episode. Also, as it is the season finale so viewers can expect a showdown between Eleanor and Sonya.

Frye & Adriana:

The CIA's interaction with the cartel has been the most confusing storyline ever featured on The Bridge. This episode definitely answers a few questions in this regard and it's clearly to Frye & Adriana's journalistic advantage. Additionally, as Frye & Adriana investigate the cartel and CIA's dealings, they are bound to run into the CIA as well.


Marco's past has been hinted at a lot before and this episode features a bit about it. Marco has a conversation with Fausto about his past that clearly shakes Marco up.


This episode reveals a lot about Eleanor's backstory. The acorn's significance is revealed and you can also expect to feel a small amount of pity for Eleanor.

Quotes (Try to guess who said what! Answers)
You take me to prison... I'll still be King.
You're drunk and stupid.
I am not stupid.
I prefer to do this myself.
Go be with your family.... I'll be with mine.
The demon is still inside of you.

As this is the season finale, I don't want to give too much away which is why this preview is so short, but after the episode airs I will have a full review posted. If you want to guess who said what quotes or care to comment on the preview, I always enjoy reading comments so please leave something. Additionally, if you would like to make some guesses about how the season will end, I won't be able to confirm or deny anything, but I would love to hear everyone's guesses.

Tune in to The Bridge on Wednesdays @ 10/9c on FX. Be sure to come back here to SpoilerTV to let everyone else know what you thought of the episode.

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